Wander and Wonder: Beach

 I had the absolute pleasure of leading a four week nature study series at the harbor and in the new shellfish lab.  All this right in our town.  I love nature studies, so blessed to be able to do what I love for my kids and for others. I can't think of a better classroom than the wide outdoors. Ended our series with a bag full of shells and other treasures for our friends at the nursing home to enjoy.

Mulcha mulcha

 Smells like Christmas in our yard!  Three loads of pine woodchips. Adding to the four I already have breaking down. I think that's seven loads of woodchips for one year. Not too much. I love love love woodchips for gardening.  All it cost me was a cookie cake.  

As a bonus, it's a great babysitter for the kids.  They have a dedicated outfit for pine pitch play! 

Today's Top Three

A few pumpkins-including the feline and human kind of pumpkins. 

Apple drops from the trees that I planted.
And progress in the attic. I'm working on a little play space for my girls to play their American Girls in. Part for them and part to get some stuff out of the living room! I love this September weather.

Kids Can Grow

 Audra wrapped up her Kids Can Grow year!  Kids Can Grow is a program through cooperative extension.  Kids get classes from April until September about gardening. They are set up with their own raised bed and plants. They get a master gardener to work with them and help them along.  It's a lovely program. Adrian got to do it and now Audra had a chance. 

Here's how it started

Adrian keeps his up, it's here too. 

Before we left for NY.

And how it ended!

She's been contributing some of her flowers to our flower sales.  The flower sale income goes to our family fun fund.  We all work together to contribute...growing, picking, setting up, breaking down, saving seeds.  It's become a great part of the things we do.


 In search of: My groove. 

I feel like our days start out with picture perfect expectations. 

(She's sporting a dress I made her.)

And our day ends up like this.  Can you find Anna-Kate?  She was all done with the library book sale and hid in a box amongst their pile of boxes.  

Ready for our regular routine and a few less unexpecteds.

It's raining, it's pouring.

It was raining. It was pouring. So we did our favorite thing to do on stormy days.  Brought our lunch to the ocean and the kids watched the waves while I read aloud.  We are LOVING Henry Reed, Inc.  You know it's a good one when I hear "More!  More!"

Rye on the Rocks

My husband and I used to spend our early married days along the coast in Rye, NH.  We enjoyed memory lane and our kids got to hear stories of life when we were well rested. 


 I just don't know where the time went this weekend.  Flew solo, my husband was working all weekend. The weekend had flowers, all over flowers and a cut flower sale. Gardening. Service projects x3. Thrifting adventures x2 (including a like new underarmour winter coat for Adrian for $10, originally $75! and BOG boots for Audra for $8.50). Lots of time organizing and cleaning, although progress appears minimal. It always feels like I'm treading water, barely staying afloat with housework. Errands. Church. I also read to my kids and spent time with each one.  (Mostly) ready to tackle Monday! 

(Audra did my hair while I was reading. We are loving Henry Reed, Inc.) 
This space is in our woodshed. In the 10 years that we've been here, it has never been cleaned out or used properly.  We had big barrels for our recycling and a big mess. I cleaned it up and we now have hooks for backpacks and shelves have things I need each week for the things I'm leading/teaching (4-H club bag, Nature class bag, Co-op gym class bag). It will get these random packed bags out of the kitchen, yay! 
And this one wants to be on my back again. My favorite place to have her. 


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