Kids CAN Grow!

Adrian had a really neat opportunity last summer that I never wrote about.  He took part in a program called "Kids Can Grow".  It's run by our extension office and is designed to encourage and equip kids to garden.  In addition to being paired with a master gardener (Thank you Wendy!) who helped him set up and fill his own raised bed garden, he had six Saturday classes teaching him about gardening. Adrian has been gardening his whole life with me, but has never been as enthusiastic about gardening as now. He is so proud of his raised bed and had so much pride when it was time to eat what he grew.  I'm wondering what he'll be planting this year?  It's his choice, we shall see! 

Cat Carrier

Apparently what Audra REALLY wanted for Christmas was a pet carrier. "You know, mama, the ones that people bring on planes." Only she told us pretty much on Christmas Eve that it was the one thing she really wanted.  It didn't happen.  However, while we were out and about spending her Christmas money, she found one for $5.00!  I was worried that this would be Zippy's worst nightmare, but he doesn't mind being toted around. In fact, sometimes she leaves it open and he crawls in to sleep in it on his own.   Zippy is a really awesome cat. 

Mama Made: Upcycled vest

I found a vintage plaid 100% wool pendleton skirt just like my grandmother used to wear for $1.00.  Now it's a vest for Farmer Adrian. The last vest I made him two years ago (check out the funny pics of him wearing them here), he still wears, so now he has one to grow into.

 Before and after


Look at this cutie, in a mama made dress.

But....she's not so innocent.  Trouble, I tell you.

Day FOUR of no napping.  I kid you not.  We're hoping and praying that we don't have a 2nd little girl who decides she's done napping well before age two!  Instead of getting tired, she has energy to boot!  Miss Anna-Kate spends her energy dancing (girl can shake her hips better than Beyonce), singing (hittin' those high notes like Carrie Underwood), 'helping' (as in dog food dumped in the water dish, dirty dishwasher unloaded, clean laundry spread out neatly all over the dirty floor) and talking! talking! talking!  (As in talking more than her mother. I know!  I didn't think that was possible either). She's generally a hoot. Good thing she's cute.

Mama, however, could use a nap.


 Some fab books. Upwords. Blank family tree book. A bag filled with misc. hooks and fasteners. Ice cream socks. $7.25.
A Maine vintage board game, chemistry set, a huge gorgeous tablecloth, how to draw flowers.  $10.00.

Another day , another year.

Birthdays.  As a kid, an eagerly anticipated event. Counting down the days, planning the celebration, telling everyone you see that it's coming up.  As a "grown-up", my own birthday not at all resembles those childhood milestone birthdays.  For some reason, I have a bad habit of seeing these important dates coming up and immediately going to the place of feeling inadequate.  I start mentally listing all the things I have meant to have done or mean to be doing and just haven't. It's unfortunate, truly, that those negative thoughts just sneak in there before I even know it.  And then they just cycle around in my brain before I even realize what I'm thinking. Then my thoughts are monopolized with criticisms.  I need to realize sooner than later that I have the power to stop those encroaching thoughts. I have the power to choose joy.  I have blessings abound and that's the lens I want to and need to use to look at my life.  Much of my birthday was the same old everyday type of thing (right down to the same gifts my kids regularly make to give me, lol)...but my life through that perspective contains such beauty and immeasurable joy.  I'm so thankful for this blog, as life through my camera lens and sorting out my thoughts with words keeps me marching forward with love, joy and peace in my heart. The glass is half full.

My 'Mini Me'

My little begged for "one more" is my mini-me. 
 Not only does she look a wee bit like me, but her interests line up precisely.




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