Another pizza stone (I'm thrilled to have two circular ones now), three collars and two leashes (most brand new) for the goats and a miniature water pitcher. $5.00
This was at the "expensive" thrift store.  Five books my kids wanted, another flip top fido jar and the spirograph with all the pieces. $10.00.

Halloween Memories

All years (except the Tortoise and Hare year...which was the year we bought the farm) are homemade by mama costumes (which are mostly coats that they wear during the cold season).  This year, they have grand ideas too...and I have a lot of work to do! But until then, have some Lipsky Halloween memories...
Little Red Riding Hood and the Big Bad Wolf

Bear Hugs

The Kitty and Puppy

Tortoise and the Hare

My calf

My lobster dinner

In progress update....

Crappy computer pic....but here's that $35.00 couch I've been working on.  Last time I showed it to you, it was a month ago (reference here).

In the last month, I've completely stripped all the stain off the legs (not a quick project), cut the pattern pieces out and have all the fabric reupholstered on the couch except for the backing.  After the backing, I'll sew a new cushion and be done.  And then for the next decision...what pillows should I make? Pace yourself, Jackie.  Remind me of that.

Anyway, hopefully within the next week, we will have a new couch and be able to put this mess of a living room back together!

I have so many projects in the works lately, which is both overwhelming and exciting. Guaranteed I'll have plenty to show you all once I actually finish them!

One day at a time...onward.


 How lucky are we that we get a monthly science story/craft/nature walk at this amazing farm right on the ocean?  Lucky,  indeed. Theme this month? Seals.

Barn Work

This is a wee bit of a victory for me. I have all these projects and things I mean to do, but seldom do I actually finish them lately. Rest assured, I will, as I hate an unfinished project. I need more hours in my day though.  I've at least made progress, so I'll concentrate on that.   My neighbor brought some fill over for the areas in front of the barn that kept receding.  It's all filled in nicely now.

 Plus, I managed to get one coat of paint on all the barn doors. It looks so much more unified than it was before.  Progress feels good, no matter how small. Chipping away here and there will eventually add up, I hope at least.


What Adrian used his birthday money for: This cow umbrella. $5.00.
 He said "Mama, the best part of umbrellas is you don't out grow it. I can use this sized umbrella for a long time. It can be my umbrella forever."  Of course it can!
 And I posted on facebook, but not here.  My huge 100% wool rug, $1359.00 retail price for $30. Not a spot on it.  Score.

My Little-Big Farmer

Oh, you know, putting the goats in for the night. It's my fave part of the day watching this.

First Day

This was last week, their first 2016-2017 day of homeschool co-op.  I get to teach one of their classes "I am a Story Teller"(we're making manipulatives and retelling fave books, so fun!). She also has gym and crafts. He also has drawing and French.  We are so lucky to be connected to a great group!

Senior Pics


I had some senior pics coming  up, so I asked/made my kids help me practice. Here's their miniature senior pics.




Good practice for the real deal. I got so many great shots of this really awesome kid. I had so much fun taking pics of someone so cooperative too!

Taking Flight

We are lucky, lucky, lucky.

Because we have great friends.

And we are luckier because said friends have helped us out in a pinch so many times.

But, we are the luckier of the luckiest because *we* got to go on our very own airplane tour of our home, neighborhood and beaches. 

Seriously, how amazing is that?

I must say, Pilot Jason is not only a really great pilot, but patience he does have, especially given my kids LOVED talking on the headsets.  Really, we can't thank you enough,what a treat it was!

 First up...Tractor Supply. Because that's an important place in my kids' mind.
 And here is our homestead!  I tried to rough the property lines of our 30 acres.
 Home sweet homestead!

 Our property from the sky.
 Our neighborhood. We used to live in the woods next to the field on the far left. We couldn't see that house from the sky because of the trees. Now our farm is right on top of this pic. Our neighborhood for the last 10 years!
 Loop around and there's the coast.
 Down to Nubble lighthouse.
 Up coast to Ogunquit.
 Up to Crescent and Wells beaches.
 The jetty and Drake's Island
 Our very favorite place to go in the summer, the Harbor.  You see beach pictures from here a lot.
 Wells Reserve at Laudholm, I write about this place a lot.  We were there today actually.
 Back for a smooth landing with my helper doing what he does best.  Really, a great trip. Thank you Pilot Jason!


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