I am in deep, deep, deep into this paleontology project.  Probably over my head.

I asked. I received. 

I'm teaching sewing at a county wide 4-H event this weekend. I need to have these sewing machines working and ready to go.  I tell you, this is probably impossible. Especially since my day tomorrow is taken up with a whole host of other volunteer gigs.

5 donated sewing machines were dropped off at my house for me to get into working order by this weekend.  I just spent two hours taking apart a non working Pfaff from 1986.  Working now! (go me!) She's a beauty, a great sewing machine for learning since she has speed controls.  She's won a place in my heart.

I got to the next one. No bobbin.  I do not have that size bobbin.  Great.

And then I go onto the next one.  I did a little "oof" when I picked it up. It's heavy. Really heavy. It's a dinosaur.  Probably a brontosaurus.  I'm pretty sure it's from well before my grandmother's time. I opened it and may have gasped.  I think that's more than a two hour project.  Good bye brontosaurs.  Not today. 

Reminds me of the sewing machine I learned on.  My grandmother's knee control one. I bet that was an allosaurus. I loved that thing.

And then the good ol' singer. The one she got for her anniversary. Probably a brachiosaurus.  I used to use that thing until it overheated, smoked. Had to pace myself with that one. It's still at my dad's house. So many good memories. I stitched a number of outfits for the 4-H fashion shows back in the day.  It was the 80s. You can imagine the interesting creations I came up with.  I also had a scrunchie business.  Remember scrunchies?  One to match every outfit. That was the goal.

Because my machine kept overheating, I then borrowed a machine.

Then for my sweet 16, my dad got me not a car, but something that I wanted even more.  My loyal, faithful and dependable companion. My sweet Janome.  We have spent hours upon hours together. I love her so.

Truth is, even if I don't get all of these sewing machines fixed up before the weekend, my faithful and true Janome never lets me down. I'll bring her along and another child can learn on her.  Guessing nearly 40 kids have learned to so on her thus far. Although I have (*cough*cough*) 4 Janomes now, this one pictured below, the one my dad gave me, may always be my BFF.
Image result for born imaginative sewing machine
As for those other dinosaurs of sewing machines? Wish me luck.  Maybe one of these days I'll get them all up and running.

Garden 2017: Update 5

Hey, I grew that.  See that meal? That was hand raised and home grown and homemade.  I did that. 

This is what keeps me going.
I have a love/hate relationship with gardening. Initial attempts gardening on this farm yielded a sparse production due to soil quality. I hauled loads of manure and made heaps of compost.  Soil now is top notch. 

However, the insects.  Those nasty little creatures. I cannot even deal with the destruction so rapidly. 

What I really need to do is start another whole garden so I can rotate. I'm pretty certain there are eggs from pests laid in the garden all ready for next year. I just want to squash them all!

I keep on keeping on.

Looking back, it is amazing that I had a baby on April 24th and planted my 40ft x 40ft garden almost immediately after. I don't know how I did that! While I did plant the garden, I didn't weed much and I didn't water at all.  Yield was about half of what the previous years were. I lost track of the exact number, but I grew ~400 pounds of food.  Not my top year by far, but not so bad either, especially since most was done with an infant in my arms.  Something is better than nothing!

Pictured above are the last flowers before frost and broom corn (my first go with that). We've still been eating salads with fresh homegrown greens.I have a bowl of parsley on my counter now, ready to be made into tabbouleh. I've canned and frozen and dried as much as life with a newborn allows.  While the stuff I grew won't tide is over until next year like last year's harvest did, we still will have some home grown goodness mid winter.  To me, that's cause for celebration.


The top 3 of our trip to Florida? 
-Celebrating life and witnessing my brother recovering from his horrific accident. Such a miracle.
-The two bigs learned how to swim without lifejackets in their grandparents pool, with grammy watching.
-Being able to meet my new sweet nephew, who is so easy to love. Aren't these two so precious?! 

The Mote Aquarium

We had SUCH an awesome time at the Mote Aquarium.  The place was pretty much empty except for us (bonus for homeschoolers-going off season!). Everywhere exhibit, there were 2-3 volunteers flocking to us to answer our questions. Which is perfect because my kids ask them!  

Siesta Key

Siesta Key with the powered sugar like sand. While we do love our Maine coast, it's easy to love the Florida coast too.

Halloween in Florida

Three interesting facts about Halloween in Florida:

1) Hansel and Gretel did not need snowpants, a parka, a hat, mittens or boots. So different from Maine.

 2)  Retired folks not only give good candy, but the also give money (!!!), enough to take us to the thrift shop. Plus we got these tiny little homemade treat holders. Totally adorable.
3) And as for treats from family?  Peanut M&Ms from grammy and grampy (always!) and Audra told me: "A little something caught my eye. Uncle Matt bought it for me."  Here is her "Little Something" treat that her uncle bought her.  Yup, it was four layers and double the size of her head.  While more sugar was not what she needed, it sure did taste good!

Three smiles

Very generous friends of my brother let us stay in their marvelous guest house in Florida. We are/were so blessed by this act of kindness. Not only a great place, but the backyard was so peaceful. 

Three smiles:

1) We just cannot take the farm out of these kids.  The poor duck was probably confused.
 2) We now have a sitter.  This is my favorite stage. You can just park her, walk away and come back and she's still sitting, happy as can be. (Also smile worthy is this dress I made. Love dressing my littles in mama mades.)
 3) We finally have a family shot that I love. So thankful for my little family.

En route

Last week we went to Florida and truth be told, our little family is having trouble getting back into the swing. Although we had a fine time and enjoyed family, we could use a staycation after our vacation!  Isn't that the way?  Because life doesn't stop while we're away, that's for sure.  We're slowly getting back into the groove and I have bunches of pictures to go through.

For today, here are a few pictures from traveling (minus the scary Nor' Easter we traveled through to get to the airport).  Nothing like experiencing aviation 1st hand.

And to the six, count them, SIX, different people across the various modes of transportation we experienced, who made a point to offer their praises regarding my children's behavior or my commitment to choosing books over media, thank you.  It's not easy traveling with three littles, those words of encouragement meant a lot. I think I'll try to offer a few more words of encouragement to others today. It's a good day to offer love and support. I bet quite a few parents could use a little encouragement after the time change anyway!


An afternoon stitching on my favorite porch. That's what I have in mind to do this Sunday afternoon.

Living History

What an awesome living history event we were fortunate enough to attend! Lots of old time handcrafts! I've never seen folks cook fish on a plank fireside.  (I tasted it, so good!) We spent a lot of time with the shoemaker and I was intrigued with the rolling pin making setting up. Plus they had a military draft. Soldiers signed up or got drafted, then got paid for their duty. Then they marched and learned about serving. After serving, they were able to go to the general store to purchase goods with the money they earned serving their country. Such a neat learning opportunity for me...err...the kids. Plus a photo op for Anna-Kate. I am certain we'll put this event in our schedule next year.


A size 5 Columbia jacket. Reader'sDigest Reference book (these are so good, snag them when you can. I think I have 5), a serger book, two infant outfits and a cast iron spoon. $2.95. I kid you not.

All these books, for $3.00.


For someone who only ever wanted "just one" child, he certainly is enjoying the life with three!
He wouldn't trade her for anything.
Three = fantastic. 
Thankful for my trio.


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