Books -n- Snuggles


We went years with daddy working during bedtime. We've had since last January of daddy here for bedtime.  Now we're back to having daddy working literally for all their awake time as of late, (which is thankfully temporary).  Makes weekends extra special, when we all can be back together. Brief bits of sweetness, but he brings out the craziness in all of them! (I also spy four things stitched by mama in this shot). 

Woven placemats

 Rolling into Monday with homemade woven paper placemats for breakfast, covered with contact paper so they are wipeable. All homemade by Audra. 

She even packed one for Daddy's lunchbox, so he can use his placemat at work. A homemade placemat in one's work lunchbox is a perfect way to start the week! 

Out back


There are ups and downs in life and lately the downs seem to be trying to declare victory.  A wee bit of a solo vacation in the backyard on x country skis to turn the tides this afternoon. The sky colors were so striking, the picture hardly does them justice. So thankful to have such joy in my own backyard. 

Little Drawings

 I just love art work made by little hands.  Adrian always has drawn tractors and trucks. Audra mostly animals.  But Anna-Kate? She mostly draws pictures of herself with me and sometimes other members of our family.  These were from the last couple of days. Everything always has an elaborate story to go along with it.  4.5 is a great age.



Books (including an Audobon guide, hardly see those and Eleanor Estes is a fave!) and a cast iron garlic press. $6.75

And look at my little shopper.

And another round: Keen boots in excellent condition for Adrian!  Bombas socks and other wool socks. Brand new gators. $3.75. 

Spring in February?!

Today was toasty!  Mid 50s in February in Maine?!?! We kept our regular morning homeschool routine, but went out for an early (barefoot) lunch and ended up outside until dark!

These are her binoculars.
They are good for spotting trains.
Kids are starting a logging business.
Hauling logs to the homestead to cut up for firewood.

I'm not sure the chickens really wanted to swing, but all in all, we enjoyed this springlike weather before we hunker down for another snowstorm later in the week. 

Ice fishing

The bigs got to go ice fishing today with their archery club. We are definitely not sick of winter!  


Oh, the delightful days of dress up...   I just love their old fashioned adventures. 

Ups and Downs

 In life, there are ups and downs. Some days feel like they are going well and some days it feels like anything but. The patch right now does not get an A+. In fact, I think the grade is not even passing.  I remember the fear I had when I was little at the hunting camp with my cousins, the fear that the sandy part of the stream would turn into quicksand and suck me in.  I always though the quicksand would be something that could literally happen anytime. It's more the figurative quicksand that has been getting me, like the quicksand of parenting and life. 

The other day I went to buckle Anna-Kate in the car seat and then ran back to lock the house door. As I came to the house, I noticed the doors were WIDE open. Both of the doors swaying in the wind.  Inside relaxing were my two dogs.  They could have easily have had a jolly frolic, a dig in the mud, a roll in some dung, a lively game of 'you can't find me!'.  But, they did not. They just sat there and made good choices. I was so happy, I cried, took their picture and gave them a treat.  

Thankful for those little blessings that pop up when I least expect it.  

May this weekend be the recharge we could all really use.

Winter rhythm

Our family has a tendency to sink into steady and comfortable seasonal outdoor rhythms.  Spring we spend much of our time gardening. Summer we swim most everyday, usually at the ocean. Fall lends way to lots of hikes.  Winter is the wildcard.  Sometimes the weather is just so that we cross country ski, sometimes snowshoeing, sometimes sledding, sometimes hiking and sometimes ice skating. It just depends on what the winter has thrown us.  As of late, ice skating.

While these pictures are from last week, they were the same today and likely will be the same tomorrow. And likely days ahead.  Not necessarily everyday, but regular visits to steady our week. 

Oh, and oceanside readings? We don't wait for a season for that. Almost every week includes seaside readings year round, except when we trade the salty waves for the freshwaters of the St. Lawrence River come summer. 

I spy a handmade coat (Audra) and flannel lined pants (Anna-Kate).

Oh, and also...Anna-Kate finds a way to get a ride. That doesn't seem to change with the seasons either...

My Valentines

 Through all the ups and downs, the chopping, washing, folding, stirring, cleaning, planning, organizing, investing, feeding and so on... it really is a good to pause and remember to say "I love you". 

This year had an extra family special surprise. 
Some deliveries needing to be made. 
And some homemade gifts. 
Valentine's day is over, but nevertheless, perhaps today can be another day that I do not buzz so fast through the hours that I forget to notice the many blessings.



Books. Sloggers for Audra. Bombas socks for Adrian and three shirts that are "Maine" shirts. $5. 

My new favorite puppet book, more Margaret Wise Brown. Half gallon mason jar. A pair of BRAND NEW lace up waterproof Danskos for me (somehow I have worked in healthcare for 15+ years and never had Danskos) and a pair of BRAND NEW New Balance for Adrian. Wool socks for Audra and Anna-Kate loves Eloise Wilkin as an illustrator.  $6.25. 

Our trip to "Alaska"

A little daytrip with fun events. 

Stop 1:  The planes were doing rapid take offs and landings on the ice on Lake Winnipesaukee today. 

2) My "Merry Christmas to Me" 3qt thermos kept homemade soup warm for a winter picnic. 

3) Sled dog races.  Anna-Kate sincerely thought we went to Alaska. She asked 'How long will we be in Alaska for?"  All this time we've been saying we wanted to go to Alaska and come to find out, it's just a bit over an hour away?  We were in New Hampshire, which will from now on be referenced as 'Alaska' in our family.

Anna-Kate waved at the pups.  I think she thought it was a parade. 

A gorgeous winter day with our trio! 


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