Quilt 32

Quilt 32, Twin Size, 2000
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Lays...because you can't just have one.

Yup, it's true.  And not to disappoint, we again have an original announcement. (Missed the 2010 announcement? Click here).  The due date has been inconclusive.  We've heard  June 14th and June 27th.  We're going with the latter, hoping the later date will give us more patience if he/she decides to come late. (Although if you look at me popping out already, the first date may be true!).  Everything looked great at our first u/s.  We're over the moon excited (and just a wee big surprised).  Two under two, here we come! 

Five Bucks and a Thrift Shop

A fun yard of fabric
A wooden rattle toy (made in USA...bonus!)
Pat the Bunny Book (which has been read approx. 28 times a day in the last week)
The Napping House Book (which mama loves and wants to read, but it gets thrown whenever tried)
7 fun finger puppets

Exactly $5.00

just playing...

I admit, I may have been a *bit* frustrated that my little guy wouldn't even look at the paparazzi...err...his mama. The lighting was good, the setting was great, the kiddo looked cute.  But he had other plans, which did not include a photo shoot.  However, when I looked at these pictures, they reveal the rhythm of our life.  Chattering, exploring, running, playing, learning.  Appreciating nature. Enjoying being together.  Now, how could I ruin moments like these by insisting on a smile?  I don't blame him one bit...and in fact, I enjoy these pictures more than one with a big old grin, as these pictures capture the blissful moments of just being a mama to a wonderful little boy.  There's really nothing better.

No Bake Cookies and Spoon Licking. Mmm.

It dawned on me that my little one has never licked batter off of a spoon before.  What kind of mama am I to deprive my son of one of the greatest joys in life?  Okay, maybe it's a slight exaggeration that it's a greatest joy in life, but it's certainly up there, isn't it?  It's tricky to find something lick-able without eggs. So, no bakes were right up our alley.  

No Bake Cookies

1 3/4 cup sugar
1/2 cup milk
1/2 cup butter
1/4 cup cocoa powder
3 cups oats
1tsp vanilla
1/2 peanut butter

Bring sugar, milk, butter and cocoa powder to a boil on stovetop.  Add oats, vanilla and pb until just combined.  Take off heat.  Drop by rounded spoonfuls onto wax paper. 

Once hardenend, you can transfer them to more suitable storage.  Which in our house, is in our bellies.

Licking the spoon was a hit!

Our Thanksgiving 'Workout'

In typical my family fashion, ever holiday begins with exercise.  I remember as a child, we'd go help my dad with the barn chores.  In my teen years, it would be a few mile run or a hike.  Mt. Agamenticus is close to home, a quick little 'hike' and you see the ocean at the top.  A great family day.  A Thanksgiving meal earned.


Happy Thanksgiving!

Hope your Thanksgiving is full of your favorites,
Hope you get to spend time with loved ones,
Hope your tummy gets full,
Hope you have 2nds on dessert!

Happy Thanksgiving! 

Turkey Hat from 2010

A little trip down memory lane...

My little turkey hat was made from the bottom of a 0-3 month shirt that he outgrew.  I just cut the shape of a hat, sewed it up and then hot glued the eyes, nose and mouth.  Super quick, and the best part is no need to hem the hat, as the bottom of hat is the hem from the bottom of the shirt.

My Thrifted DINOSAURS!

Okay, so $19.99 is slightly more than my regular thrift store purchase limit, but I couldn't refuse this wooden dinosaur set!  It's solid, large (I put a pair of Adrian's shoes for comparison in the bottom picture) and looks like it never was played with.  The dinosaurs fold up nicely into the cage on the side.  The two ladders are movable.  I can see my little one sitting in the middle of the gigantic castle and playing away.  Merry Christmas to  me  Adrian!

Pecan Sticky Buns

You know these are good when you only get 1 1/2 out of the whole batch.  Husband and the baby were a bit in love with these...which you can see the pictures at the bottom for proof.  When they were gone, Justin said to me "We're going to keep that recipe so we can make them again, right".  I don't know where the "we" came into play with this, as his only participation was eating them....but regardless, I shall keep the recipe.

This recipe is adapted from a page I ripped out from the Better Homes and Gardens magazine.  I tried to condense their wordy directions.

Pecan Sticky Buns

1/4 warm water
1 pkg yeast
3/4 c. milk, warmed
6 T butter, softened
1/4 cup sour cream or yogurt
2 eggs 
1/4 cup sugar
1 T salt
5 1/2 ish cups flour

Combine water and yeast with a pinch of sugar until activated.  Add milk, butter and sour cream.  Add eggs, sugar and salt.  Knead in flour, one cup at a time until soft dough forms. Transfer to greased bowl, cover.  Let rise in warm place for 90 minutes.

1/2 cup butter, softened
1 cup brown sugar
1/4 cup honey
3 T water
3/4 cup chopped pecans

Combine butter, brown sugar, honey and water.  Spread on the bottom of a 9x13 pan.  Sprinkle nuts on top.

1/4 cup butter, melted
1/2 cup brown sugar
1 tsp cinnamon
1/2 cup raisins

When dough has finished rising, punch down, roll into a 18x15 inch rectangle.  Spread with butter.  Mix brown sugar and cinnamon and sprinkle on top of the butter.  Sprinkle raisins.  Roll the long way.  Cut into 12 slices and place in prepared 13x9 pan.  Press down gently.  Let rise for an hour.  Bake 350 for 40 minutes.

What are you doing mama?

I see what it is!  I love sticky buns!

I want this one to be mine.  All mine.
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Giggles.  They make my day.  Whether you hear them or see them, they're contagious in a splendid sort of way.  Especially those giggles that include a squeal.  Go ahead, get your giggle on, it's good for the soul.

Humpty Dumpty

Remember that Naptime Bag project I was working on?  Well, here's the latest softie.
It joins:
The Puppy Crinkle Toy for "How Much Is that Doggie in the Window"
Meet Humpty Dumpty.  Made and designed by me.
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Remembering November 2010

We were in a rhythm at this time last year: waking, playing, nursing, snuggling, loving.   I loved keeping him with me at all times. I was head over heels in love. I know some would say I spoiled him.  Instead of worrying about what others thought, I wore him as frequently as possible. I neglected bulky contraptions made for babies in favor of feeling the warm baby on my chest and smelling that baby smell as I went about my daily chores. I kissed that baby every chance I got.  I admired his fingers and toes.  I gazed into his eyes.  I enjoyed him and didn't worry about the 'bad habits' I might be creating.  We connected.  We loved.  We cherished.  Fast forward to today, he's not spoiled.  He's happy, independent, social and loving.  Although he hurriedly goes about his business of ring stacking, ball throwing, filling and dumping, cart pushing, cabinet inspecting and pet hugging, he's never more than a few feet away from me. He doesn't need me to entertain him, he just likes to know I'm there. We have no gates, he knows what's off limits and stays away from the stairs. He listens quite well.  He plays independently, but close enough in proximity to occasionally stop his business, to come to give his mama a hug, just because.  I can't imagine anything that has ever made me more happy than being his mama.

Italian Wedding Soup

Our version of fast food is different from most.  Here's one of our quickie meals.  A couple packages of frozen veggies, noodles that were frozen (I tend to cook double what I need at other times and freeze the remains), some broth (that I also pre-make and freeze) and my pre-made Italian salad dressing mix (it's a homemade dry mix that can be used to whip up some salad dressing or used to flavor soup like this).  All that's needed to do is thaw, heat up and combine. I must say it's yummy!   If there's time, you can always sautee some onions to add.  Or some veggie or chicken sausage to make the carnivore husband happy.  The little one eats it up as quick as quick can be!

Jackie's Quick Italian Wedding Soup

1 onion, chopped
1 package of veg or chicken sausage sliced
3 cloves garlic, minced.
8 cups or so of broth
1 frozen package mixed veggies
1 frozen box spinach
1/2 box elbow noodles, cooked
2-3 T of Italian Seasoning Mix (Recipe Below)
Salt/Pepper to taste

Thaw frozen veggies.  Sautee onion,sausage and garlic.  Add broth, veggies and spinach.  Heat until warm.  Add noodles.  Season.  Done.

Italian Seasoning Mix 
 (I got this recipe somewhere...but I don't remember where. It uses all dried ingredients.)

1 T garlic salt
1 T onion powder
1 T sugar
2 T oregano
1 tsp pepper
1/2 tsp thyme
1 T basil
1 T parsley
2 T salt

Mix all ingredients and store in a handy place. 

For this soup recipe, use as is, 2-3 T. 

If you want to make salad dressing, combine and shake the following ingredients:
1/4 cup vinegar
2/3 cup canola oil
2 T water
2 T of the Italian Seasoning Mix

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