We are beyond blessed to have a homeschool co-op that is a very big part of our life. We treasure our friendships that have blossomed over co-op.  We just wrapped up the fall session.  I taught Hooray for Habitats and challenged myself to teach nature through oral storytelling, instead of reading or a "Let me tell you about" sort of class. Not only did the co-op kids enjoy it and learn, but I also have grown as a storyteller this semester. Adrian took Storybook Art, a class all about bees and Music &Movement.  Audra took Music &Movement and Hooray for Habitats. So thankful to have this group to be a part of.

More Trekking and Tracking

Not so much snow tracking this time around, but sand tracking.  Nature study where it happens. Thankful we live close enough to swing by the ocean during our travels and for a season with empty beaches.

Trekking and Tracking

It's winter one day, rainy mess the next.  One thing we keep consistent is daily outside time, aiming for 3 hours a day, regardless of weather.  This day was a trek to track animals after new fallen snow.  Turkeys, deer, mice/squirrel/chipmunk and gnome tracks.  We are all certain that some tracks are from gnomes.  I just love seasons and learning nature where it happens. 

"I help me"

Anna-Kate is extremely helpful.  Perhaps "helpful"should be in quotations.  Anything I do, she announces she's going help by saying "I help me".  She means "I will help you", but we know what she's getting at.  Sometimes it's not so helpful (unloading the dirty dishwasher or putting random things into the dryer), but these two pics she was very 'helpful'.  She didn't make a mess at all stirring and she knew she was scooping the squash and not eating it. 19 months and she's already cooking. At this rate, I'm planning on putting my feet up by the time she's four, as I'm planning on passing the torch on my cooking responsibilities by then! Imagine that! I bet her menu would include cookies at the main course...

Medieval Faire

 We brought the kiddos to their first Medieval Faire in Florida. At first the kids were overwhelmed and uncomfortable.  A woman came up to us a the entrance of the festival and told us she was scared of the Danes and didn't feel safe going in alone and maybe our family could help protect her.  Audra was frozen with confusion? fear?  They eventually warmed up to it and had a fine time.  I didn't take many pics, but we saw much music, dancing, birds of prey, handcrafts, etc. My husband got his turkey leg and jousting was a hit too.  Audra thinks she needs an outfit appropriate for the time period. I agree.  She thinks I should make her one.  I agree.  Time...does anyone have more of that to give?

 My sister in law made this adorable little dress. <3  Thank you, Gilly!


Miss Audra wanted me to paint her portrait.  The same way George Washington's portrait was painted.

Although I have 1) No talent to do such a thing, 2) No time to even try, 3) A baby who wants to help with everything, she remained optimistic. 

Photographs, although not ideal, were good enough, so she said.


"Your Majesty, Queen Audra, Your Royal Highness."

(And PS...that chair was my first attempt at fixing up a chair. Splint seat reed weaving, herringbone pattern with flat reed)

I bet you want to put this over your mantle.


All this Black Friday Hullabaloo...remember the deals you get can still be beat by thrifting!  Promise. 

A brand new thermos container, a garden sprinkler, a book (Charles Fuge, one of our favorite illustrators), a rope, twonightlights, a dress for Anna-Kate and a mini quilt. $5.00
A wool blanket that is exactly crib size, three pairs of wool socks, vintage books and vintage fabric.  I kid you not, $5.00.  And for the record, these weren't the same thrift stores.

I promise you, you can thrift cheaper than the best Black Friday deals!

Thanksgiving 2018

Happy Thanksgiving 2018! We actually already ate Thanksgiving dinner last week (and yes, I grew/raised most of this) and have been eating leftovers for days.  Since we don't have family local for most holidays, my husband volunteers to cover work shifts for his co-workers so they can enjoy their local family. We don't always have to, but we never mind shifting our celebration days. I have much to be thankful for, including my husband and children as well as having Thanksgiving in my most favorite farmhouse in the entire state of Maine.  God is good! Happy Thanksgiving, friends!


Nature study, right where it's happening.  I remember going on an alligator boat expedition when I was a kid, I hope they'll remember this too!


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