Bookends. Pete and repeat. Twinsies. Deja vu. Mirror image.

Except one is wild and the other is tame. 

8 years of age and he's trying to tame his wild dad.  Good luck, buddy.

Easter 2019

Happy Easter

Happy Easter! The Bigs and I made acrylic cross paintings. I love them. They remind me how blessed I truly am.

My girl

She has style and chickens. This is her fave bantam and her fave silkie. Always an animal. She says she's going to be a veterinarian like her BOG.  She just may.

Stitched by her, a pillowcase

Audra and two of her friends have coordinating handmade pillowcases now. These kids are getting good at stitching! 

Spring projects.

New roof on the house (not done by us).  Garage doors painted.  Just two items off my to do list for the spring, but progress is progress! 

Old Orchard

"Mama, what's a pier?" 

Home sweet homeschool means we can opt for a field trip in addition to the dictionary.

This, my littles, is a pier. Such a foggy day, you can hardly see the waves, but you could certainly hear them. 

May I never take for granted how blessed we are living a stone's throw from coast. 


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