Quilt 90

Quilt 90-2005-Twin Size

What's for dinner.

Summer lovin' in the kitchen.  Garden to table is where it's at.  The goal of every meal is to use as much as possible of that which we've grown.  It's a fun challenge, it really is.  And the flavors couldn't be more distinct with the time between the garden and table being less than an hour, much of the time.  I've had a couple questions about what we do with all the food grown. Of course, I decided to grab that camera. My husband may have tried keep secret when he rolled his eyes at me, but I saw him. I ignored him and decided to spend a bit of time capturing some of our meals recently.  I'm no expert in the kitchen (although said husband is genius in the kitchen, he quit cooking when we married...I guess I can say whatever I want here, since I found out he just looks at the pictures and doesn't read what I say on the blog...ha!), but I try my best to make new meals all the time.  I seldom repeat within the year.  Here's some of what's in our summer rotation (except I left out the many many salad posts...I could do a whole post on salads one of these days!). If you want more info there may be the recipe up in the index on top, or just ask.  And I think I have a camera card full of more food pictures.  If you are interested in more garden fresh meal photos, I can go ahead and upload more next week. :)

Get hungry.  Ready, set, go!

 Cucumber sticks with basil aoili.  Grilled cheese with tomatoes and avocado on homemade bread.
Lemon basil fish, corn, kale chips and fresh bread.

 Good old pasta salad with homemade Italian dressing.
Summer veggie risotto and tabbouleh. Lots of garden veggies and herbs here.
 Stuffed summer squash with more tabbouleh. Homemade bread.
 Frittata with our eggs and veggies.
 Garden veggie fried rice with our eggs and homemade sauce.

 Oh, and of course zucchini bread.

(And yes, without doubt, my kids eat this stuff.  All of it.  They're so used to seeing different things that they hardly ever flinch when they see something they don't recognize.  If they're not a fan at first, we say, "That's okay, you're not used to it yet.  Keep trying and you'll be used to it soon."  Thankful to have two healthy eaters.)
 And we also do eat somethings that are semi homemade and not home grown.  Because, really, what type of mama would I be without letting my kids sample banana cream pie and s'mores.

And now it's your turn.  Tell me if you want more food photos from me.  And tell me what you've been devouring.

Weekly Farm Machinery

As of late, it seems a weekly tractor/farm machinery post keeps popping up.  I hope you don't mind, but here's another.  And to my sweet blogging friends who have sent me Emails...I got them.  Only I have been doing more canning and less responding.  Forgive me...I'll answer when I can.

Without further ado, here's a wagon left in our field, half filled with square bales, a short walk to get there and the experience we enjoyed playing on it. (Followed by a not happy camper having to leave said wagon).  Ahh, my little farmers.  I love them so.



 And home sweet home.
 (Someone's not happy)
 I'm blessed.

I love them so.

His Room

Come on in.  It's painted.  His room, that is. 

Here's  the before pics.

It was flowers.  I grew to love those flowers, and apparently he did too.  He cried that I was "Ruining his room painting the flowers".  Alas, I did paint afterall.  A clean, unblemished white slate.  And I put a few things on the wall.

You know, he did end up loving it.  I overheard him burst into fits of giggles when he was trying to nap in there. Come on in, have a peek!

And I think I told you I painted his bed frame (which was mine when I was a kid).

He loves his room.

She loves his room too. 
 And mama's glad one more room has that mama touch.  I do enjoy the wall paper, but in all the rooms that I have not touched, it feels like we're living in someone else's house.  Gradually, though, it's feeling more like ours.  I'm thankful to live here, everyday.  I don't think I'll ever get used to calling this place ours, I still can't believe it.


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