A summer necessity...

There's nothing like a fresh ear, buttered and salted, kernels that pop and squirt as you eat them. Our neighbor says the best way to eat it is put your water on, go pick and husk, then by the time you come back the water is ready. Can't get much fresher than that. While we didn't grow any this year, it may be in the plan for next year.  Yes, summer isn't complete without this ritual.  So glad someone agrees.

And until she can partake, she'll just look pretty in a sundress.  That's an important part of summer, too.

Popsicles, Mama made.

 It occurred to me that I never posted about the popsicles I make.
 Last fall, when I was making applesauce, the water I boiled the apples in was too good to dump.  I sweetened it a wee bit and froze it in large containers.  This summer, I thawed it out and poured it into a popsicle form.
 They're a big hit around these parts.




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Oh my, oh my, oh animals!

Sometimes having pets is just one more thing.  In the morning when both kids are wanting milk, the coop door needs to be open, the dog needs to go out and the cats want their breakfast. Take care of all that and find a hairball to clean up, notice a dog who tracked muddy tracks through the house and discover that all the chickens got out.  And then at the end of the day, both kids are sleeping and I breathe a deep breath of accomplishment...and I remember I never shut the coop door.  Up I go, as I don't want that darn bear to come back and eat these chickens of ours.

But, if you asked me if I'd consider not having animals, I'd say absolutely not.  Little critters are another one of those things that makes a house a home.  To watch my children love their animals, talk about their pets and see the reciprocity of the pets loving them back...well, it's all worth it.  So worth it that we're considering adding more to the pack.  Time will tell...

Today, I'm thankful for our pets.  
They're a huge part of our kids' lives and I'm thankful for their gentleness and loyalty. 

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So proud.

We had the pleasure of watching my brother win his first Ironman yesterday at Ironman Canada. 

Uncle Matt is spotted.
And he waves and says "Bye Matt".

So thankful for the internet. It was an experience I'll never forget.

  Proud of you, little brother.
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Today's goal.

One quality I have (and sometimes loathe) is I'm quite the thinker.  And I worry.  I keep myself up at night thinking and worrying.  About everything and nothing.  It's really quite annoying at times and I'd like to find the "off" switch.  Pair that with having 2 kids under the age of 2, sleep seems to be a rarity lately.
(Arielle...these are from the seeds you gave us).
My goal for today is to find that "off" switch.  Everything works out in the end, it always does.  There's no need for me to stress.  Today, every time I worry, I'm going to make a conscious choice to replace that thought with something I'm grateful for.
I do have much to be thankful for.

Posted by PicasaI really am going to spend more time counting my blessings, I am so incredibly thankful.

Book Basket July

I may be a wee bit behind, but here's July's basket.  It has patriotic and dinosaur books.  Random, I know...but it works.

Here's the cover from:

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Overproduction...For Sale Perhaps?

Lately, I've been struggling between being a minimalist and living simply and making too much stuff.  Really, does my baby girl need four aprons?  They're cute and all, but we don't need so many.  So then I think I'll just keep them for gifts.  But I don't know four little girls who are going to be having a birthday anytime soon.  I used to spend so much of my time doing custom work, but since kids, I no longer do so...which apparently frees me up to mass produce random things that I like.

 I asked a friend about opening an etsy shop and she suggested just posting them on my blog.  I haven't sold anything in ages, so I thought I'd give it a try.  I'm also going to add a tab up top with for sale stuff.

Or maybe we need to keep having more kids so I'll have more of a need for aprons?  That's an option too.

Child Sized Aprons $15 +s&h

 Bags $12 +s&h
Trick or Treat Bags $12 +s&h

 Doll Blankets/Table Runners $12 +s&h
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Mama Made: Pirate Pete

Since we're all into a the book Ahoy Pirate Pete, I whipped up a Pirate Pete.  Pattern is from the book Sew Magical for Kids.

 And it just so happened that a friend gave a small pirate ship as a big brother gift. A perfect compliment.
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