Happy Easter! 2013

Happy Easter from us to you!  Family time is grand, planning to savor the day!

Off she goes...

Seriously, the top uttered phrases around this joint include:

"Here she comes!"

"Where's she going?"

"Oh boy, what's she into now?"

That's right.  Our fourth of July firecracker is a hoot.  You never know what she's up to, but rest assured, she's up to something and whatever it is, she's going to do it fast.  I tried to catch her in a picture or two...mixed results.


Easter Basket for her, A shirt he made for her, heatnbond, etc.

Okay, a bit of a panic.  How is Easter THIS weekend?  It's sweet girl's first Easter, which means a basket is needed.  Of course I have to make one for her, since I made one for him.  (Here's his).

For his I spent oodles of time getting everything just so, hand placing, hand sewing.  There's  a time crunch here, I needed jiffy.  Enter Heatnbond.  I've never been much a user since I am a sewer, but I whipped it up, without sewing, in a jiffy.  Phew.  And it was F-R-E-E.  We all know how I love that word.

 The leftover HeatnBond pieces, I just couldn't toss.  I made them into little hearts for my little guy to decorate a shirt for his sister.
  I must say he did a great job, placing them so.
 He was so excited to give it to her.
 This was another shirt with a stain...can't see the stain now.
 She loves the shirt. 
 And he was hollering at her for getting it dirty at dinner.  "AUDRA!  Don't get your new shirt dirty!  I made that for you!
 Anyway, an applique in a jiffy too.  From what i understand, you can just go ahead and wash/dry the shirt with this new sew HeatnBond.  If you're not a sewer, you can try to make one of my applique shirt patterns with HeatnBond.   Need a pattern, look here. Little crafting successes make me smile just as much as bigger projects.  Onto the next now...

Maine Maple Sunday 2013

Maine Maple Sunday-a fab holiday if you ask me. 

 We ate, all of us.

 We took a walk to see how they sugar.

We saw some animals, including some
 Toured the sugar house.
 He had some syrup.
And so did she...her first taste!  (His first taste at the same place a couple years back...find that here).

The comparison:

And had a little fun.

He said on the way home "Mama, I so happy!"  Me too, little guy.

 And of course I'm the type of parent who insists on having extension activities.  So, I made this "game".  I cut them apart and he sequences them, telling how syrup is made.  He LOVES this game (you can also make them into a book). If you want to do the same activity, here's the printable version here: Printable.

There's much to concentrate on.
 But worth a little cheer once accomplished.

 And we also will be making an annual Maple Syrup Frosting and cake and Maple Chocolate Chip Oatmeal Cookies.

And of course pancakes, waffles and the like. And I'll still be boiling down what we collect as well. Maple, you make me smile.

Mama Made: Penguin Shirt (Free Pattern Included)

So, this mama found a shirt with a stain on it.  What to do?  If you've read my blog, you know that under no circumstances would I throw it away. I don't know what I thought of a penguin, but I did.  I free handed cut it out and decided to trace the pattern in case you want to make one too.  All done in an hour...amazing what can be accomplished when two kids sleep at the same time.  Anyway, you can find the pattern HERE.

 He's always cranky when he wakes from a nap, but today his crankiness turned into happiness.
 Did you know Arthur likes penguins?  That I did not know.

I love my sweet boy and all of his ideas. And I love seeing him wear a mama made.  It's like seeing him wear a hug from me.


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