Family paddle

I think this might have been my favorite morning of the whole summer.  Just the four of us, no one else out on the water.  We paddled along finding painted turtles. I think we saw seven.  Is there a better place to talk, answer questions, be together?  I think this is where the family fun is at. I didn't take my camera on the water, but I did take a few on land.


It's 12:25am.  I just finished making 4 cookie cakes, 2 coffee cakes, a double batch of coconut graham bars, a double batch of cottage cheese and a potato, corn and basil cold salad.  A lot for the party, some using up the milk and our lunch finished and ready to go. I've got some activities out and a to do list a mile long. It's the day of our country kids party. We hope you join us and we cannot wait to see all you Yee Haw country kids. It will be a relaxing of afternoon filled with play and memories.
I clearly need to get to bed, before long it will be milking time! Although this life is a busy one, I wouldn't trade it for anything!

Our County Fair 2015

Imagine waiting a whole year too go back to your favorite place and then your mom tells you it's time to go, go get ready.  Excitement.  Then imagine finding out your nam and pap are going to be there too.  More excitement. Then imagine getting there and seeing one of your most favorite little friends in the whole wide world just happen to pull in at the same time. Beyond excitement.  And then getting to spend the day with your BFF (Best Farmer Friend) at the fair?  Well, it doesn't get much better than that.

And Audra? She's happy to go anywhere, as long as she can wear tights.

Gardening 2015: Update 8

Gardening 2015: Take One
Take two.
Take three.
Take four.
Take five.
Update 6
Update 7

Here's what the garden looked like on August 8th:
 And here's the garden on August 22nd
 Well, this garden.

It officially has produce MORE than double the produce compared to last year.  I currently have brought in 519.5 pounds of produce.  That includes a lot of our squash and sugar pumpkins...those squash bugs are mighty frustrating.  They got all of my winter squash as well as my zucchini and summer squash.  Tomatoes have blight, but I'm still bringing in baskets full of them.  There's an annoying tiny yellow fuzzy bug that ate our beans.  Some potatoes are turning brown and are ready to dig.  Weeds are tall and everywhere, I have given up taking care of them.  Even with all that, our basement is filling up with the goodness. Canned food, squash storage. Our pantry has many dried goodness too. And our bellies are filled with our own produce.  Especially since adding the milk cow, it's been so much more possible having nearly all parts of our meals homegrown.
 The first of many bags full of pumpkins and winter squashes.

 The sunflowers they planted on eco day.
 Proud that this was all that was left a few days ago.  Umm....yeah. There's more now.
 Seriously, the best helpers ever.

 Tell me, how is your garden doing? I do love garden talk...


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