Vacation Highlights 2020 #2 Swimming

Countless dips.  Too many pictures. My hair is finally dry.  These kids LOVE swimming at camp.

Vacation Highlights 2020: Holly Girl

There is no one in my life (not even my husband or my kids) who is as dependable as this girl. I didn't even want her when my husband brought her home as a surprise (a couple weeks after I got a milk cow), but I am so thankful for her now. Holly is an awesome dog and my girl through and through. Always right with me, going where I go. She was my faithful encourager while I was at camp. She is happy wherever she goes, but she is definitely happiest at camp. Holly is always the bystander in all of our pictures, but she truly deserves her own post.

Back home, back to blogging

 After 27 days of being away at our camp on the St. Lawrence River, we're now back home in Maine. Our skin is sun kissed, our swimming muscles are strong and I totally counted river dips as baths more often than I should have.  I don't think my hair ever dried the whole month.  I'd like to say that our time at camp was glorious, like the last few years when we'd swim, read, craft and repeat.  This time, although there were some really good parts and I got to see some people we love, the single parenting was not easy. I don't know why it was different this time, but it wasn't an easy going and relaxing time like I was looking forward to. I feel as though I did character development the entire time.  And throw in some heartache in there too. It's so hard looking back and not knowing what I'd do differently, but I suppose it doesn't matter, for I cannot change the past.  I really missed blogging in this space, it always helps me find the bright lights and I really appreciate the encouragement I get from readers.   

Anyway, we're home and I am determined to get our transition home off to a good start. I told my husband I want to clean and organize and purge.  I usually get organized when my kids are at summer camp, but camps didn't happen this year.  Our house is in such disarray. We school year round, but we're on a little break while I organize. I was listening to a podcast today and it talked about parents of children who attend school outside of the home being busy gathering the supplies needed for school. The podcaster talked about how when homeschooling, the home is the classroom and usually all the supplies are already handy. She talked about instead of gathering supplies, to set the home up to run smoothly so schooling time can be undistracted.  That's just what I was thinking, although my thoughts are more like hail coming in the summer months instead of an eloquently worded message of encouragement.  

And so, I clean, purge, organize and rearrange.

My girls didn't take long to get into their old fashioned apparel.  A whole month living in 2020 is not their usual!  

Thankful for my Back to Eden garden, which held up really well with minimal tending. 

And Adrian and my husband are busy whipping up quick projects to help me organize. 

This week I'll be posting some highs of our trip. I think doing so will be just what I need to keep my brain focused on the good.  

Mama Made: Wristlet

A sweet little wristlet I made for my 8 year old.  She has a note book and fancy pens in it. <3 

Matchy! Homemade Tractor Shirts

 It's another round of Matchy shirts for my nephew and my son!  Too bad they won't be able to wear them together in person this year. There are definitely two tractor lovers in this family!

Pond Explorers

Onto another round of 4-H summer programming.  Pond Explorers.  First they made paracord bracelets.  Next up, mapping the pond. Thankful for all the great summer programming from 4-H.


Some girls collect pocketbooks.  Some collect jewels.  Some collect guinea pigs.


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