Lake Champlain

Our favorite "rest" stop, Lake Champlain.  Kids and dog get their energy out. We picnic. We introduced the spot to my dad for the first time. I'm thinking he'll be back! 

Ferry there and back...

Well, it's been exactly three weeks from taking the ferry to and from. I took the month of August off of work and spent it thus far on the St. Lawrence River with family, most just the kids and me, sans husband.  We are now back, all together.  We have sleeping children, an exhausted dog, happy (and talkative) husband, purring cats, EGGS, a VERY overgrown garden and a farmhouse that clearly cannot talk, but I'm pretty sure it's saying "I'm glad you are all back in Maine, this house and property are much happier filled with children."  This month has given me a full camera card and a full heart. Thanks to my husband for working hard so we could vacation, for my dad for bringing us back and all my family who made the between days wonderful. We love Northern NY, but are happy to be back in Maine. Fair warning...days ahead I have pictures to come!

Mama made: Birthday dress round up

I made four dresses for Audra for her birthday this year, here are all of them in one post.

Eco Friendly Wipes

It's been 8 1/2 years since I've regularly bought paper towels, napkins, baby wipes or tissues. I just wash them on hot with the diapers and they come clean. We use these flannel squares all the time. So many have worn out, my two big kids thought we should make more. They helped make these. Love a project they can do!

Horse camp

This one had a blast at horse camp, but only let me take this photo. She loves her animals!

Mama made: Car Bags

Adjustable bags for the cars, to go over the seats, one for each kid.  Filling with things they can do in the car.


This little one (in her mama made dress) thinks I got a lot of necklaces for her.  Hoops. Colombia Raincoat. Wool socks and monster socks, LL Bean Kleen Kanteen, doesn't even look like it's been used. $5.

Mama Made: Birthday Dress #4

 Birthday dress #4, and I must say I love this one. It brings out her baby blue eyes. She loves it too.


Audra and I felted homemade soap.  Easy and fun project for a 6 year old.


 Brand new casserole dish with carrier, vintage paper dolls, some sort of connecting game, stackable cups and a book. $10.00

Below: Books. Vintage transferware, bag that is supposed to fit some sort of electronics, but holds a book perfectly. $6.00

Appliqued Shirts

I've made coordinating dresses for my girls, but haven't yet made anything coordinating for boys.  I made these fish shirts for Adrian and my nephew.  I can't wait for them to be twinsies!

Garden update #4

Update 2
Update 1
Update 3

It's a jungle out there.  And I grew that jungle. Sure there are weeds, but there are also flowers, herbs, greens, zucchini, cucumbers, peas, green beans, potatoes and so on and so forth.  My only regret is I planted those tall sunflowers in front of our zinnias.  I thought I was reducing the size of the garden, but then changed my mind. Oh well.

We are definitely eating from the garden three meals a day.  Oh, and the peach tree.  Look at this beautiful peach tree...  This orchard has been a labor of love, but looks like it is starting to be worth it!

Thankful to be able to feed my kids organically homegrowns. 


Books. Brand new classical music boxed CD set. Vintage books and ALL THOSE painting canvases.  $10.
A whole bunch of books, next size up shoes, and a miniature picnic basket. $2.50

Mama Made: Lunch Bag

 The little lunch bag I made and my little model holding it (wearing a dress I made for Audra, it's so worn and faded now, still a fave!).  I got confused on dates and TOMORROW is the day the cast comes off!  Her plans are "throw it in trash, take a tubby, go to beach".  Game on!

Nature Study

Nature Study at it's finest.  How lucky are we that we get to monitor beaver activity?  And do our nature journaling in the woods?  Our fresh air kiddo said he hated science. At the end of the week, he said he likes the way we do science.  We do too. <3


Fresh Air 2019

In the midst of a very exhausting and challenging week of loss and injuries, we picked up our breath of Fresh Air from a coach bus.  This little 7 year old boy fit into our family perfectly. Such a delightful boy, he comes from such a loving and appreciative family too. Experiencing our life through his eyes was nothing short of magical and helps us remember to count our abundant blessings. I say this everytime we have gotten a Fresh Air kiddo...we allow them to play freely in 'our' fresh air, but the true breath of fresh air is having one more child to love dearly.

 I made sure to make him the same that I make all of our fresh air kids...a little bag with a chicken to remember Maine. He brought gifts for our kids, Anna-Kate loves the dress he gave her. She keeps calling him in the house, wondering where he went.  We all loved having him here.

The joy in having him was enough, but the cherry on top was this letter. Our Fresh Air weeks are definitely highlights of the summer.  (Interested in learning more about becoming a volunteer, do message me!)


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