Vacation Highlights #3: Kayaking


Back in School/Not in School 2020-2021

This isn't the beginning of our school year (we homeschool year round and view homeschooling as our lifestyle), but the kids notice when the school bus first goes by. They promptly run out to the field and I follow with the camera.  They are back to school, not in school, homeschooling at home sweet home again this year.  We all feel blessed to have this lifestyle for another year.

They started their day with gifts.
New fancy journals. 
Had time to run around.

We read a lot of books, did some drawing, did what we call 'brain work'. 
We played, we all worked on a sewing project and then when daddy got home, we hiked a local trail.  
I can honestly say our ordinary day is my favorite sort of day.  


Vacation Highlight #1: Adirondacks

 Azure Mountain

Insert picture from camp of all the prepping ready for a small hike.  

Adding a special Aug 29th Happy Birthday to my dad! Thanks for a fun hike!

"Out back"

Know what else we have been up to since we have returned to Maine? We were eager to get back to our backyard and the nature that awaits us.

The apple tree from the field I tried to prune a couple years ago is bursting with apples this year. They are really good apples!  Now that the hay is gone, our daily backyard walks will return, lots of nature awaits. 


Less than 24 hours back in Maine, where were we? The ocean.  Where have we been daily since we have returned? The ocean. Not as "refreshing" as it was a month ago, but we'll take it!  So blessed to live here.

Hoop Skirts

While *I* spent my day unpacking and cleaning, this duo couldn't wait to slither back into their hoop skirts. I personally don't like having five thousand layers when it's 90 degrees, but they apparently don't mind. 


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