Christmas shirt for Adrian, pile of napkins, wool mittens, Keenes $5.00.
Game, Erector set with parts still in plastic, mosaic sundial art, bike helmet $10.00

Mama Made: Christmas Pajamas x 3!

I feel like this post ought to have a drumroll...because I'm not hemming on Christmas Eve.  A friend had a sewing gathering (Thank you Erin!) and it got me kick started into sewing those Christmas pajamas.

I also came to the realization that my big kids are 6 and 8. They are still very enthusiastic about anything I make and they wear what I make too.  I had this momentary panic that these days could be short lived. It gave me motivation to put in a little more effort to make individual pieces how they'd like them best. 

Here are the coordinating sets:
 Close up
 Adrian likes big pajama pants and tractors, go figure.
 Audra loves old fashioned nightgowns and bloomers, go figure.
 Anna-Kate always wants the opposite of what we have chosen for her, so dressing her can be comparable to an Olympic event. So, I just made something that we can hopefully get on her quickly.
 Now they are all hung and ready for Christmas eve!

Guinea Pigs

Truth be told, I'm not a huge fan of the guinea pigs. They are sort of rodent looking to me. I miss having our rabbit, Hop.  But, these children LOVE the guinea pigs. The guinea pigs have plenty of outings!

Castle living! These guinea pigs are living like queens!


This girl is into everything lately! My, she keeps us on the move!

Just for kicks, I found pics of the other kids at the same age as here. I never want to be that old lady who says "It goes by so fast."  So I won't. Instead, I am just sitting here and smiling about the joy they have brought me thus far.





Just a hunch...I don't think this photo exemplifies a dream come true for any goat, ours included.  For a positive outlook, it appears that their request for a horse is quite unnecessary given their bareback riding goats.  Hee haw!!  Rather, Hee maaaaa!


 It was fill a bag of craft notions for a dollar at the end of a holiday fair we went to.  Twist my arm.  Can you see all the fantastic vintage stuff? Swoon.

And a different day below a crib sized thick wool blanket, three pairs of wool socks, vintage books and vintage fabric. $5.00


We are beyond blessed to have a homeschool co-op that is a very big part of our life. We treasure our friendships that have blossomed over co-op.  We just wrapped up the fall session.  I taught Hooray for Habitats and challenged myself to teach nature through oral storytelling, instead of reading or a "Let me tell you about" sort of class. Not only did the co-op kids enjoy it and learn, but I also have grown as a storyteller this semester. Adrian took Storybook Art, a class all about bees and Music &Movement.  Audra took Music &Movement and Hooray for Habitats. So thankful to have this group to be a part of.


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