Chocolate frosting beaters. Mmm....good.  Chocolate frosting on chocolate zucchini cake. "Nummy", according to Anna-Kate.

Camp Highlights: Sunset

I always say that we live at the very best place for a sunset in Maine and our summer sunsets are at the very best place to watch them in NY.

Camp Highlights: Cookout

One of my most favorite days of the year is the cookout day at camp with my family on my mom's side.  I get to see all my aunts and uncles, many of my cousins and their kids. Good, good people they are. The bummer of living states away is we don't get to do this nearly enough. Having this annual chance to get as many together as possible is a day my kids look forward to...and the fact that my kids also know and love my extended family does my heart good.

Camp Highlights: Swimming

Folks in NY say the St. Lawrence is "Sooo cold." 

My kids were born and are being raised in Maine. They are ocean kiddos.  The St. Lawrence is like bathtub temps to them compared to the ocean.

They can (and did) spend much of their day underwater. 

Here are my fishes:

Camp Highlights: FISHING!

Fishing is definitely a camp highlight. 

 (Well, fishing is a highlight for them, it is. My highlight is some uninterrupted reading. And yes, that's the CHRISTMAS Better Homes and Gardens magazine that I never read...and my kindle with a couple hundred books I'm hoping to read).

 The BIGGEST highlight was her catch, for sure.

 Anna-Kate wanted to tickle it.  But then she chickened out.
 Definitely a photo for keeps.  Thankful we had this time on the St. Lawrence.

Frederic Remington

While on vacation, we read a biography on Frederic Remington and then went to the Remington Art Museum.

 They were trying to look like outlaws.
 And little miss prairie girl with pink sparkly boots and purse. She's also a mother and that's her 'children'.
 I can't even with his chaps.
All in all, we really enjoyed the biography because the setting was in Northern NY, in places we have been.  The book is "Frederic Remington, Young Artist" by Clyde B. Moore. It's perfect for kids (and I enjoyed it too).

Lake Champlain

Our favorite "rest" stop, Lake Champlain.  Kids and dog get their energy out. We picnic. We introduced the spot to my dad for the first time. I'm thinking he'll be back! 


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