Oh, this one garage sale...swoon!  Big historical house, TONS of vintage stuff! And who ever lived there used to sew. So much fun stuff to sift through. I had already bought the silicone loaf pan (for soap or butter, not sure which) and the books at the previous garage sale , and was trying to stick with my $5 budget.  I just got the apron, wool and the vintage fabrics.  I could have bought a lot more there, but I didn't.

 And this is the thrift store. Popcorn tin, vintage fan, basket (which is really big...for sweet girl's doll clothes) and a shirt that I love times a million. I plan on making a pattern from it to make more. Someday!


Our annual trip to York's Wild Kingdom. Long and short, he's wearing a tail as tradition goes, they were surprised by their dad who showed up half way through the trip, and we ate a fried dough that was as big as a large pizza, went on rides and then out to Goldenrod.  Out of all the animals, they liked the goats best. Go figure. We have those at home. It was really a lovely time for our little family.


Someone has been mass producing these lovely bookmarks.  Every chapter book in progress in our house needs one as well as Grammy's. She says she's going to make more tomorrow. I'm mighty lucky to be the recipient. Aren't they lovely?!


I shared with you that I bought myself a whole bunch of soapmaking stuff for my birthday in January. Months went by and all that stuff just sat, as I was terrified of lye.

Proud to say, I am no longer.

*I* am a soapmaker now.  A beginner at that, but I made soap that works. I've been using it for some time now and no one says I stink!
 I've made 18 batches so far, from buttermilk from my Ophelia. There are so many fancy recipes out there, but I'm not looking to get all fancy.  Well, at least not yet. I just want a good, basic soap with ingredients I can actually pronounce. I'd love to figure out a way to sell a little to pay for animal expenses.  I have visions of offering a soap in bulk packages of 3 or 6 or 9 at  affordable bulk rate. Homemade soap is certainly a treat worth splurging on, but many families would have a hard time switching from the soaps with a lot of ingredients to a more natural product just because of price. I'm hoping to offer the alternative to replace Ivory, Dial or Irish Sprint in the ordinary homes. 

Until then, I will share my soapmaking station, process and product.

I must say I really like this thing...this milking the cow and turning her buttermilk into something  worth using.  Just one more thing I dreamed about that actually has come true. How fortunate am I?!

 It works!
 Thank you, Ophelia.

Paths through the Dasies

My mom  used to mow some tracks in the lawn for my brother and me to play with. I wouldn't let my husband mow down the beautiful patch of daisies and instead mowed paths for them to play in.  I tell you, those tracks got their  use!  I'm  behind in posting this, the daisies are mostly gone now, but such happy memories.


Grampy's "Helpers"

Thankful my father in law has been helping  us with a project.  And this picture of his helpers will forever warm my heart.

Good things.

Pals. BFFs. Soul sisters. Girlfriends. Best friends.

Oh, the garden of June.  All these types of greens picked and consumed within the hour....a blank slate ready for toppings. 

And really busy mornings followed by afternoons of audiobooks. This is his chosen location to listen.

May your weekend be filled with good things.


A vintage circle tray an a miniature vintage tray.  The cross stitch book. A Gap dress. Two not written in notebooks. Two vintage compasses.  $4.50
Ice cube trays, all these vintage linens, these hand crocheted chair head and arm décor (for this chair.  Remember that huge project?!) and all those precut quilt squares.  $10.00

Family Hike

We didn't have a whole day together. We had what was left of an afternoon.  But you know...we made the best of it. 

Sometimes it's not what we don't have, it's what we do have and how we use that time together.

A lovely hike we did have.



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