Doing what they do

One of the most pleasurable parts of really getting to know kids for me is finding out their loves. Not just my kids at home, but my kids at work. I love the individuality, discovering passions, finding those interests.  I had one kiddo at work once who was SO into horses. I remember her mom saying "I am clearly not someone who has any interest in animals, but I find myself becoming a frequent attendee at the barn."  I bet that little girl is still riding today.  I've had kids at work into all sorts of things trains, babies, sharks, fashion, building things, dinosaurs, etc.  My kids? I have a little girl who loves painting, glitter, cooking/baking, caring for animals and sparkles.  I have a son who has a true passion for farming and farming machinery, loves overalls, and takes a lot of pride in his free hand drawing pictures/making books.

As I look at my calendar and all that is scheduled during this busy holiday season, I want to be mindful of these interests so we can make time to do what they love.  


 Melissa & Doug brand new stickers, Beatrix Potter treasury, awesome wooden puzzle to put away for when I have a toddler again (it's huge!) $5.00
Thomas book with 12 miniature manipulatives, Snail's Pace board game, two usborne books, a pack of Hot Wheels early readers and ballet slippers.  $6.00


I can't pretend it's all sunshine and rainbows because there have definitely been days with the holiday hustle bustle that have been less than peaceful. But, when there are those moments when the homeschool sugarplum fairies dance in my head, I just want to capture them and keep them in my memory forever and ever.

Mama Made: His Christmas Vest

Another project done.  This one cost $1.00 in wool and the pattern was a quarter.  All set for their Christmas concert, early this year. Last year I was stitching his cow bow tie by car light in the passenger seat of our vehicle on the way to the concert.  Feels good to be ahead for a change.

Mama Made Christmas #1: Her Skirt

A little wool skirt with wooden buttons.  I sort of like the relaxed pleats so it's a bit of a twirl skirt instead of the fussy pressed pleats.  An Oliver & S pattern.  The fabric cost $.50.  One mama made Christmas item down, more to go!

Mama Made: Goats

Skipping Black Friday shopping in favor of some stitching. 

Mama made goats. 

Just need to make them some clothes and we'll be set for Christmas.

Stay safe all you black Friday shoppers out there!

First Snow

Snow, squealing kids, smart wool socks, boots, coats (unzipped of course, we're tough!), toasty warm fire, homemade mittens drying next to it, pot on for hot cocoa and snuggles with all who want to get warm. Just a dusting here, but a promise of what's to come.  Ahhh....seasons, I love you so.


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