Happy Halloween 2020!

 I present to you: Not the pirates that we had planned and laid out costumes for.  Instead meet Cinderella, Mrs. Claus and a Hunter.  Happy Halloween 2020.

Ironing and sewing

I got a head start on the kids' Christmas pajamas.  Someone has taken notice and is working on her own sewing and ironing projects.  Bonus, she just so happens to be wearing a dress I made her. 

Season change


Summer sheets washed and put away, flannel sheets and PJs out.

Toasty warm fire.
Cozy food.
And trouble.

Times three. 

Somehow after all this frost, the black eyed susans are still blooming. I have a vase full inside, holding onto the last of fall just a wee bit.

1777 house

 We are so thankful to have what felt like a wee bit of normalcy.  We usually attend oodles of living history events over the course of the summer.  Of course, everything has been cancelled.  The 1777 house opened on a much smaller scale than usual, with even more limited times. To be honest, it was a gift for my kids to have all this time interacting with the experts without tons of people, without being rushed.  My kids have a deep appreciation and quite a bit of knowledge of this time period (which isn't from me, the books are their teachers). They could talk on and on.  The gift of time was truly memorable on this gem of a day.  Now Audra has a long list of apparel she wants me to make her.

I just love when big sister helps dress little sister. <3


Three and a HALF Anna-Kate

 Anna-Kate is three and a HALF.

Here she's three

Two and a HALF

Dear Anna-Kate,

Now you are THREE and a HALF. Of course you are big.  You remind us of how big you are.  What a joy you are.  I'm really enjoying your childhood.

You are a talker.  ALL THE TIME you are talking.  You want full attention, have lots to share and will holler above everyone if no one is paying attention to you.  This often makes homeschooling...interesting. 

You have the most imaginative play ever.  Your play includes elaborate costumes, many tiny pieces and sometimes a British accent. Listening to you play sounds like listening to written text, that goes on and on.  You absolutely love books. Classic tales and nursery rhymes are your faves.  On repeat.

You totally take care of yourself.  You tell us. "I take care of myself." Except you never like to go to the bathroom without company. You are a fine eater, still a big fan of anything colorful.  Fruits and veggies you love best. Asparagus, red peppers, green onions, mushrooms are some of your go-to snacks. Your favorite treat would be fruit snacks.  

Outside you are a free ranging kid, almost always without shoes. You love being outside, with the chickens, going for rides in your bike cart, filling your wheelbarrow in the garden and moving rocks. You are not a fan of cleaning up. This is the only time when you call yourself 'too little'-when it's time to clean up. 

You are never dressed without a dress.  Pants aren't your thing. Getting you dressed for a different season can be time intensive. 

You are a social butterfly and will holler a greeting and a conversation starter to whoever you see.  You keep us on our toes, you're into everything.  You express your love and give hugs often. You are sweet and loving.  I begged for you for years, Anna-Kate. I am so thankful I got my 'one more'. I love watching you grow.  

Love, Mama


 I have not been wanting to post this. At all. We are all still regularly grieving.  Zoom was such a great cat.  We miss him ever so much.

October gardening

 I know for some gardeners, October is a slowing down month. Not here!  We have been busy seed saving. I splurged on actual seed envelopes this year, which I'm pleased about. Some seeds we first bought when we moved here 8 years ago! Our entire garden is just about free due to our seed saving success. We just pick, dry and store year after year and they continue to provide for us.  I use my library card catalog for seed saving. It has an abundant supply, and I have more to add.  Plus I have some new things I ordered from Fedco to hopefully try next year.

In addition to seed saving, I just transplanted a row of grapes and planted 100 tulips and daffodils. I made a huge new pumpkin patch and emptied and moved two pallets of compost. I have put half of my perennial gardens to bed, still lots more to go. I have parsnips to plant and garlic to plant.  I also have the rest of the 14 yards of woodchips to spread and a few more things I want to transplant if time allows.  Plus I need to clean out the barn, adding that manure to the compost and trim up some brush that is getting overgrown into my garden area. 

October may be my favorite gardening month.  Reflecting on the year, buttoning things up for a winter rest, planning for next year, in perfect temps. Such a peaceful time to be outside.

Working smarter...

 This just tickled my funny bone.  Here we have the 3 year old pushing the 8 year old. Audra knows how to work smarter, not harder (like her dad, lol). 


Monday means another day of drawing color sheets for them to color while I read. Although we have 100 coloring books, all they want is what mama can whip up in 2 minutes before we dive into homeschooling.  If I was smart, I would draw a bunch and copy them. But alas, I never learn and will be drawing a new pile tomorrow.

A wee bit more organized...

We have this weird 1 ft. overhang on our stove island, that ends up being something kids bonk their heads on as they grow.  We also have the problem of art supplies EVERYWHERE.  I've tried the pantry, an art cart, drawers, a shelf with a curtain on a tension rod, a desk with bins.  I feel like I've tried everything trying to tuck them away. I asked my husband if we could just put a temporary shelf to fit that space to see if it would organize our pencils and such.  He and Adrian whipped this up together quickly and I absolutely love it.  No one is bonking their head now.  Win! Plus having it visible means I can see when it gets sloppy and we fix it before it becomes a disaster. Win! Plus, my son got to help make it, which makes it even more special. It's a win all around. 


Headed west

Bound for the wild west they were. Only they ran out of provisions and came back for dinner.  Once home, they figured they might as well spend the night.  Maybe another day they will head west again. 

Mama Made: Dress

 "Just pick out the fabric today.  Just pick out the pattern today. Just cut it today. Just one seam today."

And that's how I got the momentum going for this little dress for little Miss Anna-Kate. She's never dressed without a dress, so it will likely get plenty of use. 


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