Cloth book

Audra made a little cloth book. It has felt pages.  She made it to keep her 'old fashioned broaches' in.  I love this girl. 

Oh my heart...

This week has been challenging and emotional for us.  We definitely didn't need one more stressful thing.  Long and short, we're more upset than she is.  She's happy daddy picked pink like her dress. We're also grieving the loss of summer as we know it for her for the next 3 weeks with no swimming. But, she's going to be just fine. That ocean will still be there in 3 weeks and I think that's the first thing we're going to do once the pesky thing comes off. This little girl is the most patient little girl ever. It's not going to slow her down. We love her so.

Farewell Kammie

It's with a heavy heart we said goodbye to our Kammie. She was 14 1/2 and we've had her since shortly after we married in 2006.  She went everywhere with us, all sorts of adventures. Loyal, gentle, loving. Our kids essentially grew up with her along their side. There is a hole in our hearts. 
Goodness, we were just babies when we got her! 

Our first house

And then Adrian

Then Audra

 Then pregnant with Anna-Kate and Anna-Kate. 


 Couldn't ask for a better dog. She will be missed, yes, but also remembered.


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