Halloween 2018

Happy Halloween 2018!  I introduce to you the cast of Charlotte's Web!  We have Zuckerman, Wilbur, Fern and the stuffed Charlotte.  All mama made. <3
 The ever serious farmer: Zuckerman.

 The free spirited and animal lover farm girl, Fern.

 TERRIFIC. SOME PIG. The wonder: Wilbur!

 And Charlotte, mama made.

And I got cooperation for sibling photos! 

 There are many great castings for Charlotte's Web, but this one is my fave.  Happy Halloween!

In progress: Broom making

This year we grew a good amount of broom corn. For what purpose?  To make a broom!  Audra in particular has been enjoying picking the seeds off to leave the empty portion for the broom bottom.  Adrian enjoys using the seeds for a sensory bin. The chickens eat them as treats. Anna-Kate too (sigh).  A friend told me I should make some corn bags with them ( you know the ones you heat and bring to bed with you) or we need some bags for a cornhole game the kids have been making. We'll save some to plant next year if we so decide. So many uses!  This process has occupied a good amount of their time thus far.  Hopefully we'll have a successful finished broom at some point.

This is where I become inspired originally to make brooms-our 2016 visit to Upper Canada Village. Link here.http://www.bornimaginative.com/2016/09/upper-canada-village.html

We were further inspired this year at the Shaker Village.

Frosty mornings

We are, and always have been, a "roll out of bed-go outside" type of family.  Given we have animals, we're out regardless of weather.  We've had frosty mornings, and it's been mighty frigid out there. Bundle up kids!

Estate Sale

My mom's good friend sent the kids a surprise $5.00.  I brought them to an estate sale. Want to see what they got? I tell you, these kids aren't shy about asking for a bargain!  And folks give them deals to boot!

 She got a fan, a hat, a box of vintage silverware and a shall for $5!
 He got this vintage lamp for his puzzles, a camouflage belt loop and a miniature raccoon for $5! 
 I got these linens, two packs of clothes pins and a vintage ruler for $13. I didn't do as well as them, but not half bad!

Mama Made Dress

Audra decided that the dress I started would be a perfect dress for Fern for her Halloween costume.  It was time intensive, but we all love it!

Mama Made Piggy Dress

 2 out of 3 Halloween costumes done. I think Anna-Kate will be a pretty cute Wilbur.


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