Maine Maple Weekend

Maine Maple Weekend was this past weekend.  Maine Maple Weekend is pretty much a holiday in Maine.  Everyone and their brother, sister, cousin, 2nd and 3rd cousin was out at our local Maine Maple event.  Justin did bring the big two, but didn't stay long because there were so many people.   Most of our celebration was at home.  Pancakes.  Tea party. Gowns. The Royal Ball. Classical Music.   And then a dance partner arrived, dressed up, shocking all at The Royal Ball.  I just cannot delete any of these pics, moments I want to remember forever.


 A fur shawl, a sweater, a gardening journal, three brand new boxes of lightbulbs and a box of envelopes.  $5.25
Three brand new painting sets (hello Easter presents!),a bowl, magazine organizer, a rooster trivet and a vintage ice cube tray. We have been having fun making old fashioned ice.  $4.75


 The thaw, the freeze, the snow, the thaw, the freeze.  In the middle of all that is the chorus of birds returning to our morning.  I just cannot go outside without stopping to see if I can locate the source of the song. We also have had the pleasure of seeing more than one barred owl. The mud? So much fun for them, although laundering the muddy garments I could do without. But, I dusted off my clothes pins and put some things on the line the other day.  My forsythia that I brought inside to force bloom is bright yellow. We started our seeds and they are just beginning to pop up. Maine Maple weekend is this weekend in Maine.  So many signs that spring is beginning to emerge.  I'm so thankful to live where there are seasons.

Homemade Medieval Garb

After we posted of our fun at the Medieval Faire, a long time friend and blog reader decided to surprise Audra with a homemade four piece outfit (and gifts for the other kids as well!). Audra loves it.  She loves dressing in character and she especially loves layers. She has gotten quite a bit of use out of it. Thank you, Sara!


 FLip top bottle, hourglass, brand new basketball, a wooden ruler for my collection, a brand new thing of hair elastics, a mini cast iron pan.  $10.
A mini wire cage (that has a pricetag of $29 on it), all that vintage fabric and some notions.  $5.00.


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