Then...And now.


And now...oh sweet memories.


There (hopefully) won't be many more mornings that need a fire to warm the kitchen this spring...but until then, I'm still enjoying morning meetings close to the fire.

New classes

Last school vacation, the bigs took a couple of fun classes. Adrian took Robotics and Audra took needle felting. She came home from class with a project she made specifically for each one of us.
 I thought mine was wall art, but nope. It's wearable.  She says I can wear it wherever I go. How did I get so lucky?

Bucket heads

I've worked a ton this week and have hardly seen my kids (although the bigs have been at horse camp, so they haven't really missed me). I am so thankful that tomorrow is a day at home with my bucket heads.  I thrifted these buckets for a quarter a piece, brand new. Little did I know they would double as hats.

Got wood?

Thanks to Anna-Kate, we had a big ol' tax refund.

My husband said we should each get half to spend. 

He bought plane tickets for our family.

I bought Firewood.

Clearly you can see who is the free spirit and who is the nerd.

At least we both spent it on our family, albeit different ways.

I told him the more babies we had, the bigger tax refunds we'd get.  He wasn't so interested in hearing about it.

And now I introduce ALL of our spare time:  Wood piles.
 think we'll get it stacked before Winter?  Hopeful!

April Sleet

We had a mid April Sunday with snow, sleet and ice.

No big deal, Audra can still find green onions in the garden.  She's been keeping us in regular supply.

The spring planting and summer harvest is around the corner. It has to be.  We're ready!

This girl...

I got this dress for a buck. But, let's be honest, who notices the dress when the baby is this adorable?!


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