I have tears of thankfulness.

These last 24 hours have been horrific for my family. My brother was in a horrid accident, an accident that amazingly, much to the doctors' surprise, by the grace of God, didn't take his life.

The long and short is he is going to make it.

The magnitude of my thankfulness is indescribable. Matt's work is not done here on Earth.  Neither is mine. Our number of days is unpredictable. I'm going to make sure today is meaningful.  Thankful to have another day to love my family.
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Started the week with the goal of doing some nature study and ended the week with fulfilling that goal. Into the woods with my littles... best way to recharge.Image may contain: 4 people, people smiling, tree, baby, outdoor and nature
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Temps shifting

It's *finally* that time of year...our attire and our meals are shifting to match the weather.  Woodstoves are all prepped for the year, won't be long before we fire them up! I'm ready for a meal cooked on the woodstove. As my dad always says, "Everything tastes better cooked on the woodstove."  I agree!


 Art kit, three wooden bowls and spoons, two books, magazine rack and 23 brand new peg people. $5.00
ALLLL that fabric!  Books. Ice skates. A sled. $8.00

Winter in this Farmhouse

Half the year we live out on the screen porch and our living room is forgotten.  There's nothing like summer nights on that screen porch.  While this fall has been summer like in temps, before long, I'm confident it will feel like fall.  On an excellent windy, clothes drying day, I washed all the curtains, vacuumed the cobwebs, dusted, arranged a new mantle set up, brought plants in, put away an array of the vintage books in those old bookshelves, had the fireplace inspected for winter use and got it ready for the next season. My eclectic, thrifted and homemade living room that's probably not like anyone else's. It's cozy in just the way that feels like me. Fall, we're ready anytime!


Nature Study

Outside. Where no lesson plans are needed. Where there's plenty to explore so long as we take notice. Where we go to get our wiggles out, slow down time and relax.  It's' where we think, where we chat and where we connect.  Life has been mighty busy as of late, the goal this week is to make some more time for nature study.

Hamilton House

The Hamilton House and all her beauty. Thankful we have so many opportunities to live history here in Maine.


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