My husband surprised me with this cart he grabbed from the junkyard for $10!  It's much bigger than my other one.  We won't talk about all the plants I 'needed'. 

And below I picked the two plant stands up on the side of the road for free.  Brand new shoes, a pile of books, glass pitcher, a brand new with tag pill organizer, cast iron bee and vintage lace that I've been in search of to finish the kitchen curtains. $7


Defensive Driving

 The weekend was a near hit, but it wasn't.  We are okay.  Because of my husband's defensive driving skills, he could see we were going to get rear ended as we were stopped to take a left and floored the gas. This quick thinking gave a fraction of a second for the distracted teen driver to only side swipe and smash the side mirror instead of a full impact 50mph vehicle slamming into a stopped one.  We then had a weekend of making all his favorite things to celebrate his quick thinking saving us from an unimaginable what could have been.  Thankful for you, Justin! 

Wander and Wonder Fall 2023

Wander and Wonder Beach, Fall 2023.  What a joy it was to lead this crew for a 4 part series, doing science and art at the ocean. We went to the shellfish lab, crabbing, watched a tuna pulled in and had a hermit crab race.  Good times and a great classroom! 

Sweet and Salty Times

 Someday I will say, "Remember when we went to the beach at bedtime? Remember how it was low tide, how we saw 5 great blue herons together and you swam like it was the middle of the summer even though it was definitely not?"  

And I hope they will say, "That was a special time."  I will smile and concur, "It definitely was." 



Books, shower curtain, socks, an inkwell, a metal scoop and a cast iron plant hook.  $6

And random thrift stores and library book store purchases from our summer away. 

2023 Fair Fun

 Random fair fun, and I'm realizing that most of our fair fun pics are of the girls. Adrian is getting some more freedom to wander and I missed his good times. A friend did send me the pic below of him enjoying the truck pulls (thank you!).  There's nothing like the ol' County Fair! 

Fair 2023

 What a fair it was! Kids were so busy with their entries, working in the food booth, working in the exhibit hall and the parade.  This post is a few shots of them working. Tomorrow's post will be the fun in between the responsibilities. 

My reader

This one will just plop down wherever she is and read, which is basically my fave thing ever. 
She loves to read to me, which is also my fave thing.  


His 13th Recap


Subs, chips and dip, pickles, lemonade, lemoncake and berries.  13th birthday done per request.  He's a good kid, we'll keep him.


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