Sweet sweet memories today of my mom, who would have been 67 today. I think of her daily, thankful she poured her whole heart into me for those 15 years I had her in my life. Since she loved chocolate, I think we'll have some brownie pudding while I think of such thankful thoughts that I had an amazing role model for 15 years of my life.  Looking forward to someday walking on the streets of gold together.


Sisters. And spring has sprung. Finally. So much pink in our yard right now.

First birthday re-cap

Happy First Birthday party celebration to Anna-Kate!

The feast. Pineapple. Strawberries, Chicken, Pasta Salad. All her favorites. Goodness, she ate as much as the adults!
 The fan club
 The birthday girl

And the cake.


Going, going, going....


 Her first experience with cake was certainly a delightful one.  We love you, Anna-Kate!

Birthday Handmades

I still have oodles of pics to go through from Anna-Kate's birthday, but I will start out with the handmades.

Made by me:  A onesie turned into a dress.

From Audra...
 It's a shrug!  A handmade and embroidered shrug. Somehow she just took scissors to a piece of scrap fabric and ended up with this. fit Anna-Kate!

 I think a homemade shrug made by big sister is a most perfect birthday surprise.


Just when I thought I was going to lose my marbles, this happened.

Audra "made" breakfast.  She sliced banana bread, peeled oranges and harvested and snipped green onions.  We even had ketchup and hot sauce to go along with the meal.  Plus she set the table. 

While I thought she expected us to just snack on the green onions topped with ketchup at first, I was wrong. She said "Mama, now I need you to help me get set up to make eggs. The green onions will go in the eggs."

I tell you, I could get used to this "made just for you" breakfast feast.


I was going through a pile of stuff and found Audra's map.  This is her world, a map she made at Homeschool Co-op.  I taught the class entitled "Around the World with Jan Brett". Each one of those continents kids made a perforated edge with a nail to punch out. It took weeks, so this project is really special.  This was two semesters ago. Last semester I taught "Little House on the Prairie" again (my fave to teach).  Next semester I'm putting together "Hooray for Habitats". Adrian has taken some great classes this past year too-art, mad science, penmanship, T-ball.We feel so blessed to have such an awesome co-op, great friends and interesting classes.

Happy Mother's Day

Goodness, I'm never in pictures. Found this old selfie, thankful for a Mother's Day with my trio...and all our other critters. Happy Mother's Day to all you mamas out there!


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