Homeschool "Science"

Know what one of the best part of homeschooling is? That you don't have to plan every lesson. So often, the experience can become the teacher. We didn't cancel school the other day, we went instead to the most appropriate classroom for the subject. We brought along our current book. They discovered, explored and asked questions.  We talked about water flow, gravity and what sorts of creatures live in these waters.  We talked about vernal pools. I didn't plan any of this.  I didn't initiate any of these discussions.  I just brought them and we talked. As an added bonus, they got exercise and the fresh air was fantastic for our mental health.  They will remember this experience and what they learned a lot longer than any worksheet.  


Spring feels

 Basil, tomatoes, kale sprouting so far. We're thrilled thinking green. Thankful we had what we needed to plant before this pandemic.

Below is our 'spring' table. I forced that forsythia, incubator is full, propagating elderberries and first round of seeds started.
 Eggs have been plentiful.  Each morning, we collect our breakfast before frying them up.  I've also been digging a lot of parsnips and notice I can start grabbing some fresh green onions out there. Cilantro is already popping up in the garden. Strawberries wintered well. Garlic is up. Thankful for this garden fresh produce.
 She is my best egg collector.
 I haven't been to the store since March 7th.  I went down to the basement to see what we had. Thankful for some more homemade bread, a roast from my dad, diced tomatoes from my last year garden, green beans I grew last year, roasted tomato sauce x2, pear sauce from the fall and grape concentrate that I will make into grape juice. Almost all of this was homegrown.  Thankful for the effort I put in last year.
 Add that to my misfit produce ( , code COOKWME-LH0QGS), we're doing pretty well.

 We've been having a lot of rice and beans and beans and rice too, from my emergency stocked pantry. I'm the most appreciative I have ever been for our meals lately. (Below rice, topped with saucy beans, green onions, tortilla chips with mushrooms and carrots. Yes, my kids definitely eat this and love it).
My husband still has to work, but the rest of us are staying home, home, home. Eat well, get fresh air and stay healthy, friends.

Cracked Rock

If you are a kid and have been to our house in the last couple years, chances are you have been to cracked rock. 

They have been spending hours at cracked rock. There's quite the bridge crossing the vernal pool now , a seesaw they built, a clothesline a picnic area and more.  Audra has been weaving pine needles out there and Adrian has been carving sticks.  Adrian said "Mama, can we do this stay at home thing every year?"  We are hanging in there, hope you are too.

Mama Made: Truck Shirt

I made things for his sisters, only fitting that I'd make something for him too.  He's 9 1/2 and still loves to wear the things I make him. I tell all my kids that wearing a handmade is like carrying a hug from mama with you.  These uncertain times call for a little extra love from mama.

 My oldest and youngest, both in their mama mades.  (I made Adrian's shirt and pants. I made Anna-Kate's dress).

Mama Made: Shirt/dress

Want to know what's super annoying?  When you have parents who have rules such as 'Leggings are not pants' and 'No, you may not wear leggings places unless you have a shirt long enough to cover your behind'. 'But mom, EVERYONE else wears leggings as pants with short shirts.  Besides, I don't have any t-shirts that are long enough.'  And now? Now she has a dress/shirt that is long enough.  She picked out the fabric.  She loves it and wants more. I think the look is pretty darn adorable.

Mama Made: Easter Dress

We won't be going anywhere for Easter, but I did a little 'therapy' for me and finished an Easter dress for Anna-Kate. One thing that I have learned is making it a couple sizes too big so it lasts for at least a couple years.  I've never made pockets like this before, still learning. She loves it.

Homeschool "PE"

Know how our homeschool day started?  Kids were outside in the snow for two hours. Well, 2/3 of the kids. The third says, "I not going out there."

It's your homeschool. You make the rules.  You're the boss.  Read the situation and make choices best for your family.  You can do this.

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