So. Much. Snow.

We have so much snow. A couple feet earlier in the week. Then a few inches tonight. More coming this weekend. My husband is out there snowblowing right now.  Snowbanks are higher than my head. Drifts up to my shoulders. I need to go outside with my camera and take some pics of all that snow. 
Or perhaps upload the couple I have taken. Alas, I am behind. Today, I will at least give you the few pictures I snapped just before the snow came.  It's might crazy how quickly weather can shift. To think we were running around in the field just a few days ago and now only snowshoes would allow us to get anywhere. Stay tuned, I'll get some snow shots. For now, here's a few peaceful thoughts and happy memories.

School at home

There are moments when I question if we are doing the right thing, keeping them home.  But, more often, there are moments like these that let me know we are doing exactly what is best for our family, and for right now, it's keeping them home. For that, I'm thankful.


I (mostly) have done a no-spend January.  A lot less thrifting and spending in general. Proud of myself.  I admit, I did decide to breeze in to grab birthday gifts for my kids at a thrift store. Their birthdays aren't for some time, but it always seems that people get rid of things after the holidays and I usually stock up then.  I gave myself a five dollar limit...and here are my finds!

For him:
 A couple of new books, this fine motor peg game, a wooden slide whistle, two cow cups, four ceramic ducks and a red tin to put them in.  $5.00 exactly.

For her:
 Four books (all hardcover), a loveseat and a little red riding dress for her doll. A miniature tea set and a basket to put that tea set in and a brand new pack of construction paper. $5.00 exactly.

There you have it, an entire birthday gift for only $5.00 a kid. I know, I know... you've told me before...your thrift shops are more expensive.  That's okay, as they still likely are cheaper than buying new! Maybe for the child you know, you could find a good gift for just $10? Or just $20? Cheaper and much more eco friendly.  These gifts may not be what would fit the child you know perfectly, but I'm willing to bet you can find something!

And just a bit for me too. Because, you know, it was my birthday too. 
 Gingham fabric, a couple yards of corduroy, a light cover to fix my broken oil lamp, a pack of really neat loon greeting cards, a big bowl (one can never have enough), a wool skirt for crafting, a pattern and a funnel.  $5.00 even again!

A 'worth it' splurge, as it's nice to have my oil lamp fixed again.

BOG Made: Iron

In case you're a new reader, BOG is my dad. "Bald Old Grandpa." My kids call him "Bog". Well, he makes toys for my kids. He has made these (click on each to see the toy):
bunny pull toy
Kids table and chairs
tow truck
Square Baler and Wagon
Horse Drawn Cart
Wooden boat

He made this a big ago. A play iron.

 Perfect for all those important projects.

 She actually uses it more than him, but I keep forgetting to take pics of her.

 It goes perfect with this wooden ironing board I bought for a dollar.
 And of course, paired with the wooden sewing machine I picked up at a thrift store, they have the perfect little pretend sewing zone, for all their imaginative creations.

Nor' Easter

There's a Nor' Easter coming to Maine that's threatening a couple feet of snow. Should be arriving any minute. The day or two before the storm was this calm, eeriness when you know something's coming up.  We have a couple of cardinal pairs who live around the farm and they were super active. almost like they knew what was coming.

 I've been super active too, getting our food together. Like doughnuts. A storm is much better with fresh doughnuts.
 Flash froze a whole bag of these old fashioned ones, just to be ready, you know.
 We also went to the ocean to see the size of the waves. I thought they'd be huge. I'm sure they will be, just not yet.  Still beautiful though.  And I love their homemade hats, made by my neighbor. And their homemade coats, made by me.

 The boys weren't very cooperative with the paparazzi.
 But sweet girl was. And do you see my new hat? Hand made by my good friend, Julie. Love love love it. (Thank you!)

 So there you have it, prepping for the Nor'Easter in the way that really doesn't make much sense, but is most fun for us. Stay safe everyone who is in the storm's path.

Mama Made: Hand Embroidered Play Doll Carriers

When I was pregnant for Audra, I made one of these for Adrian. He loved it for carrying around his "roo" (kangaroos).  Both of my kids have gotten a lot of use out of these play carriers. I felt like making more, but we don't need a dozen. So I decided to add some to my etsy shop.  Click here to get to the shop. (And a bunch of pictures aren't loading on other items I have tell me if this is a problem with my personal computer of if there's some glitch).

I made eight total in the last week, two of each. Who knows, I might do more. If there's one you're interested in designing, I have some creative time for some customs.

Here's the description:

"This is the perfect little carrier for the child who wants to carry their favorite stuffed animal or doll with them wherever they go. The front pocket is hand embroidered and the rest of the carrier was designed and stitched by the creator. (Me!)

It's adjustable for any child and for any sized doll/stuffed animal/lovey. It even has a pocket to stuff treasures or hold an even smaller stuffed animal. It can fit over coats. A child can wear their special lovey in a front or back carry. My children find these so comfortable that they often wear their lovey a good part of the day, perhaps even forgetting they are wearing a carrier.

Finished size-center is 8inchesx7inches. Straps 19inches. It's made for play only, not for real babies.

This is a perfect gift for any boy or girl, perhaps even a child who is going to become a big brother/sister."        
Here he is, modeling the back carry.
 And the front carry.
Here's the little pocket.

 Our neighbor made him this monkey. He loves it.

 This kid...he makes me smile. And he does love a good carrier, just like his mama.  Do you know of any littles who would like a carrier too?



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