So thankful for rain play and indoor dates. The downpour is most welcome.  The garden will be happy.


As fast as I put things out lately, they're going. Sold out in 20 minutes yesterday. That was a record. Thankful for the way this community supports local.


I absolutely live in my dream house and never want to live anywhere but here. However, I've been long frustrated with the kitchen.  It and the bathroom were the only rooms 'updated' and the updated isn't the old kitchen style I longed for. Lots of yellow, yellow, yellow.  Tight quarters compared to the spacious rest of the house. Washer and Dryer in the kitchen. Everything gets dumped in this room (boots, shoes, coats). We end up homeschooling here mostly, so this is where all our homeschool piles end up.  I cannot even tell you how many times I've talked about creating my dream kitchen and how many times I've grumbled about this space.. 
(See what it was like when we moved in).
 Over the years we've dabbled with some paint, rustoleum and tiny upgrades. My favorite of which being my wood cookstove addition.

Of course each appliance has broke in succession.  I got the range of my dreams. I love this work horse.

We've been here nearly 8 years and my husband and I were enthusiastically talking about my long list of upgrades that I've dreamed about over the years and all those pinterest ideas.  But then I think about all the things we could do and was thinking that I don't really want to do all I thought I wanted to do in this space. Is it a show kitchen? No.  It's not perfect, it's not magazine worthy, but it's functional for us. After 8 years of thinking, I think all I want to do now is install my vintage cast iron sink. get some new countertops and some new flooring.  Maybe someday we'll do all my other ideas, but for now, I've grown more content with the way things are. I'm even used to the washer and dryer being there, after complaining about it for many years. I need to find my way to contentedness more often. It's a good place to be.


 It's down to next to nothing now.  But our woodchip guy is coming baaaaack! And I cannot wait! Not only is it the perfect mulch, fertilizer and weed combatant, but it also keeps them entertained for hours. Bonus.  I noticed I made Audra's dress, Anna-Kate's dress and Adrian's shorts.  Three kids, three mama mades and woodchips for this farm forever and evermore.

Garden 2020: Update 3

Update 1
Update 2

This is apparently the year of no rain, thankful it was the year of mulch for me.  Things are growing!

 I think I always, always, always want a woodchip garden. I absolutely love it. I can pull back the wood chips in the heat of the day and there is moisture in the soil.  Plus the woodchips are decomposing and adding extra love into the soil.
 My first handful of cherries.
 Experimenting with dehydrator a friend gave me.  Oregano.
 And chopped garlic scapes, hopefully to make into garlic powder.
 Been getting a tomato a day from the one tomato plant I bought that was large. Of course cilantro is in there too.
 I'm never in pictures, figured I'd do a little selfie so you can see me dirty, sweaty and happy.

Game Warden

This was a big big day.  No tractor play.  No farming play. He was playing 'Game Warden." 

 He's even fixing up his pickups to be appropriate for the jobs.  Never is he ever bored!

Mama Made: Nightgown

This fabric is so light and airy.  I made an 'old fashioned' nightgown for Audra. 
 A bit big but she loves stuff like this.
 Don't be fooled. She could be dressed like a granny, but is still Audra.

Father's day 2020, take 2.

Father's day...fun presents, lots of good food, church online all together, snorkeling for crabs in the ocean, time in the garden, the five of us together all day...

It was one of those days we'll remember long from now...

Happy Father's Day 2020

Happy Father's day to such a great, hands on dad!

We started the gift giving with an early gift. We hyped this one up. Big box, everyone watching. His reaction wasn't as enthusiastic as ours when he opened his early gift. I thought he'd be thrilled that I scored this, given last time I bought TP all they had left was the most gigantic package of Scott TP. An upgrade! Kids and I had a good laugh.
 We made up for it by baking in the heat for him. I didn't have all the right ingredients, but it came out good enough.
 He didn't wait for Father's day, clearly.  Tomorrow we have another epic gift for him and I hope to get pics of him with all the kids.  Happy Father's day to the goofiest, craziest, most full of fun dad ever.

Garden 2020 Update #2

Update #1 link here, what a change from last month!
I've worked so hard out here. SO, SO blessed this is my backyard, stocked with so much to feed us. Hard to believe this was field when we first moved in other than one patch of rhubarb. Now there's an orchard, a blueberry patch, raspberry hedge, strawberry patch, asparagus patch, lots of rhubarb, a 40x40 garden (majority of it grown from seeds I've saved over the years) and some raised beds. I've got stains, scrapes, tan lines, dirt under my fingernails, barn boots, a messy bun and 3 kids following me around who can identify weeds, grow their own food, forage for wild edibles and not just survive, but thrive during a pandemic and beyond. I've never been and never will be a fancy girl, rugged is and always will be my style. Perhaps rugged can be the 'in style' during a pandemic? 

 Hard to believe most of this I started from seed, most of the seeds I have saved over the year.  This garden cost next to nothing!
 Working towards a Back to Eden garden

 But also doing some Ruth Stout method.
 Thankful for volunteers in the compost.
 Thinking I need another patch.
 Best I ever took care of my blueberries.
 7 years ago, this was field.

 I even started to weed my raspberries this year.
 I grew most of this.
 I grew all of this.
 Homemade buns, homemade veggies burgers, some homegrown lettuce too.
So thankful for the bounty from my backyard.


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