Latch hook kit. Spring links, Took kit (for the kids), old fashioned gloves for Audra. Stickers.  $6.50.  Plus quarter samplers.


I cannot get enough of this duo. <3 

VBS x2

Another year, another TWO VBS camps.  Lucky kids.


Two pairs of smartwool.  A Texas Longhorn cookie cutter, vintage Thronton Burgess. A sampler. Blue jars. $4.50.

And more quarter samplers.


Two vintage aprons, two John Deere things, a brand new wiffle ball and a planter for succulents. $3.50.
And some more quarter samplers.

Flower Challenge, cont

Flower Challenge

Audra and I are still working on our flower bouquet challenge. We're trying to share flowers 10 times this summer.

Here's #3

Here's 4.


Brand new crafting kit. Vintage scissors. Hardcovered books. Wooden utensils. Gloves.  $5.00
Plus quarter samplers below.


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