Christmas by the Sea

 The ocean was wild but the kids were wilder!
 We have lived in this town since 2006 and have never been to Christmas by the Sea in Ogunquit.  Today we spent the day enjoying all the festivities.  Only took a few pics but the ones I took are keepers!

 How lucky we are to live here?  Every week I walk this path and am incredibly thankful this is a part of their childhood.


 Three yards of red fabric, Chicka Chicka playset, fancy shoes, a necklace for Anna-Kate) and four books. $4.50
Snowpants next size up, Nikes size four (because Adrian said the 3s are too do his feet KEEP growing?!), Lands End dress and five vintage books. $4.00!

Crazy Change in 24 hours

What a change in less than 24 hours.  Winter is so gorgeous here in Maine.



I'm really enjoying this centerpiece Adrian made us at our county wide end of the 4-H year celebration.  My picture taking was lacking, but Adrian made this centerpiece, painted some wood ornaments and did a woodworking project. Audra did cheesemaking, made bath bombs and also did a woodworking project. I spent the day teaching sewing. Thankful 4-H is such a big part of their childhood.  I know I'm biased, but I think it's the best extracurricular activity out there.

Mama Made: Christmas Dresses

 On the day of a snowstorm, I found out the outfit requirements for their concert.  I wasn't quite sure when I'd squeeze in some shopping prior to concert day with the snowstorm and work, so I decided a homemade Christmas dress for Audra would be easiest.  I ended up having enough fabric to make Anna-Kate a matching one.
 Adrian was less than thrilled with having to dress up, but I do think they look festive!


 Books,go figure. A soil testing kit. Nikes (because my kids' feet keep growing). And a cowboy hat (which is a $100 hat, we looked up the value online. It makes Adrian look tough, see below). $7.
And more shoes! Did I mention their feet keep growing?  Sperrys, two New Balance.  Plus three blank journals. $3.75.
And to answer the question that often comes up...almost every thrifting post is from a different thrift store from the last. I go all over! No thrift stores?  Amazing what you can find on facebook marketplace or ebay.  Our Christmas is nearly 100% thrifted (I collect year round).  The hunt is just as fun as the purchase! 

Mama made: Dress, Apron and "BOOMERS"

Anna-Kate has been wishing for some 'Boomers', (aka Bloomers) like her sister has.  The snowday this week, I FINALLY finished this project I started a bit ago.  A long dress for old fashioned play, an apron and of course BOOMERS. She also gets excited for pockets.

 She loves it, hardly wants to take it off.
 Of course big sister is thrilled to have someone play old fashioned with her.
 Audra set up this store and cut out all these pence and half pence coins out of paper.  She organized beans, pasta and buttons, all the play food is set up (not pictured) and her vintage linens are organized.  You can shop at the general store anytime. Only nothing you buy is for keeps. 

I just love when they get into play like this!   I hope to carve out some more time to create more things to feed into their interest in playing old fashioned.  I truly love this phase!


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