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So, what to expect on this blog...

We (Jackie, Justin and our two young children) are bringing back to life an 1880s farm/farmhouse in a coastal town in Southern Maine. We're renovating, adding animals and bringing back the gardens.  We're making as much as possible from scratch. We're trying to enjoy the simple things in life- family time at home and simple outings.

So, what is posted? Documents of our journey. A little bit of homemade for your baby and kids.  A touch of craftiness for the home. Some tips to make your home run smoother. A few deals from the thrift shop.  A bright quilt to snuggle under.  Some delicious recipes to savor.  And moments our family cherished.  Smiles to share with my readers, daily.

We, by far, are not perfect. We are learning as we go. We have stumbling blocks, frustrations and near disasters like everyone else. Sometimes we most definitely have "Terrible, horrible, no good, very bad days". However, in this space, I (Jackie) mostly share just the joy and the triumphs, as they help me focus on the good that I want to remember.  I was bitten by the homesteading bug in 2004, bitten by the blogging bug in 2011 and had the chance to act on my old farmhouse love by purchasing this place in 2012. It's been a journey that keeps gaining momentum. so it seems, and there still is so much more to come! I have truly appreciated the commonality and support readers offer. I'm thankful you have joined me and I hope you stick around and hopefully we share ideas and smiles, together.

Where to start?

Get a tour of our farmhouse:

Year two
Year one
It's ours

 Read up on our homesteading adventures:

Chapter one: Intro
Chapter two: Make 
Chapter three:  Grow
Chapter four: Preserve
Chapter  five: Save
Chapter six:Raise

The Annual Highlights

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 Patterns. Inspiration and more inspiration. Recipes. And your little farmers.

Thank you for stopping by and I invite you to stay and come along the journey with us.

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From Scratch Modern Homesteading magazine, page 154-159: http://www.fromscratchmag.com/read-augustseptember-issue-scratch-magazine/




Many recipes and projects are originals created by me.  Please enjoy them and pass them on!  But I'd appreciate not selling my ideas.

I'm counting my blessings daily.  Won't you join and count yours? 


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