Size Huge.

When (my) poor estimation skills on size and a good idea turn into a very very very big map.

If you've been around these parts long enough, you are aware that we are avid readers. I thought "What better way to keep track of geography of the USA but to record the books we read on the states that they happened in?" 

And so I ordered this, probably after midnight one night, on a whim.

My whole entire couch is behind that map and you cannot even see it. WHERE am I going to put this thing? Might have to go to the barn for wall space. Alas, we'll know our states in no time!

Free Flowers for Sale!

We had a little stand out front. While the sign said "Free Flowers", Audra called it "FREE FLOWERS FOR SALE", which she proceeded to yell at every car that went by.  Adrian was the workhorse-flower collector and Anna-Kate was the welcome wagon, waving at everyone who went by.  When we finally had business, Audra said "Want to buy flowers? They are for sale for free!"  By the end of the day, we had an empty bin.  I think "Free Flowers for Sale" will happen more often this summer.


Bought his bike for $5 last year at the thrift shop. In fact, we were traveling someplace and I spotted it. Made my husband turn around so I could check the price. Although he grumbled, we were all glad we stopped, given we were in the market for the next size up and finding a $5 bike doesn't happen everyday!  Just scored this next size up bike for her for $3.50 at a different thrift shop last week. This duo is riding in style!

Soup's on!

Because this is where she isn't moving and because she loves to eat, we have oodles of pictures of our little foodie. 

The Return

We have some kids who are very happy their snowbird grandparents have returned!


 Two packs of unopened plastic silverware (party anyone?), string, blue transferware plate.  Cast iron utensil set. Butter dish.  Kids' apron.  $8.00

And below: The gift I got for Anna-Kate's first birthday: vintage "My Book House" series (which I could buy for $100 if purchased elsewhere.).


Here comes trouble!  Really fast trouble. Beware!


Couple of dozen, plus a day. The farm-life scavenger hunt.  A memory she'll have forever. 

(And that sweatshirt she asked me to embellish with kitties ages ago isn't going to fit much longer.  Love when I catch my babies wearing things I stitched.)


Newly cut.
Smells fresh.
Stacked and piled high, family effort this year.
Ready for winter.

While I feel like I'm spinning in a state of disarray, there's order in the woodpile.
One project at a time.

Dedication day

All spiffed up for her baby dedication at church. She brings us so much joy.


Sweet sweet memories today of my mom, who would have been 67 today. I think of her daily, thankful she poured her whole heart into me for those 15 years I had her in my life. Since she loved chocolate, I think we'll have some brownie pudding while I think of such thankful thoughts that I had an amazing role model for 15 years of my life.  Looking forward to someday walking on the streets of gold together.


Sisters. And spring has sprung. Finally. So much pink in our yard right now.

First birthday re-cap

Happy First Birthday party celebration to Anna-Kate!

The feast. Pineapple. Strawberries, Chicken, Pasta Salad. All her favorites. Goodness, she ate as much as the adults!
 The fan club
 The birthday girl

And the cake.


Going, going, going....


 Her first experience with cake was certainly a delightful one.  We love you, Anna-Kate!

Birthday Handmades

I still have oodles of pics to go through from Anna-Kate's birthday, but I will start out with the handmades.

Made by me:  A onesie turned into a dress.

From Audra...
 It's a shrug!  A handmade and embroidered shrug. Somehow she just took scissors to a piece of scrap fabric and ended up with this. fit Anna-Kate!

 I think a homemade shrug made by big sister is a most perfect birthday surprise.


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