Sun Cooking

During these warm days, Audra picked some cherry tomatoes, cut them in half, added salt and pepper. Then she put a top on them and placed them in the sun. Within the hour, she had delicious roasted tomatoes.  All her idea.  I think someday it will not be me in charge of dinner.  Love my little chef.


A bit behind in pictures, we're on week 3 of our awesome homeschool co-op. Now these two have matching John Deere backpacks, thanks to Grammy.  We absolutely love our co-op. Friendship. Advice. Hugs. Help. Support. It's all that.  The wonderful women of the co-op brought me so many meals when I was sick during my last pregnancy. For over a month I had regular meals coming in. I am used to be on the giving side of things, such a different experience to be on the receiving end. It brought tears to my eyes each week.  We all need a tribe. I'm thankful for mine. If you don't have a tribe, share a little kindness and one will form. There are so many out there who could use a little love. 

This baby...

The amount of toting around this baby experiences with the here/there/everywhere that comes along with having big siblings is quite a bit. We were gone nearly 10 hours today and she just goes with the flow. She loves everyone and goodness, we love her so. Thankful for tomorrow, it's a home sweet home day to really soak up these baby snuggles.  Oh, and that strawberry outfit? That was mine my own mom put on me. Although 1995 was the last time I hugged my mom, I am quite confident my infant days were filled with oodles of snuggles from my mom. Putting an outfit on my baby that she saved feels like getting a hug from my mom and passing that hug to my baby.  For that, I'm thankful.


3 metal organizers. Two brand new dot art boxes. A flannel for me. The vintage masking tape dispenser I gave Adrian for his birthday (reminds me of one in a butcher shop). Shoes for Audra (lucky find! her old shoes too small and these are practically brand new!), three books for me. $8.00

Fairy Houses

It's that time of year again... fairy house time!  It's been quite a few years that our 4-H club has entered fairy houses into the fairy festival.  Each year a unique creation!

I grew that!

Hey...I grew that!  Eat your colors.
 I grew all that...and this baby at the same time.  Anna-Kate was born 4/24/17.  I popped a baby out and planted the garden while healing. Crazy looking back! It's a miracle we have so much produce. For that,  I'm thankful.

5 months!

This is what 5 months of happiness looks like.  I've been asking for 'one more' for years. I can promise you this, I soak up the love this little girl gives me everyday.  I am so glad I got my 'one more'. 

A last nod to summer

As we soar from summer to fall, I decide to post my last little nod to summer. Lanternfest. Music, crafts, lanterns, parade, food, glowsticks fireworks and a community that we love dearly. And summer, thanks for the memories...we'll see you next year.


 A big hand stitched piece-all these french knots. Three Audubon birds that sing their calls for my bird lover.  A cow book an two books with sweet illustrations from a Maine author.  Pattern for a dollhouse. Two Shaker brand new needlepoints. Five skeins of  100% wool.  $8.00
 Swoon. ALL these vintage books (which the ones above are two stories in one) for fifty cents each.  Soooo many classics for me for my kids!  It's no secret I'm a book lover.

7th Birthday Recap

 You know, I think age seven is pretty fabulous. I had a blast shopping for all the things I knew he'd love and I'm pretty sure his grandparents feel the same. He knows what he likes, loves what he loves and is just all around a really neat kid.  He's big enough to do so much on his own, but at the end of the day, he wants snuggles and books with his mama most.  Seven is fabulous.

 (His meal of choice-sausage, corn and peas, fruit salad, mac n cheese from a box (gasp!) and orange juice.  Plus an American Flag cake).

 Masking tape for this vintage 'rusty old' tape dispenser.
My bird lover.
 Cow lover.
 John Deere lover.
 What can I say? He's consistent!  Year seven is going to be the best yet!

Invite: 5th Annual Country Kids Party (2017)

You are invited:

To our annual Country Kids party!

What? A simple, country kids festival to celebrate the country in our kids. There might be simple games, perhaps a craft, you can pick some wildflowers, take a walk in the field, feed the goats, snuggle a chicken, catch the train going by, help us clear out the secret garden, etc. Plan on having an afternoon snack of ice cream with us.  Sept 23rd from 2-5.

Cost? This is our annual party for charity. This year the donations we collect will go towards hurricane victims. 

What to wear? Overalls, plaid shirts, blue jean dresses, cowboy boots, barn boots, straw hats. Or whatever suits your fancy. 

 Food? We'll have our ice cream stand open.  One ice cream per guest.

Come anytime to our Maine homestead after 2:00 (not before please). Stop by for a quick visit or stay for a bit. We'll wrap up around 5 so folks can head home for dinner. Come young, come old, and plan to have some fun! It's a family event. Let me know if you need directions.

To see some fun from last year and year before, look here:

(If you could let me know you might stop by, that would help us plan. Facebook event linked here soon.  Thanks! And if you do come, please don't park on the road. Let's keep everyone safe!)

Maine Beaches

It's that time of year when the Lipskys return to different beaches. Less traffic to battle, many tourists are gone and we are left with near empty beaches.  Truly, is there is no better place for nature study.  
Love being a local.


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