Alllllllllll the sugar

LOTSA sugar. Tis the season. 
Unexpected events have led me states away from my big two.  Goodness, I miss them so.  I read to them over the phone tonight. I have never been away from them overnight except when giving birth.
But I do have the tiny one with me.  Prayers for health and an uneventful 2018 for my family are definitely in motion. <3  I left unplanned, so I don't have pictures uploaded for sharing.  Although my posting may be sparse, thoughts and prayers are definitely appreciated.

A good, good week.

This week flew by. How is it Saturday already?!

It's been a good, good week. 

One of my goals for my family for the Christmas season is for us to not get knee deep in the "What's in it for me" mentality.

This week I am proud to say my kids have not been "mine-o-saurs".

They played board games at an assisted living with our 4-H group on Wednesday.

They brought a story and craft to do with the kids in a special needs preschool with our homeschool co-op on Thursday.

They spent their morning making cards for a different assisted living community, joined the residents for music time and then passed their cards out on Friday. (Lovely cards below)
There are 9 days left before Christmas.  How many days can we squeeze in a bit of above and beyond kindness to others?  I'm challenging our family. Perhaps you can join us and challenge yours.

Tis the season.

We're Decked 2017

This tree is finally up. We're decked.  Homegrown, hand cut, popped in a winebarrel on top of burlap sacks I got for free at the local coffee roasting company.  Whimsical. Festive. Free. Good enough. It's unique and different and it makes us all happy.
 Although, real life, I cannot say the decorating was all joyful. My frustration with the chaos and mess in the top pic, paralleled with my husband taking a snooze, not worried a bit with the house still a disaster in the bottom pic.  Alas, all is tidied, festive and complete.
The merriment was there, though.
 Especially given it's little miss's first Christmas.  Next up, Christmas cookies making, per request.  It wouldn't be Christmas without cookies. The Santa who visits this house agrees wholeheartedly.

It's lovely weather for a sleigh ride together

Image may contain: 2 people, people smiling, outdoor
When I'm at work and I get this pic Emailed to me from my husband.  SO thankful these kids have an AWESOME dad who does so much with them and for them.  Apparently Anna-Kate enjoyed her first sledding adventure.  It's 11:45pm now and she's up telling me all about it (darn teeth!).  Oh, and that hat...hand knit by an awesome co-worker (thanks Steff!).  More snow in the forecast.  Loving the winter wonderland.

First Snow

Glad we brought that Christmas tree in, as it would have been snowcovered just hours after my crew cut it down.  It's a winter wonderland out there now.

 Anna-Kate's first snow.
 Since it won't be her last, we'll just stay inside by the fire.  Happy winter, Mainers!

Oh Christmas Tree

Nothing like an impending snowstorm to get us to bring a tree in as soon as possible.  Ordinarily we all go together to pick and cut, but it was not possible this year to get everyone awake/ready/outside before the snow.  I stayed with the baby and my husband went with the two big kids.

I looked out the window and saw this:
 Yup, those would be the big two kids dragging this tree alllllll the way back home on their own.  My husband supervising.
 I tell you, this man knows how to work smarter and not harder.

 They knew it had to be 'the one' because of the nest in it.  Have I shown Adrian's nest collection? It's all over half of our living room. One more to add to his massive collection.
 And here she is. Charlie Brown would be proud.  Homegrown, hand cut and a white pine. (So no needles lost in the house, even if you don't water. My kind of tree!)
 And look at city-boy-who-is-never-ever-going-to-be-a-farmer giving the thumbs up and posing like he did the work!  Tree is cut, next up is to get it up and decorated...hopefully before Christmas. It is snowing as I type, glad we got this tree in before the winter wonderland covered it.

Crafty kids.

Lately I have been less than stellar at remembering my camera when we go places. Since I do not own a cell phone, if I forget my camera, I have no way of taking any photos.  We had an old fashioned Thanksgiving program, two hikes in the woods, twice to the ocean and oodles of 4-H experiences lately...and no camera. Perhaps a couple of pics after the fact, but not during. Thankful for my 4-H friends, as I can always count on them to snap a couple. It's fun to actually be in the pictures for a change too. 

A couple of crafty coasters.
 And scooters decked for the holiday parade.
And my little reindeer in the Christmas parade.
Image may contain: 1 person, sitting and child
And look at that, me too! (Thanks Jen)
Image may contain: 1 person, sitting and outdoor
Maybe one of these days, I'll snap out of confused brain and get back into my thinking brain. Pictures or no pictures, it's nice to have the memories!


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