Hat for Baby Girl

Posted by PicasaWarning...my hat obsession may continue.  How about a decked out little pink hat?  Yes, I think so.

 I bought the hat for fifty cents.  I decked it out by finishing the edges of an 8 inch x 1 inch strip and an 8 inch x 1 1/2 inch strip, then gathering them with a basting stitch to make a flower.   I stitched it in place and then added a button in the middle. 

 Just awaiting the little noggin to fill it.  3 more months. :)

Happiness is...

Far away family arriving for a visit.  Four kids under the age of four...blissful.
Having an 80 degree beach day.  In March.  In Maine.  Wonderful!

The giggles and squeals that accompany playground fun.

Hugs.  And more giggles.

Spending time with daddies.

In the arms of mamas.

Catching playing or reading together, with such focus.

Watching as they discover new things.

Outside play.  Without mittens.  Without a parka.

Enjoying our immediate family.

And savoring the time being with our extended family.

I had quite a bit of fun photographing these four kiddos.  What marvelous memories we created.

Play Kitchen Part 8: Play Cupcakes

Onward in my plight in furnishing our little play kitchen area... Play cupcakes.  (I *heart* them!)
Here's a run down of the rest of the kitchen accessories, in case you missed them:
Part 1: Market bag
Part 2: Dish Towels
Part 3: Potholders
Part 4: Felt Veggies
Part 5: Apron
Part 6: Felt Fruits
Part 7: Wooden Groceries

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Anyway, back to those cupcakes.  Did I mention that I love them?  Cupcakes are an important part of my diet, so it's equally as important to have them accessible in the play area, right?  I thought so too. 
 I got the idea from the Country Living magazine, where they used cookie cutters to make pin cushions.  I had these cute little tiny tart containers hanging around...it got me thinking about cute little cupcakes.  I was just going to hot glue some fabric in the tins, until I saw this tutorial from pinterest to make the cathedral window block.  When I saw it, I knew it would be a perfect fit for my cupcake idea. 

Here's what the finished blocks looked like:
 Then I gathered the corners and sides with a quick, lose stitch, stuffed them, then hot glued them to the tart tins.

Then I served them up...
to an eager little boy who was excited to have a cupcake party with Earl the bear, his cat and his baby doll.
I love the little spread he set up, complete with my great-great grandmother's silver dish.  Plus, he likes to have flowers on the table (just like his mama).  This flower is from the play flower garden I made him a bit ago.  I just love discovering how kids set their play up.
This generous little boy even shared with his mama.  I think these cupcakes are a *sweet* success.
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