Would you believe all these fido jars and books for $5? Truth. This was thrift store #1.
The Series of Unfortunate events, enough yardage for curtains for our french doors, more books, mini glass pitcher (I just love these) and a rainbow ring. $10.00

Field trip fun

Our last 4-H club field trip was a behind the scenes peek at Stonewall Kitchen.  Stonewall Kitchen is how I met my husband back in 2004.  He was working as a chef. My neighbor was a server. She thought the chef and I would hit it off. Years later, I guess she was right!   Thanks to my husband, I not only had the behind the scene tour with my husband over a decade ago, but I also had the chance to teach at the cooking school with him back in the day.  It was a lot of fun bringing my kids as well as our club to get the inside peek too.

Our Kammie

Our 14 year old girl, Kammie, is still so patient and eager to love. Although she is going blind and deaf, sleeps a lot and moves slower than her younger years, she loves her treats, hugs and morning jaunts in the back field.  Kammie is truly the best dog ever.

 Oh, and I made this puppy coat for Adrian. Anna-Kate has been enjoying it! And I just noticed that I made the wool dress she is wearing under her coat for Audra.  So many mama made hand me downs for this little one.

Christmas Tree 2018

A white pine from our backyard, like always. My fave Christmas tree because it's whimsical, easy to grab and even if I water it never, needles don't fall off. If you are local and would like to grab one (for free), please let me know!

 This bottom lip of hers. <3

 Someone is NOT happy about meeting Santa and Mrs.Claus...


Christmas shirt for Adrian, pile of napkins, wool mittens, Keenes $5.00.
Game, Erector set with parts still in plastic, mosaic sundial art, bike helmet $10.00

Mama Made: Christmas Pajamas x 3!

I feel like this post ought to have a drumroll...because I'm not hemming on Christmas Eve.  A friend had a sewing gathering (Thank you Erin!) and it got me kick started into sewing those Christmas pajamas.

I also came to the realization that my big kids are 6 and 8. They are still very enthusiastic about anything I make and they wear what I make too.  I had this momentary panic that these days could be short lived. It gave me motivation to put in a little more effort to make individual pieces how they'd like them best. 

Here are the coordinating sets:
 Close up
 Adrian likes big pajama pants and tractors, go figure.
 Audra loves old fashioned nightgowns and bloomers, go figure.
 Anna-Kate always wants the opposite of what we have chosen for her, so dressing her can be comparable to an Olympic event. So, I just made something that we can hopefully get on her quickly.
 Now they are all hung and ready for Christmas eve!

Guinea Pigs

Truth be told, I'm not a huge fan of the guinea pigs. They are sort of rodent looking to me. I miss having our rabbit, Hop.  But, these children LOVE the guinea pigs. The guinea pigs have plenty of outings!

Castle living! These guinea pigs are living like queens!


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