Bon Appetit

Food.  It's one of the hardest things I've worked on over the last decade. I have learned so much and we are a lot less reliant on a grocery store than ever before. It's March in Maine and I made this soup...only thing that did not come from us is the barley. Other than that, homemade and homegrown. Mighty awesome that almost all my meals still revolve around that which I'm trying to use up.
But, I am also throwing in the towel a bit with the food.  Everything I make is so time consuming. I'm at the very end of my pregnancy, a 100% homemade/homegrown meal is tiring me out! I need less standing, less chopping, less time intensive, less clean up.  Particularly since our dishwasher is officially broken.  I don't want to give less to my own littles or the kids I work with at work or the kids I see through my volunteer activities and something just had to give.  I decided temporarily it will be the food. So, I bought a bunch of convenience foods and am going to spend the next 2-3 weeks alternating between homemade/homegrown (for I still have a lot to use up!) and store bought.  Surprisingly, I'm 100% okay with it. It's all about balance, realizing what I can and cannot keep up and adapting.  Now, I just need to convince my oldest, "Mama, our cart has NEVER looked like this. Is this even okay?"  Absolutely. Enjoy that store bought sweet potato fry. Bon Appetit.

Selfie Shadow

Selfie shadow...sweet baby girl is growing. Not much time left, nor is there much room left in there. Anytime, baby girl. Anytime.

Still looking like winter...

While the calendar says spring, it still looks like winter here. Miss Audra found the signs from our Country Kids party (my favorite 'holiday' of the year...find the last one here) and was sticking them in the snow.  Explore, play, create, enjoy.  Our summer signs hold true throughout all seasons.  Do the same in the snow, my littles. Make those memories.  I'll have fun watching you from afar.


This pic is from his half birthday celebration.  I have to say, these half birthday celebrations are one of the most special things we have done as a family.  My kids look forward to them so much. It's fun to have an extra day to celebrate the birthday boy/girl.

One of the books he got for his half birthday was another James Herriot picture book.  We had one already, which has been most loved, but here he got another.  He has decided he LOVES James Herriot. Animal and farming stories, of course he does! I just ordered more James Herriot picture books off of interlibrary loan and some James Herriot audio. Plus I have a treasury put aside for the next holiday.

I must say, I am LOVING this stage with his interest in longer books.  We just finished "Where the Red Fern Grows", which he has declared is his most favorite ever.  We're reading Mountain Born and Lord Fauntleroy now...both which I have never read.  He is so incredibly interested in them and I hear "More, more!".  He just loves the classics. We go through books so fast as of late, as I am feeling the same "more, more!" pull he is.

While he certainly is well on his way to reading books on his own, I am truly hoping he will not tire of reading/listening to books with me anytime soon. I truly could share this love for literature with him forever and ever!

His sister is really getting into the audio books too. I'm thankful I have her and another on the way, as I am looking forward to another decade (at least) of book reading together.  It might be my very favorite part of parenting....sharing books together.


Two yard of red and white stripped flannel (Thinking Christmas Pjs!). Brand new HABA wooden game. Two brand new sticker books (which are hidden and will come out for the next car trip).  $8.00.

Snow days

My work closed for what ended up being 2 snowdays for me. We did lots of audio books and lots of art.

I had one who braved the snow and frigid temps, eager to 'get to work'.

 And one who said "The wind is too cold."  For the record, I'm with her.

Nothing stops him though.

 And treats. We had treats.  Because what's a snowday without treats?

There's more snow coming this weekend, so you say?  I'm just go about my business and pretend that is totally untrue.


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