So Long 2015

As I was going through and reading yesterday's post, I noticed I made an error. It's not been four years of blogging but FIVE (!).  That's five years of me documenting just about daily.  You know what's crazy?  Blogging is a hobby I still enjoy.  I suppose I'm off to start year SIX (!) of blogging. Welcome 2016!  I'll be up, but not watching the ball drop, likely wrapping up whatever project of the evening I decide to focus on.  And putting the butter away, the buttermilk is dripping from it as I type. Fresh butter, mmm.

Anyway, I also decided to include the recaps of years prior. Each year should be clicky if you want to stroll down memory lane with me.
Here's the previous years:

And onto 2015:
This would be year FIVE (!) of blogging for me.  It was FIVE (!) years ago when a friend suggested to me "You should start a blog".  So I did, with the intensions of documenting my children's childhood. My mom died when I was 15 and she left behind suitcases of pictures and oodles of notes of memories.  She meant to have them all organized, but got caught up in living the good life.  I'm so thankful she lived her life to the fullest, as I'm left with so many great memories.  This little blog of mine was a challenge  to myself.   A challenge to live the good life and document as I go.  A challenge I'm so glad I accepted.  I print my blog into fancy blog books, so my kids have these memories in a tangible way.
But, this blog has turned into so much more for me. 
There are some days that are just....well....hard.  As it goes with marriage, children, jobs, house, barn, animals and life in general, some days it's hard to see the light. I'm not invincible to that, although I'd like to be. It's so easy for anyone to wallow in the negativity of the day.  That's not who I want to be.  Just keeping this blog helps me focus on the good in our life. I can begin and end my day with the celebrations instead of what went wrong. It helps keep me positive.  It helps me focus on who I want to be as a wife, mother, therapist , etc.  I do feel that I'm better in those roles often because I blog.
And also, this blog has turned into a such a support for me.  This desire to homestead has pushed me out of my comfort zone more times than I care to admit.  It has brought me to tears and tempted me to give up.  Many of you have seen my pregnancy announcements, know I am always begging my husband for just one more (he's not caving), seen me move to the farm, met all the animal additions,  watched my kids grow and made the recipes I've shared along with me.   I shared my celebrations and you have encouraged me.  I've gone out on a limb and shared my challenges and you've encouraged even more.  My soon to be sister in law asked me if I had community where we live.  Although I answered 'yes', we do indeed have local people who we could call in a pickle for help, it also made me think of how fortunate I am that I have a blogging community who are also my support.

So, I thank you, dear readers for being on this journey with me. I thank you for looking for the good. I thank you for inspiring me and encouraging me.  I thank you for always wanting tomorrow to be better than yesterday.  I thank you for that desire to learn.  In a busy world, you could get sucked into any other media you so choose, but instead, you join me to enjoy the simple pleasure in life.  Because really, isn't that what life is all about?

I encourage you to share this blog with someone who you think might enjoy it.  Not because I get anything tangible out of it (I most definitely do not get paid to blog, maybe someday?!), but because I have this vision of the simple life and the joy it brings encompassing thoughts more frequently than keeping up with the Joneses.  So please share, I will do my best to bring more joyous smiles and stoiries.

In the year 2016, as I blog about my joys, accomplishments and goals, I challenge you to do the same.   Begin and end your day with thinking of the good in your life.  In fact, I think that's the perfect resolution to have for 2016. May it be the year of endless goodness in your lives, minds and hearts.

And now, I bring you (a few too many pictures of)  the happiness of 2015.


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