All of this snow is gone. GONE!  4/5 of us love winter around here and it looks so blah out there! Today I was scooping dog poop, cleaning muddy foot prints, monitoring a puddle in the basement and watching kids and goats run around without coats. We saw Geese flying north on Sunday and a tree full of Robins last Monday. Lots of nature journaling happening about these changes. I suppose the brief reprieve of sub freezing temperatures is not terrible, but we won't be sad if there's another foot or two to play in and another snowday or two that keeps us cuddled fireside with a soup simmering on the woodstove for lunch.  I'm such a lover of seasons. As much as I love spring, I'm still loving winter.

More Wombats

Hobbies include: Wearing 'pitty dresses and pitty shoes', hiding behind curtains, bossing everyone around, chucking food across the kitchen when done, squealing when seeing any dog, toting the cat around, flushing toilets, cutting random things with scissors (grrr!), painting, reciting nursery rhymes, counting to 10, giving hugs and 'mooches' and curling up with a good book (she's still stuck on little wombats).  This one keeps us on our toes and we love her so.


 A friend gave us this school a while ago (Thank you!). We found a bag of additions for a quarter.
 Three little pig puppets, ALL THOSE PERLER beads.  Books. Maine magnetic puzzle. $5.25
Two caps for Adrian, a whole pack of blank doorhangers...to be decorated. Books and a journal. $4.00

Happy 40th!!!

Somehow this picture was a decade ago, when you were close to turning 30, about to eat all my hard work that I was supposed to bring to a potluck.

A decade later, you're turning 40 tomorrow and you are still chocolate chip cookie obsessed.  We've had our ups and downs, but overall, I'm thankful for the life we have created.  You never complain, are a very hands on dad, put in many hours at your work to support us, never stop trying to get me to relax and are our comic relief. You definitely eat too many cookies, but you are free to eat as many as you want for your big 4-0.  Happy Birthday, Justin!


 This little one cannot get enough of Little Wombats.  I cannot get enough of watching her fall in love with books. <3


The girls spent much of their day today playing 'Old-Fashioned". Only I suppose you could call them "Modern Old-Fashioned" girls, as they have non-working remote controls in their pockets for play cell phones. Always an adventure...


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