Anna-Kate is ONE!

Happy, Happy Birthday to my sweet Anna-Kate! You made me wait 17 days past my due date for you, but I tell you, the wait and exhausting delivery has been completely worth it!

You have been a dream baby. So happy. Easy to soothe. A good sleeper. A hearty appetite. Very healthy.  Loves to be worn. Go with the flow. Such a perfect addition to our family.

You are a talker.  As in nonstop. You imitate everything and have so much you say on your own. You call me "Mama. Mum. Mum." Then there is "dada", "Brother" and "Awwa"(Audra). Then you say "Hi" to people, wave goodbye. You narrate what you are doing. Like picking up your shirt and tickling your belly, you say "Tickle tickle tickle".  You pet the dogs with a "Pat pat pat". You talk to the chickens with a "Peep peep peep".

And music. You dance and say "dance, dance, dance".  You request 5 different songs by either saying the part of the song you want to sing or giving us the motion. We say "Praise the Lord" and you throw your hands up.

FOOD.  You LOVE food.  Except when you are done and you throw it off your plate, all while saying "No no no".  You love all kinds of fruit, broccoli, cucumbers, cheerios and ice cream (which makes you giggle).  If it's good, you'll say "MMMM", sign "more" or say "That's good."

Speaking of giggling, brushing your teeth puts you into a fit of giggles. Every time. But pinching...we could use less of that, please and thank you.

You are so gentle with books. You'll pet them and flip the pages of chapter books like you can read a novel. You really like the "That's not my" books.

You have no interest in walking (fine with me!). You are super fast crawling and pulling yourself up.

Your fine motor skills are way too good. You find every choking hazard around this place.

You love all of us in your family equally.  You have your dad wrapped around your little finger. We are so happy to have you.

Love, Mama

9 months
6 months
(Here's 3 monthsnewborn.)

More Animals.

We totally needed more chickens like I needed five more pounds.  BUT, miniature bantams?  They are half the size of typical baby chicks. Pretty much as big as my husband's thumb. And sooooo adorable.  Four tiny bantams. 


There (hopefully) won't be many more mornings that need a fire to warm the kitchen this spring...but until then, I'm still enjoying morning meetings close to the fire.

New classes

Last school vacation, the bigs took a couple of fun classes. Adrian took Robotics and Audra took needle felting. She came home from class with a project she made specifically for each one of us.
 I thought mine was wall art, but nope. It's wearable.  She says I can wear it wherever I go. How did I get so lucky?

Bucket heads

I've worked a ton this week and have hardly seen my kids (although the bigs have been at horse camp, so they haven't really missed me). I am so thankful that tomorrow is a day at home with my bucket heads.  I thrifted these buckets for a quarter a piece, brand new. Little did I know they would double as hats.

Got wood?

Thanks to Anna-Kate, we had a big ol' tax refund.

My husband said we should each get half to spend. 

He bought plane tickets for our family.

I bought Firewood.

Clearly you can see who is the free spirit and who is the nerd.

At least we both spent it on our family, albeit different ways.

I told him the more babies we had, the bigger tax refunds we'd get.  He wasn't so interested in hearing about it.

And now I introduce ALL of our spare time:  Wood piles.
 think we'll get it stacked before Winter?  Hopeful!


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