Halloween 2015

 Today, let us think less about what we will 'get', but more about what we can give. Compliments, quarters for Unicef, a visit to someone who doesn't get visitors, a smile.  So many possibilities.  Let's make today a good one.

Mama Made: Wolf Costume


Just in time.  It's finished. It goes with his sister's Little Red Riding Hood Cape (click here if you missed that post).  I bought this wool coat for a dollar at a yard sale (tags still on).  I used a seam ripper to rip off all the skateboarding appliques.  I used scraps to make it to a wolf coat. A little time and a dollar, got a Halloween costume he loves. 

Here's the costume:

 And here's the (not so) BIG and (definitely not) BAD wolf.
 And here I go making a wool coat for a 70 degree day. A couple years ago there was a blizzard on Halloween. Oh New England...why must your weather be so finicky.

As hard as he tried, the chickens aren't scared of this BIG BAD WOLF.


 Wool pants that fit me!, a pair of boots for my kids to grow into, a hook up for animals, a wooden car, a vintage pie scoop (which I made cookie cake to use it with, stat), a canning jar, a flip top jar, an wide mouth canning jar and a blown glass.  $6.25
Plus patterns! (I have no idea why it's blurry).  Some store donated 1000 patterns to a thrift shop in my town.  I have oodles of patterns thanks to a generous reader, but I decided to pick up a few unique ones.  At fifty cents a pattern, why not, right?!  All these for $6.00


As of late, I don't really have much of a love for this kitchen of mine.  Come thick into the fall, I'm so ready to say goodbye to my canner forever.  Some days I feel like my life is spent in the kitchen, making messes.  I found these pictures from last month on my camera.  Just a couple meals in that all but one or two ingredients were raised/grown on our homestead.  It helps to remind me that all this time in the kitchen is good. It's not just making messes.

Those cows..

Oh, this duo....the reason I get up before dawn, why my toes are numb and why I am dragging water half way across our property. The reason why I am moving fencing by moonlight (cannot wait for a permanent fence next year), smell like manure and have hay stuck to my socks.

Plus the reason why I had milk with my brownie tonight. 

It's a good life.

Coastal love

This trip contained so many randoms, but the common threads would be a) this was all one day and b) we are so lucky to live in such a beautiful area.

A couple of the interesting randoms:
-Audra wanted to walk someplace with sidewalks. Because we have none of those around our house and she's been dreaming of sidewalks.  Apparently it's just not fair that we don't have sidewalks. We have 30 acres to run in but no sidewalks.  We walk on the sandy beaches around the corner from home.  We don't walk on sidewalks regularly.  She's deprived, I know.
 -Adrian insisted on playing his guitar for the fishermen. They were pulling in lobsters and listening to some random farming song.

And the mama guilt.
They said from afar, "Mama, can you get close to that lighthouse?"  Goodness, yes!  They've been before too. Only when they were tiny.  How are there these gorgeous places so close and we haven't been in so long?! 

There's so much good stuff close to home, I really need to make sure we take advantage more often!

Here's a little coastal love.

Endearing Little Stories

Endearing Stories:

Take one.
1) The puppy cannot get two minute alone. (I totally know how you feel, Holly).

2) He loves being five so much. Talks about how great it is still (he's been five for a month and a half.  Here he cut out little squares of papers and wrote five on each one.  Then he glued them all together and hung them on his wall.
 Here she is, yelling...errr... singing her new song. It goes something like this "I love my mama. My mama is so special. My mama is going to die someday".  Maybe the word 'endearing' won't fit that little ditty she made up.

 4)  The apple crisp was dessert.  I told him to get himself some dessert.  This full pan looked like this when he finished.
 He gobbled it up.  And asked for more. Smart kid.



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