Self Care

 A little pause in the vacation run down for a quick hour of self care.  The behind the scenes is I have one who has a really, really hard time with transitions and takes a lot of my everything to keep on keeping on.  After a month of single parenting, I'm thankful my husband sent me along.  Midway on my walk, the dark clouds rolled in and the sky opened.  Once I got back to the car, soaked to the core, I saw the rainbow.  Hoping a rainbow will follow the storm my week too. 

Summer Vacation 2023 #3: Boats

 Boats, boats, boats!  Many days in boats. My fave day was when we followed a green heron and were smack in the middle of a flock of cedar waxwings who were eating damselflies. The kids love the big bubba best.  

Summer Camp Highlights 2023 #2: Swimming

 This was the biggest highlight for sure.  What kid wouldn't love the chance to take a dip anytime/multiple times a day, no matter the weather?  You'll clearly see who said "TAKE MY PICTURE" many times.


 How blessed am I that I get to go to my childhood splashing ground for so much of the summer with backyard views like these?

Then I get to return from away to backyard views like these my husband took to remind me that I do want to come home:


We're back to Maine, fondly remembering the beautiful times we had and conveniently forgetting the challenging parenting moments that accompanied, missing extended family from away, embracing the immediate family being all together again, filling the clothesline with laundry, pulling soooooo many weeds, eating fresh produce, ignoring the piles of things that need to be put away, enjoying the sunset, reading books all together and settling back in to the everyday.  The away is quite special but the ordinary is quite marvelous too.  A little foreshadowing for you, there will be pictures coming along in this blogspace.  Many, many pictures.  Daily blogs will be returning, so the plan goes.


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