About Me

I was born this way.  Ambitious.  Imaginative.  It's how I was wired.

I grew up in Northern NY, on a 150+ acre hobby farm.  My mom was a kindergarten teacher turned stay at home mom.  She encouraged creativity and learning.  Not that I needed much encouraging.

From the time I could stand up, I was 'helping' in the kitchen.  From the time I could read, I was baking.  My first chocolate chip cookies my dad termed "hockey pucks".  My ingenious idea for meatballs didn't work (cook them first and then squish them together).  Thankfully I improved.  I combined my natural ease of public speaking with my love of baking and placed at the state level in baking public presentations through 4-H.  Everyone who stopped by my house when I was a teen left with a little bit of homemade something.

I was a big time creator early on.  I mass produced pot holders, friendship bracelets, jewelry and cards for the nursing home residents.  I was into flower arranging, gardening and animals. Homemade gifts were my forte. I even created a "store" in our house with my goods that was set up for visitors to browse.  I would sew doll clothes and stuffed animals.  I organized craft time for library story hours.  I had a craft bag for kids that I brought babysitting. My closest friends had quilts, prom dresses and graduation dresses made by me.  I was often volunteered for projects-like making costumes for school plays.  After school, I was a frequent fixture in the Home Ec room-not for credit, but for my own enjoyment. I dragged my dad to fabric stores and quilt shows.  I got a sewing machine for my sweet 16 and a serger for my 18th birthday. Creating was always a passion.

Environmentally conscious.  That was always me.  I did a public presentation, again through 4-H, about the importance of recycling.  This was well before recycling was hip.  I'd hoard trash to whip up treasures.  I wish I still had the ginormous maze I made for my hamster out of cereal boxes.

Growing up without unlimited access to the TV encouraged my creativity.  I still cannot sit and watch TV without having my hands busy. I am probably the only teen who would schedule snow days with a comprehensive list, with start and stop times, detailed with the 'must finish' projects of the day.  "I'm bored" was not a term frequently uttered by me.  My dad once told me "You accomplish more in one week compared to what most people do in a year". I really can't help it.  I was born this way.

I think everyone has a bit of creativity in them.  Work up a little ambition.  Get your imagination in gear.  Create.  You can do it.

I was interviewed/featured as a crafter July 2011:  Click Here to read. And July 2014: click here.


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