Nature study, right where it's happening.  I remember going on an alligator boat expedition when I was a kid, I hope they'll remember this too!

Myakka State Park

A couple months ago, when I was teaching Sunday School (which I do each week), we played four corners.  "Pick your favorite vacation spot: Beaches, Amusement park, Camping or Ski vacation".  My two kids were the ONLY ones (out of about 20) who picked camping!

We went to Myakka State Park and my kids LOVED it!  Trail walks, canopy walk, tower climb so we could see the birds soaring over the trees at eye level. Lots of wildlife. Alligators, birds, snakes, turtles... Kids learning to identify plants by name.  Essentially Science class in Florida-nature study. For fun,not because I told them it was an expectation.  Couldn't get enough! Learning at its best.

Here we were in Florida, considering some sort of amusement park for one of the days.  Then we asked Adrian if he'd rather go to an amusement park like Disney or if he'd rather to go back to the Florida forest. Know what he said?  "I prefer nature." Love that kid.  So, off we went for another day to the state park.  Half pictures today, other half tomorrow.


Hard to believe the day before yesterday looked like this. Now there's a white blanket. Still beautiful, but in a different sort of way. Regardless of the weather, we're out there.  I just love seasons.

 (And my best attempt at a family portrait.)

First snow 2018

Just like that, the sky opened and the ground turned white overnight. All our plans were cancelled. Big kids rolled out of bed into their snowpants and stepped outside. Hardly said "good morning".  
 Then in by the fire (he's wearing a mama made vest here <3) and cinnamon roll making.

 Audra snapped a couple pics.  A bit blurry, but look at that!  I'm in a picture!

 Snowdays are my favorite days. 

Little Book Lover

This baby...err...BIG GIRL as she corrects us (BIG GIRL in a mama made dress <3)...loves books.  As in one of her first words was "Readabook".  She rolls out of bed to spend a solid 20 minutes on the potty looking at books. Then she totes books out of the bathroom with her, trying to get whoever is around to read to her. If no one is around, she'll just park herself and point to the pictures and 'read' it herself. She especially loves books about babies. She loves to talk about babies.  (But remember she is NOT a baby, she's a BIG GIRL. Just ask her. She'll tell you.) Anyway, she'll sit anytime to listen to a book.  Even long books. Current faves: Any picture book, especially books with babies in them, That's not my....books, Spot, Any books with animals, Skip to my Lou (which the big kids are SO TIRED of hearing, lol) and especially Goldilocks and the Three Bears (which she actually sits and listens to the story, picking out the bears, talking about the oatmeal mama makes, upset and 'oh nos' about the broken chair, screams when the bears find goldilocks.  I do so love this age.)  Her new 'fun' thing to do is collect bits of paper and use them as bookmarks in her board books.  I feel so so so lucky that we have another book lover in the family!

Siesta Key

Siesta Key-where the beaches are devised of powdered sugar sand, abundant shells and water that never feels as refreshing as the Maine coast. It's so gorgeous there.


 And isn't my brother's family picture perfect?  Love you guys!


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