Wooden Push Cart

To buy a quality wooden push cart online, it's around $100.  Yikes!  No way is this frugal mama spending that!

My wonderful neighbor gives us scraps of wood from the woodworking shop he works at for kindling.  Well, this particular bag of sanded ash scraps were just too beautiful to burn.  I think he said they were used for rails on the tourist trolleys here. It's safe to say he thought I was crazy for keeping these scraps.  But then again, he's used to me and on second thought probably wasn't surprised in the least.   Trash to treasure is my thing.  Bear in mind, I'm not a woodworker, so this isn't perfect.  But it's very functional. 

I found the scraps that were the right size for the most part, I only made a few cuts.  The wheels are from a plastic drawer set.  I thank my husband and a physical therapist co-worker who gave me some hints along the way.

And I made a kit for good friends of ours to put together.

Cost:  Less than $2.  We had to buy the right sized screws.

Baby approved.


  1. I LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!!! YOu did such an awesome job on this!

  2. This is really cute and look how big he is getting! Such a cutie-pie!

  3. Just saw this post. LOVE this! Did you post or do you have a how-to? I'd love to make one?

  4. @tara, Thanks!

    I didn't cut much, as I had this wood in a bag of scraps. I first gathered 9 boards that were the same size. I lined 5 of them up and screwed each piece to two supporting cross bars on the bottom. I then used the four remaining same sized pieces to make the two lateral walls. I supported those with two small pieces of wood (as you can see). I then found pieces that were long enough to make the two other walls of the box piece. I screwed those together with two supporting cross boards. I then attached the walls to the bottom to make a 'box'. For the handles, I found two matching longish pieces and cut 30 degree angles and then attached them to the bottom. I then found another piece that would fit to be the handle. I screwed holes on the bottom to attach the wheels I had.

    Let me know if you have questions. This was a complete 'do what fits' project, rather than planned out. I'd love to see one that you make! :)

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