Funnel, another stainless steel mug straw cup that doesn't look used. A measuring cup w/ lid that I opened. Books. Mug with top. And more books. $5.  And below was a different thrift shop.

Shovel. Shirt for me. Lands End bathing suit that looked new. Chain. Church mouse and Sherlock HOlmes.  Three pairs of wool/smartwool. $7.25

Photo Sessions: FREE!

FREE/Pay it forward
Our Backyard in Wells, Maine

Sessions by 15 minute appointment 
Sundays before sunset 10/6, 10/13, 10/20

I see you out there, working so very hard doing all that you need to do for your family. When was the last time you had a family picture that was good enough to frame? I’m trying to fix that.  After a couple of year hiatus, I’m back to offering family photos (the whole crew or just kids, note I am very experienced with kids of all abilities). I’m not a professional, but am quite experienced taking photos of my own children as well as many other families (send me a message if you want some examples or check out pics I took of my kids on  Location is my backyard by appointment. I’ll take as many pics as I can in a 15 minute window and you’ll get a few of the best ones via Email. No charge. Always free. Pay it forward if you like, but I expect nothing in return. Let’s make sure we capture these moments in time so we remember them always. ~Jackie Lipsky

Ocean Walk

I told the kids we were going for a nice long walk along a beach, but a beach that's different from one we typically walk along.

Adrian brought his compass in case we got lost. 

I suppose you can never be too careful...even if our walk was along the Atlantic ocean. 

*Spoiler, we didn't get lost.  Wasn't too hard to figure out East at any point during our stroll.

 And then the playground afterwards.  He 'tada' trick is a good one!
Thankful we live here.  This is the best time of year to enjoy the coast.


 Color book. Learn to play guitar w/ CD. Two pairs of shoes. Two McCloskey books, brand new twistables, A whole role of poster board and three biographies.  $5.00

And from a different thrift store below:
5 blank journals, a file folder, artbook, brand new spools of thread and a cast iron pan.  $6.00

Canoe Time

A little homeschool physical education and family time rolled into one. 
 Thankful for days like this.

Adrian's 9th Birthday Recap

Fish. Chips n Salsa. Fruit salad. Corn. Apple Crisp. Tape. Camouflage. Tractors. 
Turning 9 was pretty grand. 

2019 Garden Update 5

 We've had a frost so our growing season is about done here in Southern Maine.  We pulled in a ton of flowers, tomatoes and peppers before the frost. Love having flowers in every nook.  Now we are pulling carrots (all of which Adrian grew), parsnips and potatoes regularly. Plus my trio of collards, kale and chard are still coming in, as well as green onions and parsley. I haven't even dug this year's garlic yet (oops) and it's time to plant next year's!  Even though we were gone the month of August, we certainly received much bounty from this garden plot!


Fifty pounds of apples.  Still without a stove/oven (and have been since Labor Day).  It was supposed to be delivered today.  They don't know when it will be here.  I do hope they move it along, for I have apples waiting!

Pioneer days...

Pioneer days at our house have a wee bit more pomp and circumstance type quality than most, I'd imagine. 

 May their dress up days continue...I love them in costume so.


"Let the lessons be of the right sort and children will learn them with delight"-Charlotte Mason, A Philosophy of Education.  Sebago Lake, Maine.


 BIG basket for blocks, smaller basket for nature finds, metal shelving and those spiky things you put over boots so you don't wipe out in winter in kid's size.  $4.00
And below, I started Christmas shopping.  Brand new paints for Anna-Kate, a Paul Galdone book and a Claire Beaton book (two of our favorites), plus the train set (the peg people go in and out).  For Audra a cat journal and the Caroline American Girl series (her grammy got her Caroline on her 1st Christmas).  For Adrian street signs and a wall hanging barn that I am sure he'll fill with tractors.  $15.


It's been mass production.  We all have one.  She's thinking of starting a store to sell to the neighbors.  Oh boy...this brings me right back to my childhood. I'm pretty sure my aunts, uncles and grandparents purchases more handmade potholders than they really 'needed'. Keep going little girl.


Today on September 11th, memories rush back. Walking to my first of the day college class, going by the TV in the MUB noticed folks glued to the screen.  Was in a hurry to be on time. I did notice there were planes on the TV and heard something about crashing, but didn't fully comprehend what had happened.  Walked into my 1st class and the very strict no nonsense nun who was teaching had tears in her eyes as she told us what she knew. Then we had another professor pop their head in the classroom. "There's been another hit."  The whole department piled into a center classroom where the TV on a moving cart was located and we stared in horror.  Classes were cancelled for the day.  I walked back to my dorm shaking. I changed out of my green 3/4 length sweater, tan pants, tan doc martin sandals into comfy clothes.  We turned on the tiny little TV and were paralyzed watching.  Know where my husband was? (I didn't know him at the time.)   He was ON a plane in BOSTON waiting to take off to visit his Aunt in Tampa, FL. He was wondering what was taking so darn long. They eventually deboarded and he was a lucky one. He got to go home.

It's 2019 and I certainly haven't forgotten the horrific feeling of that day. As I stood here on the beach in Ogunquit with just my 2 year old (big kids at their drama club), an impromptu dip, watching her do her favorite thing on the beach (collect seaweed...eww), I became incredibly thankful that day to day I don't feel petrified to go anywhere, as I did after that horrific day.  I'm thankful for the freedom I have because others have sacrificed everything.  Thankful to live in the land of the free and the home of the brave.  Thankful to be an American.



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