Happy Valentine's Day!

Making our Valentines the way we know best.  Add a homemade card and there you go.  Homemade/handmade always has the most love I'd say.  Recipe here. Happy Valentine's day to you!

Making the days better

So many changes lately, such small changes from an adult perspective, but such monumental changes from a smaller perspective. 

So we together work on things that bring joy. Strawberry Rhubarb Crisp (strawberries and rhubarb picked and froze when fresh) and a guitar made from our own squash.  Together time and happy things makes us all more centered. We're over the hump now and onto smooth waters. 

Thank you ladies!

Our feathered friends, we're mighty happy with them!  3 dozen eggs over summer went to a half dozen a day this winter.  Well, yesterday we had 23 and today we had 22 eggs. Haven't had that many since October.  Likely with this cold snap, production will decrease again, but how fun is it to collect a basket full?!

The first 3 pics were taken by a friend (Thank you Bryce!).

Celebrating our ladies with my fave miniature girl.

Thank you, ladies! 

Cream Cheese

We have enjoyed having fresh cream cheese in the mix now.  It's the newest cheese I've been working on learning.
 Bagels with cream cheese, naturally.  Some of our own pumpkin bread topped with cream cheese.  (No matter how much pumpkin stuff I make, we still have MORE pumpkin!). Plus a cake with frosting made with homemade butter and cream cheese?  I tell you, good stuff.

 And we made a big batch of cream of mushroom soup concentrate (recipe here).  Or I should say my kids made it. They did almost all the work. 

 Green bean casserole anyone?  With homemade/hand milked cream of mushroom soup with gardens we froze in the summer?  That's what's for dinner this week. And weeks to come given the extras are headed to the freezer.


Potluck?  I'm all sorts of routine now.  Chili potluck?  I've got the cheese, milk and butter.  Taco potluck?  I've got the cheese, sour cream and milk.  Breakfast potluck?  I've got the milk, cream cheese and the cream.  The dessert potluck? I've got the milk and the pudding. The no theme potluck? I'll make a theme for the potluck...the theme will be dairy as I bring the milk, cheese, etc...

You get the idea.

I volunteer for the milk, butter and cheese. Again. And again. And again.  No one has complained, but I feel a bit like a broken record.  I said to my husband that I felt bad that I kept bringing the same thing. I told him I didn't want it to seem like I was taking the easy way out.

He just looked at me, smiled and shook his head.  "Clearly your offerings aren't the easy way out. You milked the cow to make all that stuff for crying out loud. How is that the easy way out?"

Point taken. 
Which is good, as come Thursday, I was planning on bringing milk to go along with cookies anyhow.

Winter Wonderland

Snow. More coming as I type.  So glad to finally get the snowshoes out.

Before the snow

These pics are all from last week....when we'd go outside, even in the evening, without coats. When the snow was almost all gone and it felt like sprint.

Then we got 10 inches of snow. It looks totally different now. I'll show you the 'now' in tomorrow's post because I have oodles of the beauty out there now. 

But, I don't want to skip over the beauty and memories of last week.  Plus because one of the days, Audra decided that wherever she went, she was going to fly.  And that she did. I want to remember these days.


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