Needlepoint, Robinson RansbottomPOttery I collect, Great Bay Pottery Mug, gloves, handmade neck thingy Audra wears with her cloak, Carhart headband for Adrian, socks for Anna-Kate. $7.
Apron, various books, ice skates, fabric, smartwool socks, 'stickers' for Anna-Kate. $6.


It's been a while since I bartered. I made an apron for my friend and a linen one for her daughter in return for some gorgeous handmade pottery mugs (thank you, Kari!). Follow here for the maker and here to buy.


 He's been farming daily for nearly a decade.  He knows what he loves and loves what he loves unapologetically.  That I admire.

Keeping Local

 We live here and drive through here regularly, but don't take enough time to actually walk around here. In the summer, it's not even worth it.  But now? Got an hour? Perfect time for a stroll.
 (Anna-Kate and her 'muffin' to keep her hands 'oh so warm').

 Just up my alley, we found a literacy nod.
 In honor of Dear Barbara Bush.
 Never noticed this driving by, but walking by, I definitely noticed.
Of course Audra wants to come back here when the flowers are in bloom with her old fashioned apparel.
 I started dreaming of spring with her, but then noticed the title of the book. Then my dreams made a U turn to Mr. Darcy...

Chinese Brush Painting

We have the very best library ever.  Just this week, we were there for a live wild animal presentation and a magic show. (Neither which I remembered to bring my camera). I took Chinese Brush painting there last month. My kids have been enjoying giving it a whirl.

Every cat's dream

 Well, maybe not his dream, but Zoom was a good sport for a change.

Homemade Soap

I've been making our soap for a few years now. Made six batches in one day, hoping that will last us the year.  I still have buttermilk from my cow hand milking days frozen for soapmaking.  So here I have buttermilk, coconut oil, olive oil and lavender soap. It's our favorite soap.  My working hands could sure use a whole lot of it.

My Valentines 2/14/2020

 Valentine's day this year was a good, good day, one that I want to freeze and remember for it reflects how much joy motherhood brings me.  Sadly, we didn't get to see my husband that day, but we did have a fun filled and packed day.  We started the day with chocolates from mama.  Then from homeschool co-op to library ,to the pool, to the ocean for read alouds and an 'in the car dinner picnic', to a visit with our neighbors, we were busy.  So cold but such a good day.  Big kids went outside at the beach.  Anna-Kate said she's not doing that (she meant she was not going outside.).
 The ocean was so cold, so empty and so beautiful. Thankful for my kindle with books on the ready. On the 3rd in  Nesbit's Psammead Trilogy, loving each one.  They won't always want to spend their Valentine's Day with me, but they do now. For that I'm thankful. .  

Caught reading

 Let's do a little math here. How many living things are completely engrossed in Richard Scarry?  One-two-three-four. This guinea pig is well on her way to becoming literate.


I sent the kids outside. It wasn't 10 minutes that they were back inside and I found myself washing a rooster's foot to tend to a small bleeding cut.  I don't find this rooster a nice rooster, but somehow Audra can just go scoop it up and bring him on adventures. She absolutely loves taking care of all our animals, so this tiny cut was an immediate emergency she insisted on attending to.  He's all doctored up thanks to Audra.  Anna-Kate has her favorite, a sweet little silkie that she totes around. Nothing wrong with the silkie, she was just long for the ride.  Some of their best friends are chickens.

Delivery day

Wednesdays are our produce day. It sort of feels like a weekly Christmas. I'm not sure if it's *that* exciting or if this is what my world has come to.  Anyway...

Look at the gorgeous lettuce.
We finally got a romanesco.
If you want to give it a whirl, here's a code: COOKWME-LH0QGS


 I cannot even tell you what a score this was.  Top right. Six panels of floor to ceiling brand "Country Curtains" in that ticking print, brand new, marked at $90, then marked to $40. We happened to be there on 50% off Friday.  $20 for the six of them.  Score!  Plus a pack of poster board, quality mittens and patterns for an extra $3.
Books, hieroglyphs pack, barn boots for Adrian, head band and more quality mittens. $6.00.

And how this girl spent her $1.00.  A vintage nightgown.

Dress up

A sweet friend invited the girls over to play dress up and take pictures.  Just so darling, they cannot wait to play again. <3

A day in the life of Holly

 A snapshot of Holly's morning.  Everyone could use a little Holly in their lives. Best dog ever.

Winter is back

We have snow again. And ice. And wind. Winter, thaw, back to winter.  Fit a walk in today in between the pelts of freezing rain and now I'm by the fire keeping warm. Winter can carry on, I have adventures awaiting for me in hardcover and paperback.

(These pics were from before the last thaw.  Now all these trees are bending with ice).


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