Of the last 24 hours:

Con: I feel like I've been hit by a truck.

Pro: I have PLENTY of company...these four.

Con: While all the pets sleep, I certainly have not done much sleeping!

Pro: We had a reinterview to continue our status as Fresh Air Volunteers...so that means my house is much cleaner today than it was yesterday. I wouldn't have cleaned had we not had company, so having a cleaner house feels like a win.

Con: Muddy footprints keep coming in the house.

Pro: The goats looked so cheerful out there enjoying the warm weather and sunshine. The kids were running around without coats. We opened our windows. Felt like spring!

Con: Our sunporch got SO hot that it was unbearable!

Pro: Early to bed for kids tonight might mean I'll have a little steam left to iron the quilt that needs pressing.

Con: We're back to playing the 'we ate all the food, but I don't want to go to the grocery store' game.

Pro: Freezer to the rescue tonight with spinach dip with frozen cream cheese from when I was milking the cow, loaded smashed homegrown potatoes with homegrown fresh scallions, hot dogs and homemade brownie pudding. It felt like a summer treat meal!

Con: I'm thinking whatever illness I have will be lingering.

Pro: Tomorrow is one of 2 days off a month my husband and I have together.  I think I'll send him off with the kids so I can get a little R&R.

Be well, folks!


Two twin sized wool blankets, wooden tray, three baby girl nightgowns (squee!!).  $7.85.  Plus, the kids each picked a pencil from the nickel pencil jar....they wanted their pencils in the picture too! Given most wool blankets are $100-$200 a piece, it's a definite score!

February Thaw, Mud and Goats

Maine throws just about any weather at us, apparently.  Another thaw. Still plenty of snow though!


She's got her baby and she's playing office in the perfect sunny place.

 Paperwork never looked so good.

Winter in Maine

I was going through my pics from the last couple of weeks. My!  What an assortment of days we have had!

From the beginning of a thaw, no coats required....
 To so frigid and windy, but hardly any snow...

 To a fresh few inches...
 To another foot and a half....
 To the calm between the storms...and a little snowshoeing in between....
 To adding so much more snow that our snowbanks are ginormous.
And now we're getting more of a thaw and my littles reportedly had a great time snowshoeing with their dad while I was at work today.

This winter certainly has had it all!

Bag Challenge: #4

My reusable bags are a mismatch medley, which I'm working on replacing with ones that "spark joy". Inspired by The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo and how she talks about keeping things that spark joy.

My goal before the baby is born is to replace as many random reusable bags as possible with some handmade ones. The baby is due April 7th and I'm hoping to make a bag a week.  Perhaps by the time my little ones is born, I can pass on my random re-usable bags and have quite a collection of handmade re-usable bags.   

Bag 1 here.

Bag 4:
(And who is with me this week?  Make a bag along with me! Post yours and I'll share.)

Nothing to eat ---> Yum

I'm queen of playing the 'pantry/freezer game'.  You know, the bare bones, nothing to eat, must get to the grocery store, but (insert whine) "I don't want to go" game.  The game that sounds more fun than it is. 

While I never approach these challenges with enthusiasm, sometimes the results are better than expected!  I frequently will make dry beans or pasta in bulk and then toss the cooked versions in the freezer for times like these (white beans and elbows this time).  I almost always have an onion, stalk of celery, and a carrot or two in the fridge. I have a never ending stash of kale and herbs that I dried.  I have an equally never ending stash of green beans that I froze, plus lots of homemade broth.  Plus I found a package of bacon buried in the freezer.

And with that, I made a soup that my kids claim is the "Best Soup Ever". 

 In my freezer digging, I also found some Maine cranberries I froze and frozen homemade butter. Plus we always have eggs.  Cranberry bread to go with the soup.  It felt like feasting. And to think, I thought there was 'Nothing to eat'.
    Who else plays games like these? I can't be alone! 


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