Mama Made: Doll Dress

 Everytime I make a new doll dress, she disappears and plays for a long, long time.  And so, expect to see many more dresses flying off my machine.

Book nook...err Book box

 When the sun warms up the 3 season porch just enough to make it the perfect place for a book nook, I get a little jealous and want one for myself. Can't think of a better way to spend an afternoon.

Plus, I made the dress and our neighbor made one of the blankets and a different friend made the other.  

Random good things

First of all, the ladies are laying.  We've been loving having so many eggs! 
Anna-Kate has decided to take photos.  I love this one she took of Adrian getting some drawing inspiration. 

She took this lovely picture of me reading. I must have been rocking fast.

And selfies, all the selfies.  The discovery of random sibling selfies certainly gives me a smile that I could really use as of late.


 It has been a week.  We're still not finished fixing the dangerous kitchen hood fan (although it's not dangerous now) and then the dishwasher is now broken. Then our family vehicle needed a tow and we'll likely not get that back for another couple of weeks at least.  I'm thankful that I can drop my husband off of work and pick him up so we can get the places we need to get to...even though that means getting him there long before the sun rises.  If being scattered earned trophies, I'd be a champion. 

But the good. Let's talk about that. I had planned a 3 day sewing workshop and even though the storm made it a 2 day series instead of a 3 day series, we had great participation (15 kids) and my kids each finished multiple projects. 

This one was more interested in being a goof than sewing. (I swiped the pic from a friend, thank you!)
It was extra special that Nam (our neighbor) came and helped Anna-Kate for her first sewing workshop. She did the same with Audra years ago. 
The eager 4-H kids are hoping more sewing is on the horizon.  I suspect it will be! 

Ice. Ice. More Ice.

 Our fun as of late has been lots of ice related stuff. 

Ice skating. 

Ice fishing.

(With a side of pond skating)


And tomorrow's plans?  Ice skating.  More ice.  I still love winter and our February filled with ice.

Homeschooling at the coast

 This week was mostly the lowest of the low. 

Tried to change our tide today by going to the coast at low tide. 

It totally worked.  I think today is one they will remember looking back. A day at the beach, tucked into the cove on picnic blankets, protected from the wind, warm homemade soup thanks to my camp crock, a pile of books, lots of treasures from the sea.  

Thankful for the freedom to homeschool. 

Fire Families

 One thing about me is I forget to take pictures when I'm around people.  We have been doing this monthly Fire Families gathering for a few months now.  Families rotate hosting fires on a monthly basis, the hosting family providing some sort of education, story or experience around fire.  It's been a really unique experience.  We took our turn this month and had a baked potato bar with potatoes that were cooked with wood. 

And below is last month's, which was hosted at our friends.
It's a really great way to come together with others, worth making your own 'chapter' perhaps? 

Mama Made: Pjs


New coordinating set of PJs for the girls. I never had a sister, but always wish I did. They definitely don't get along like this all the time, but I'll take a brief photo when I can get it! 

Ups and downs

Truth is some days are hard, hard, hard.  So thankful we have this to escape to when we have no energy, no plan and no more brain power left.

Thankful that despite the numerous not so good moments, the discovery of this collective of seals is what we'll all be thinking of before we fall asleep tonight. Ready for a fresh start tomorrow. 

Science Lab in the Supermarket

 January I coordinated and led a month long Science Lab in the Supermarket series for a gaggle of friends.  It included 2x a week zooms and 1x a week grocery store trip.  It made for a busy January! 

Cross Country

 This one has decided that she does, in fact, like to cross country ski.  I'm so proud of her!

Way too cold

We made it through the most frigid days over the weekend, ridiculous windchill. The wind just whips across these fields.  We probably burned a whole tree keeping warm.  The chickens seemed to be happier in the colder temps compared to the hot humid summer days. I gave them some warm oatmeal a couple of times a day.  I cooked a ton of food on the woodstove (since it was already hot), did some sewing and we played a lot of board games.  We are an outside everyday sort of family, but other than doing our animal chores and Adrian's waving to cars routine, we were mostly in. I never heard "I'm bored". Other than a family episode of Dr. Quinn, kids had plenty to do without screens.  I'm all set with those windy too cold days, but not done with winter!


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