Mama Made: Little Stinkers

Year four of coats as Halloween costumes. Hey, if I'm going to do all that work, I want them to wear the costume more than once!

Introducing my two skunks, my little stinkers. Their request.
 Lined it so it's extra fancy. I should have taken a pic of the back. there's a strip down it, just as a skunk would have.
 All winter, I'll have little stinkers in their mama made coats along with me running errands. 

Roaming, Home Sweet Home

 I'm so thankful for this space, the time and ability to roam free, home sweet home and the memories my children will have from their childhood.  Home is my favorite place in the whole world to be. 

At play

I'm just so happy that my beloved anamalz are getting played with! ( ). Since big brother only farms and does construction, I'm enjoying the new round of play ideas as of late.  Secretly, as a grown up, I like playing with them too.

A girl and her cat

 Zippy is the cat we found in the barn last year.  Our barn cat is definitely an indoor/outdoor cat now. Audra LOVES this cat.  Zip totally tolerates her.  He could run away, but he doesn't. I thought I'd give you a day in the life of Zip.  Make sure you watch his face in all these for a good laugh.

 And after all that, when he totally could be far, far, far away from Audra, here he is, resting next to her as she is fast asleep.  He is one special cat.


 A picture stand, three stickerbooks and a horse coloring book (brand new!), scooter (one I don't love, but considering the amount of fights we have over the sole scooter we have, worth buying anyway), a pack of pipe cleaners and a mug with a lighthouse on it (to remind me of my gram).  $5.50.
Two pairs of like new shoes and two alarm clocks.  Hoping to use those clocks to let my kids know when they can come find us in the morning. Ha!  Likelihood of working, slim.  I  have a teensy bit of hope.  $4.00

Beachy October

What great time of year it is on the coast.  The tourists have left and we can go back to having wide open beaches to ourselves.  It's a definite perk of being a local!

My Ballerina

When you just wrap up a 10 hour work day and there's one more message that pops up  in your in box and said message is this.....well, I left work with a smile on my face.


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