Playroom Wall Art

It's been done before.  By me.  Using a book for wall art.  Because, you know, I'm crafty cheap like that.

This is what was in the playroom at the last house. Book pages clothes pinned to a wire. When we moved, I sent them on to two different blog readers.  Starting fresh!  And if you're interested, here's a calendar I framed, using award frames.  Very reasonable.  See the pattern?  Cheap cheap cheap.

So here's this one.  I had this fantastic book with ink drawn farm images from my childhood.  Always loved it.

I cut the pages out and mod podged them onto foam board.

 And then I hung them on the wall with poster putty.  Cost about $15 for all these mounted.
 I love them. It really spiffs up the playroom.

The drawings are so simple, but so perfect for this old farmhouse.

My little blessings approve.  Actually, they likely don't even notice.  But I'll pretend they love it nevertheless.

Coastal Evenings

One of the biggest treats of coastal living is living the coastal life without a plethora of company.  There's no doubt that during the day, the beaches get packed, traffic can be bumper to bumper and restaurant lines are longer than checkout lines at grocery stores the day before Thanksgiving. 

During the day, we usually stay away.  The pace of our homestead is where we want to be during those busy tourist times.

But at night.  That's different.

 You see, everyone leaves. 

And finding the perfect picnic spot is easy.

And it can be just us.

 Sweet girl.

Handsome boy.

And a picnic for us.  (With home grown and homemade favorites, for sure).
 It's a sweet time, I tell you.
Because when we're done eating, there's much to explore.

 I single parent most nights a week due to my husband's work schedule.  It would be a lot less work to stay home for dinner.  But, beach nights are magical.

The best time to go to the beach?   7:07 pm.
Thankful to live here.  Thankful, indeed.


 A loaf pan, replacing one that I broke (oops).
An oil lantern (is that what's called?)
Two (more!) camping cups.
A kitchen gadget that will undoubtedly make fantastic snowballs come winter.
An IZOD shirt for my husband.
And boots. 
 Grand total: $5.00

Those boots are not just any boots, but work boots.  Timberland work boots.  Like new work boots. Ones like so many male figures in his life have. Need I say more?
 Oh, he certainly gave them a try.
 This stuff is serious business for hard workers.
 But a little dance party to commence the event won't hurt.
 Oh my, he was excited.
 So excited he needed to use them immediately.
 Well, they were 'like new'.  Oh well.  Memories are more important than new boots.

Follow up

This is a follow up, in reference to this story:

Adrian was driving his radio flyer fire truck.

Justin makes a siren noise and pulls him over. "Sir, you've been speeding. Do you have a license.?

Adrian: "Well, I have a library card".

And then a bit later, I hear: 

Justin says "Make sure you don't drink and drive."

Adrian: "Nope, I don't do that."

Justin: "You know why you don't drink and drive."

Adrian: "Because I might spill it."

From that day forward...he doesn't drive that firetruck without his license.  And you won't find his straw cup on the steering wheel any longer either. 
He's a law abiding citizen. 

Good thing.  He has a family...err support.

Sometimes... (And Summer Fried Rice)

Sometimes we're just so dirty that we end up eating outside just to delay the dirt from entering our house.   Dirty kid=happy kid in my book.  Perhaps you agree?

Most meals this time of year are centered around the garden harvest.  There's much contentment and a bit of amazement eating that which we've grown. When I make brown rice, I make a gigantic batch.  I freeze them in 2 cup portions.  I take them out of the freezer for those days that we've played so hard that we just about forgot dinner.  Unthaw the rice.  Sautee in oil whatever fresh veggies and herbs are abundant, crack and scramble an egg (from the coop if you have one), add the rice, cook until warm.  Fried rice never tasted fresher.  And you know, my kids eat it.  For that I'm thankful.

Tiny Great Things in Maine

One of the fab parts of living in Maine are the Wild Maine Blueberries running rampant.

Happy is the day when I get my kids bathed and in their jammies early so we can take a walk to eat to our heart's content.

Little people, little hands, little berries, a little snack, big memories.  Feeling thankful today.



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