Mama Made: Matching Hand Embroidered Backpacks

From time to time we go places and my littles pack their own bag of treasures, sometimes on their own accord, sometimes from my encouragement. As it happens, I end up toting this bag of treasures since the bags we have are either too big or not easy enough to carry. Even the upcycled backpack I made him is still too big. Must remedy that.

I whipped these mini backpacks up for them. 100% of the fabric was either thrifted or gifted. I actually used a pattern for these. I bought this pattern, Simplicity 5284, for fifty cents at the thrift store. (Given that it comes with sizes 3-8, and you could make a dress, a shirt, pants, a coat and a backpack from the same pattern, it's a good one to have). I'd guess these projects probably cost me around a dollar a piece in materials, given thrifty finds.


 Each is lined with a different fabric.

 And each has a different hand embroidered front pocket.
 They were quite pleased.

 They packed them right up for church the next day.
 The vision of my littles with matching mama made coats AND backpacks brings a smile to my face.

 Already they have been useful, which makes me happy.

Family day

Long overdue, a family day with the four of us.  They both snowshoed over a mile. She was carried up a hill, but other than that, they were amazing.  As a reward? A quick farm visit after. Thankful for great days like these that I will always remember.


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