Pretty Flower

I got this Email while I was at work. "Someone wants to send a smile. Look at the pretty flower I found in our woods." This picture was attached.  I'm so thankful that my so capable and awesome husband takes great care of my kids while I work.  He does fun things with them, teaches them and enjoys them.  They have a super tight bond with him and for all that I am thankful.  Really, couldn't ask for a better dad or a prettier flower to brighten my day.


As Monday hits and I head off to work, I am thankful to not only get a kiss from my little guy, one that "lasts all day", but this time around, I get this little picture of Adrian and his cow.
He even made a heart that goes right before the picture.
 I'll also think of him as I have to step over the transient pasture he set up in the middle of our walkway.
 Wherever I go, there he is. Always.

Have you hugged your farmer lately?  Goodness, so I enjoy hugging mine!



It all started while I was on maternity leave in 2012.  I called to tell my dad "that house" was for sale.  He knew exactly what I was talking about, as it was the house I fell in love with in 2006 and talked about a number of times.  He said "Did you call the relator?  If you never tried, wouldn't you always wonder?"

It was a crazy ride getting here, but I can say this is my backyard, this is my farm, these are my cows. It's humbling that we have come this far and I am pretty sure I want this life for always.

Bringing Back an Old Apple Tree

In 2006, I would not have believe you if you told me I'd have a number of trees I brought back to production through pruning 10 years later.  No way would I. 

That's when I started reading up on pruning, bringing back to life the two apple trees in our front yard then. Thankful that there's more trees on this old farm to play with.

This one is closest to our house out of all the apple trees I've found on the property. I think I've found 6 so far.  I spent a good chunk of the day in February 2014 and a good chunk of the day February 2015 pruning, trying to keep from freezing, sporting a pair of snowshoes.

It was a gamble at the time.  "Am I wasting my time?" I recall saying to my husband.  In August, Audra tried an apple. Gross. We tried again just last week. Totally edible now!  Not super sweet, but sweet enough! They are small, but there's TONS of them. I barely touched the bounty, bringing in 49 pounds. I let the chickens have a go too, they've been loving it. I've also seen the deer come by.  I need to make time to go out there and get more.  (Working on the grapes now. Hard to find time for everything!)

Regardless, seeing the apples galore feels like a victory. We have more apple butter than we'll use this year and we have some applesauce too.

It's a little deceiving to post this series of pictures. You can scroll through and see the pruning, the spring blossoms, the bounty, the prep, the kitchen time and the result in less than 30 seconds.  The fun and the glorious moments.  But what you miss is the oodles and oodles of hours in between.  Certainly not a quick hobby by any means, but it's one that gives my family oodles of homegrown/homemade/organic goodness. For that, I'm thankful.



 Wool skirt for upcycling.  The bowl set with all the mini bowls. Those vintage cone things that are for some type of pastry.  Half yard white fabric. Nearly 2 yards red wool. $5.50
Farm puzzle. Child sized guitar. Book. Melissa and Doug lacing bears. $5.00

Zoo 2015

We've never been to the Wild Kingdom this late in the season. The cooler temps meant the lions and tigers were super active.  A good day indeed!




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