2013 Reflections

Keeping tradition here...2013 in review.

Here's 2012.
Here's 2011.

This year has been marvelous, settling into this 1880s farmhouse and bringing the farm back to life.  Last year at this time, I was still unpacking.  We're much more settled now, enjoying life with our two little ones.

My favorite shots (I had about 100 more, but I *tried* to narrow it down).





The highlights from each month:

Family Highlight: He got new snowshoes.
Project completed: I worked on the bathroom.
We ate: A lot of flour.

Family Highlight: We had a lot of SNOW.
Project completed: We had fun with the birthday party playset.
We ate: COOKIE CAKE!  It made it's debut this month.  It's been a hit since.
Family Highlight: We tapped our trees.
Project completed: I dug the sewing machine out and made this penguin shirt.  I shared the pattern too!
We ate: The most marvelous brownies.  And we've had them numerous times since.

Family Highlight: Our baby chicks arrived.
Project completed: A bunny family.
We ate: Oatmeal cream pies.  Yum.

Family Highlight: Our first garden at this place begins to grow.
Project completed: Woven wrap love.
We ate:Whole Wheat Hamburger Buns.

Family Highlight: STrawberry picking.
Project completed: I got a clothesline!
We ate: Strawberry Rhubarb Swirl Pound Cake.

Family Highlight: She turned ONE!
Project completed: Wall art in the playroom.
We ate:Strawberry Pie.

Family Highlight: Country Lovin' Kids Festival Kick off!
Project completed: A lot of furniture refinishing.
We ate: Cherry Cobbler Scones and Lemon Pound Cake.

Family Highlight: He turned 3 and got his goats!
Project completed: I set my craft room up.
We ate: A lot of fritatta.

Family Highlight: Fairs!
Project completed:  His and her new winter coats.
We ate:Cinnamon Apple Oat Bars.

Family Highlight: Thanksgiving just us.
Project completed: Horse play set.
We ate: Apple Cider Doughnuts.
Family Highlight: Cutting our tree.
Project completed: Wedding Basket pattern.
We ate: Cranberry Orange Bars

Well, that sums it up!  A fantastic 2013, on our way to another year filled with memories, projects and good eats.  Thanks for coming on the ride with us!

Frosty. And family time.

I was inside doing something that seemed pressing, my husband looking after the littles.  And then I looked out the window and saw them having fun.  I have no idea what seemed pressing at the moment, but whatever it was was soon abandoned.  I just *had* to join them.

 Nothing cuter than peek-a-boo around a snowman.


See, I totally was there.
 With the love of my life.
 Corrected.  Loves.

 And  I somehow convinced them to cooperate for a little self timer action.  Thankful for this little family.

 And the dance party that comes along with fun times.  Thankful indeed.


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