Their love is mutual. <3


Bunch of freeloaders.

I got four eggs today and cheered.  It's been one to two eggs for days, weeks, maybe months.


And how many chickens do I have? 

10, 20, 30, 40, 50? Probably not 50.  Probably more than 40.

I don't do chicken math.

I do count eggs...and girls.  Pick it up, please and thank you.


You know, we all have different talents. 

Some of us are born a natural makeup artist. 

And some of us aren't.  (Sara, we need Lily's help!)

Our Chicken Soup with Rice Book

Well, we did it.  For one year, we made soup once a month and learned the poem of the month from the Chicken Soup with Rice book. 

Now we have Chicken Soup with Rice in Maine

 And here are my big two, standing proud with their book.

We started last November. You can see how the weather changes, as well as how these two kids have changed! 






Nightstand books

Late night tuck-ins inspired this "What is on the nightstand" post.  This is what I found when I tucked them all in last night.  I just love how my kids are SO different in the books they pick, but pick so consistently on the things they enjoy. 

Eloise Wilkin's "New Baby" vintage Golden Book
Richard Scarry's Mother Goose
Usborne's Big Book of Fairy Tales
The Mouse Who Thought He was a Kitten vintage Golden Book
Her Bible

Visit to the Farm chapter book
Tractor Mac books
ABCs of Farm Life
Backyard Birdsongs for Birders
James Herriot Treasury
His Bible

My Husband:
Gary Paulsen's Woods Runner (a gift from Audra for Christmas)
His Bible

Old Yeller
Still More Stories from Grandma's Attic
Thornton Burgess's Whitefoot the Woodmouse
Mapmaking with Children
Country Living Magazine
BetterHomesand Gardens Magazine
Gospel Light
My Bible

And you?  What is on YOUR nightstand?


You know, it was me who begged for one more.  It was him who said "2 kids are enough."

But now he says,"How did we ever live without her?"

He's so smitten.

We all are.

Another year

Well, another birthday has come and is now gone.  Each year flies faster than the last.

My husband made me a cake with chocolate and peanutbutter together (a combo he doesn't even eat). I totally skipped dinner in favor of cake.  I worked, ran an errand by myself, took a walk, went to 4-H, had mail and phone calls from loved ones, hand drawn pictures from my littles, read extra chapters in my kids' chapter books and ate cake.  A good day, indeed.  These days I may be exhausted from keeping up with life's demands, I may have stains on my shirt, my house is not as clean as I'd like it to be and my body is definitely the aftermath of pregnancy still.   BUT...I have these three kiddos and I am totally their world. 37 years old, my heart is happy and I'm feeling mighty blessed. Another year, another cake, I feel so fortunate.


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