Homemade Medieval Garb

After we posted of our fun at the Medieval Faire, a long time friend and blog reader decided to surprise Audra with a homemade four piece outfit (and gifts for the other kids as well!). Audra loves it.  She loves dressing in character and she especially loves layers. She has gotten quite a bit of use out of it. Thank you, Sara!


 FLip top bottle, hourglass, brand new basketball, a wooden ruler for my collection, a brand new thing of hair elastics, a mini cast iron pan.  $10.
A mini wire cage (that has a pricetag of $29 on it), all that vintage fabric and some notions.  $5.00.


Not only have we seen oodles of robins, but so many other birds too!  Their songs are such a delight!  I didn't realize how quiet the winter days are until the chorus has returned.  Still we are covered under a blanket of snow, but not for long. One of the great things about seasons is spring brings out our desire to record everything in our nature journals. I'm not one to ever mind winter, but I also look forward to the coming of spring!


Don't bother her. She's busy listening to music.  That beat must be a good one because it comes with dance moves. Little did I know that these ear muffs had tunes in them. Keep jammin' in your mama made Jammies, Anna-Kate. Don't let anyone dull your tune.

Animal Girl

This girl hardly ever plays with toys, but almost always has an animal close by.  Can you count how many she has here? Three.  Zippy. Nadia. Holly. I wonder how many other girls out there snuggle a cat, guinea pig and black lab at the same time?

Kids Crafting: Bags

A canvas bag and some heat and bond. Plus Adrian and his sharpie. Totes in style!

Eight and a HALF!

Here's 6 1/2
Here he was at 2.
Here he was at 18 months.
(And before that, I wasn't a blogger).
 Well, Adrian. You are eight and a HALF. And you have been waiting for this half birthday and the celebration you're sure you will have.

Let's see. The things you love.  Farming. Trucks. John Deere. Overalls. Carhart. Camouflage. The same things you have loved your whole life.  This encompasses what you play, what you think about and what you draw.

Speaking of drawing, you draw everyday without fail.  Mostly pencil drawings with twistables to color it in. You've grown a lot in your skill with adding details. You love drawing farming scenes and scenes from the books you love.

Speaking of books, you love, love, love listening to books.  You would be happy to be read to 24/7. In fact you are adamantly against going anyplace (even something that is social/would be fun) if it cuts into our evening book time. You love to find folks who like to talk about books with you.  You love it best when I read to you but you are also very happy with audio books. Your fave books are Where the Red Fern Grows, Old Yeller, Ferdinand, Katy the Snowplow, all the Tractor Mac books, Redwall, Stonefox and the list goes on and on and on. You also still spend hours cutting and pasting things you enjoy (mostly tractors) into composition books. I think you are on your 6th packed book.  Each is filled to the max with many pictures the size of your thumbnail.

Food is also very important to you. Your most favorite is any fruit crisp, but you are always looking for any and all desserts. You are a great eater of many things, but would be thrilled with meal after meal with oatmeal or PBJ.

You love to work, love to help, love to be in charge. You love safety rules and love to be with your parents. But, you do love your friends, for sure! Your future plans are to live with us forever and open up a John Deere dealership.  I just love watching you grow!  Blessed to be your mama!

Love you lots, Adrian!

Love, Mama


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