Mama Made: Dress


I meant to make two base layers with these three overlays (below) for Anna-Kate for Christmas.  I only ended up making one of the base layers (the pinky one).  Now she has a new green base layer for her capsule wardrobe (above). It joins these others below, which are coordinating
Although the colors don't go, the patterns are the same for the one below too. I made this set below for Audra years ago.
Anna-Kate enjoys mixing and matching them. 
She just so happens to be wearing the pants I made her below. In the picture just happens to be the blanket I did with Swedish Weaving, the pillows I dyed and the chair cushion I made.  Plus on the wall is a punched tin I made. All the homemades bring me joy.

At play


Here they are, going to the market because their mother is sick (I'm fine! This is their play.). They have to go through the snow, there is no other way, so they say.
Here they are, they have obtained provisions. 

And here they are another day, orphans trying to peddle their (snow) eggs.  The have no place to live because their mother is dead. (Why am I always sick or dead in their play?!?!)
They have quite the pilgrimage, hoping to find the orphanage.
They are much obliged, they found an orphanage with room so they shall not have to spend the night out of doors.
This kid?  Try as they may, he's over it and decidedly not playing along with their ideas. 

Always an adventure!

Ups and downs

 This last week and a half has been more taxing than I'd prefer. It seems that there are more downs than ups as of late.  The weather hasn't helped one bit today, bringing ridiculously destructive wind and cold. Good old Zippy caught me off guard, gave me a fright and then a chuckle.  I would totally love an hour of living like a cat. Some grocery store daffodils remind me that Spring must be around the corner. 

Homemade lotion


I'm always working on something 'from scratch'.  This year it's been body lotions, lotion bars, body butter.  This time I used some aloe that I grew.
I'm not skilled enough to share recipes or techniques, but have been enjoying the results from my dabbling.
My crew likes the raw ingredient creations. They say they work great.

Tea with the Queen

Big brother fixed a fancy tea party for the queen.  I let him take his surprise to her in the living room.  She wasn't dressed for the occasion with her gown, but she always has her crown as of late.



I had a chance to go thrifting.  Pictionary, a big pack of art paper, Mr. Potato head magnets, Bannagrams (still with tags!), two vintage puzzles and LL Bean hiking boots. $10 for it all.  

Little mother

 This little one is a mother to many.  She keeps moving her family.  Packs them up and moves them from one 'house' to the next.  Room to room.  She's my mini me in many,many ways, except I'm planning to never, ever, ever move again.  


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