Today was a good day

Today was a good day.  This isn't me trying to convince myself that it was a good day (which I sometimes do), it just truly was. 

Most folks think homeschoolers spend all their time at home.  We aren't those sorts of homeschoolers. Our life as of late is rushing here/there/everywhere. Usually Wednesdays are a very busy.  Today we had nothing.

Know what we did?

Nothing. And everything. 

Nothing in that we stayed at home and didn't go anywhere.

Everything in that we did everything I wanted to do. And what they wanted to do. And more.

We did our school work and took care of our animals. We read, read and read some more.  We did art. We cooked simple homegrown meals. We stacked wood.  We went for a nature walk (and found a HUGE wasp nest!). We harvested greens and did some gardening. We noticed worms, bugs, spiders, bees, birds and plants. We stayed home.

My children were about 2 inches from me all day long and we enjoyed one another. I (mostly) kept my patience and they (mostly) listened.  We weren't in a hurry.  We weren't rushed.  We just had a perfect day at home sweet home.

Tomorrow and the next and the next and the next we are back to timelines, schedules and places to be.  My kids are already upset that I will be away from them tomorrow.(I've only worked their whole lives and they still aren't used to it!) I don't know when we'll have another day like we had today, but it's okay, because we had today.  Decades from now when they remember their childhood, they will remember days like today. God willing, if I'm living decades from now, when I remember being a mama with littles, I'll remember days like today.  Thankful for a husband who supports me in living the life I dreamed.

Heritage Days 2019

One of our favorite days of the year. Kids love to dress the part.  Anna-Kate's first pony ride. They love the animals and the celebration. My sneaky husband signed me up for the skillet toss (thankfully no pictures of that). It's just such a great family day. I took so few pictures compared to what we did, but I love the ones I took.

This girl...

 This girl never goes anywhere without a 'pitty dwess'. In fact she wears pretty dresses to sleep. In fact, she doesn't even function at home unless she is wearing a pretty dress. I pick my battles, this isn't one I fight.  However, if someone tells her she looks pretty, she says 'I know'. 

I am 0% fancy, she is 100% fancy. How is this possible that she's my daughter?  Oh yeah. She looks just like me when I was a kid. 

Here's my trio, church ready. I love them so.

Helicopter Shirt

This kid has really blown me away with his art work in general.  He is a very talented artist.  I really ought to take more pictures of his drawings. He draws something everyday. New to him is designing shirts.  He drew this and I helped him sew it into a shirt.  Proud of the artist he is!

Chicken lover

It may be fall, but this girl is still barefoot in her dress, hanging with her girlfriends.  Such such a chicken lover!


Rock collection, two reference books, a brand new fly tying kit, 6 vintage nature books, Keenes.  $4.50 (thank you garage sale!).

Below: Two terrarium kits, various books, three audio books, basket making kit. $6.

New shirt

His beloved Grammy, who passed away in July, gave him a T-shirt with a cow and tractor on it. It no longer fit Adrian and he didn't want to pass it down. I helped him cut it out and applique it on a shirt that fits. Now the shirt from Grammy lives on.


We had an amazing day finally wrapping up our nursing home craft giving (thank you to all those who supported us at our Country Kids party!).  It took a while to get the crew their stuff because 1) we were gone all of August,  2) Audra interviewed them as to what they wanted and they generated a list for us, 3) we had to go shopping, and 4) we had to get share day into their calendar (and not mess up Bingo).  They were THRILLED with the presents!  So much so that we are going back today for our new service project.  Day 2 of book club!  I'm reading more Old Squire's stories (from Maine farms) to the residents and my kids and the kids are making artwork to share as I read.  We're in the calendar for every Tuesday until this chapter book is done. 


Sometimes this magical thing happens when the two bigs actually stop bickering, stop bothering one another and remember how much they really do love each other.  I was so lucky to catch this for a forever memory (which is good because who knows when it will happen again?!).


Another frosty morning here in Maine, this one was a pretty hard frost. Kids were thrilled to roll out of bed and go outside with mittens.

 (Adrian was out too, but he went right to the animal chores. He's all business.)

We're over a month without a stove/oven.  It's finally sitting in our kitchen waiting to be hooked up.  No range, no problem.  My beloved wood cookstove fired up beautifully. I'll be cooking on it for the foreseeable future. I just love how all my littles (and our dog) huddle around the woodstove. It's truly the best place in the house!


He just loves his babies. And they love him.

Teacher of Wild Things

 Life as a teacher of these wild things is anything but relaxing as of late. At this point in the year, homeschooling is anything but staying home, so it seems!  We are so involved in so many things (good things!) that it seems like we're going left, right, up, down, back and forth. And we've had extra little wild things as of late (6 wild little humans to school today).  Truth be told, I am finding myself a wee bit frazzled. Okay, a lot a bit frazzled. Although my energy is running low and I'm losing steam earlier in the day than I'd like, I need to not hit the hay before reflecting on our day/week/month/school year.  Thus far, it's been good, good, good.  Don't get me wrong, I'm my worst critic.  I could tell you each day how I fell short, what I want to do better, how I really am not measuring up.  Those thoughts I am pushing aside because all in all, I'm proud of these wild things and the humans they are becoming.  I feel incredibly blessed to teach these wild things.

Eliot Tractor and Engine 2019

Somehow I never posted about Adrian's favorite day of the year.  Think Christmas level excitement. That's how excited he is for this day. In fact, he was just talking about it today. Here was our 2019 HOT visit.

 (Anna-Kate said the barrel tractors were 'too too scary'.  She prefers french fries).


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