Garden 2018 Update 3

Garden 2018 update 1
Update 2
Well, it's planted. And growing.  Most of it pretty well!

I'm doing some novel things this year.  I'm watering. (I didn't do that last with a newborn).  I'm also weeding (I didn't do that last year as a mama of three).

 Grapes are taking over. Raspberries should have been pruned this winter but never got around to it. Garlic is about ready.

 Tried and true tricks for potato bugs? I could use them!

 Green beans
 Glads, dahlias and cosmos
 Flowering tomatoes.

 The planting peppers w/ plastic around it=working as it did last year.
Five years ago,   I said that we ought to plant an orchard b/c we'd be wishing we did five years from when we bought the place.We did. I'm proud of myself actually taking care of then this year.  They are growing!. I found 3 more in the field that look to be relatives of the mama tree, who bears yummy apples.  Cherries ripening are under the net.
 Thankful to be adding homegrowns into our meals daily.

I wish I had more hours in my day, for if I did, I'd be out tending my plant babies.Tell me what's going on in your garden!?

Father's Day Re-cap 2018

We had a surprise visit from MY dad for Father's day weekend (he lives 7 hours away)!  We had an empty beach on Father's Day too!

Happy Father's Day 2018

He doesn't take out the compost. He doesn't do laundry. He doesn't garden. What he DOES do is take great care of these kids. He listens to them, plays with them, encourages them and acts goofy with them. They are very blessed to have a dad who is so involved in their lives daily.  Happy Father's Day, Justin! 


From yesterday's post, you wonder where did I got my gorgeous handmade chicken mug? My friend makes them! Lucky to have two. Do check her out:

Just what we needed....

Our family has been back to having only a couple days off a month all together. We've done this for years, up until last fall. This crazy work stretch is temporary this time around (hopefully), but nevertheless, it calls for oodles of single parenting, exhaustion, stressful times and hardly any time all together.

So one day, we were feeling the stress.  So we cancelled everything to just stay home.

It was not only just what we needed, but it was so magical that I  think the kids will remember it. Especially Audra, for she was the one who wanted to dress old fashioned, make the picnic and carry it in the basket her grammy made.  More days like this, please and thank you.


Thankful to have been able to help 8 folks with either starting to garden or getting back to gardening with tomatoes I started from seed. Plus I've shared perennials with 18 folks just this season, some who attended a perennial swap I hosted here.  Someday I'll get my 16 foot greenhouse that's in the barn put together and hopefully be able to expand this idea of sharing to help more people get started. A community working together and sharing, one of my many long term goals.


 Crock. Magnfinying glass. Vintage letter opener. Three pairs of vintage scissors. Hole punch. Paper cutter. "Memo from Maine" paper pad.  $10.00
And interesting assortment of books for $5.00


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