XC Ski

There have been many layers of stressors as of late and I'm so thankful the conditions are ideal for cross country skiing. A great way for me to have a mental break. I really enjoy winter, especially when we have a good blanket of snow. Both dogs go with me, but Holly is the one who sticks with me. Every chance I can get out here alone, I go.  

A bonus when I catch the train (can you see it below).


 Just a few shots of how we love Zippy so. The stray that showed up and decided to stay. He's not the most photogenic cat, but his personality is the sweetest.  


Although the plan of the day was not sewing, we did indeed sew.  Audra made 3 reversible bags.

Then she started draw stringed bags, which I finished. 

January Self Care

 January self care...

 Cozy up the home. 

Make a lot of good food.

Get outside. I just love long walks.

Make time for books and handwork.  

I'm thankful to reminded by a sweet gesture from our church that I'm not alone.

Happy Birthday

 Happy 44th to my Hunk of Burning Who.  Whoopie pie cake, wings, garlic knots, rice a roni (he loves?!), cinnamon rolls, chocolates...all ingredients for the sort of birthday that makes him smile. 

Thankful to have him home for his birthday, although not for the reason he wanted.  Another brain injury, another round of symptoms, more appointments. He's had so many during his life, but he keeps on keeping on, hard as it is some days. Think of him as he tries to return to a part day of work tomorrow.  You bet your bottom dollar that I'll extend the birthday fun for more good food tomorrow. 100% the way to get him to smile is food.  Happy Birthday Justin! 

Moms Day Out

 I'm so blessed to have been able to do a Mom's Day out with friends. Truly, it was a perfect day. While I wasn't able to attend all the events of the day, I think I got the best of the best. I waited at the Library Book sale to hop on the train. We went thrifting and to Starbucks.  They went along with my (crazy) idea to bring them lunch at the Nubble (in 20 degree weather, nonetheless).  And before I returned home for our evening routine, I snuck a quick walk in Ogunquit (and only crossed one other person on my walk). Thank you, friends, for lifting my spirits.  



I thank my dear readers for coming into this space and celebrating the joys I work to find in my day. 

Truth of the matter, there are a great many things in my life that aren't peachy and somedays I have to work really, really hard to look for the joy. 

On a day when nothing went as planned, I found great solace in my very own backyard under the moon. 

What a gift it was that the train just happened to go by.  

Tomorrow is a new day and I already decided it's going to be a great one.   


 Audra had another round of reenactment.  She's getting more responsibility. She was responsible for the potato balls and the bread pudding on her own. I love watching her shine.


Another year around the sun

 Another year around the sun for me.  43, and I can't help but to think/grieve what my mom's life was like at the same age I was.  Her days were numbered and she was fully confined to a wheelchair at age 43. Sometimes I get really sad when my age parallels those memories and other times I feel really thankful that I have had so many more healthy days with my children than my mom ever had.  So what sorts of things were in these days around my birthday? 

I ditched my evening chores and painted something miniature instead.

The ocean.

We finished this book, which I love, love, love.

We thrifted.  My haul for $6 :Books, Spanish CDs and scrabble quick challenge.

I got myself flowers, the cake my grandmother always served, my family got me some chocolates, I opened some sweet birthday mail (Thank you!), enjoyed a surprise celebration with homeschool friends (Thank you!) and got a laugh out of the card from my dad...which he is still sending me my mom's cards (she died 27 years ago!).
I'm not sure what I expected my life to look like at 43, but I'd say there are plants everywhere and definitely more roses than thorns. 

Cross Country Skiing

 Cross country skiing is probably one of my most favorite sports and today's conditions were perfect. WHY DOES IT HAVE TO RAIN?  Rain is the forecast, for my birthday none the less, I wish we could just have more snow!  

Regardless, we had an amazing day today. Anna-Kate did the most she ever did, made it around the whole loop. So proud of her!  Adrian chose snow shoes, the rest of us were on skis.  MORE of this, please! Somehow they let me take all the pictures today, so I did.  

Audra is 11 and a HALF

Audra is 11 and a HALF

1110 and a HALFTENNine and a HALF, NineEight and a HALF,   Eight,Seven and a HALFSeven ,Six and a halfSix ,Five, 4 1/2,  Here's 4 , 3 1/23 years, 2 1/2 years2 years 18 months,  12 months,  9 months?  6 months?  3 months?  Just being born

Happy 11 and a HALF, Audra Grace!

There is no animal whisperer like you, Audra!  You can sooth, excite and pal around with any and all animals.  As of late, you've been doing your best to do your animal chores, which I know they appreciate.  When you have money, you buy treats for your animals.  However many animals we have is absolutely not enough in your mind. Not even close.  When you're a grown up, you'll absolutely have more. 

You thrive on routine but crave new things. A sticky place to be at times, but audiobooks help you out of these valleys along with your fave sports (swimming and ice skating lately).  You're also excited about the book series you're working through: Swallows and Amazons.  

Crafting has always been your passion and you always have new things you're enjoying.  Lately it's the intricate color books, weaving, making gnomes and pompoms, diamond art and jewelry. 

You care deeply about your friends and people in general. You care what they think of you and work your hardest to be at your best when you're with them. You were elected president of our 4-H club by your peers, what an honor! 

Day to day life is hard, hard, hard for you, but you keep keeping on. Someday I hope you can look back and say 'I persevered and it is worth it!'.  I'm front and center for all accomplishments and will always be your biggest cheerleader.  Happy 11.5 Audra! Love, Mama


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