A fort building book, a terra cotta pot, Find it game, barn boots, a bird, a pack of candles and two vintage thermos containers. $7.00
 And look at these vintage books. I think I paid $8 for them all. And below...fifty cents to a dollar. 
 A vintage hat, two vintage tins, homemade pants for Anna-Kate, wool socks, a quilting ruler and brand new coleman rainpaints for my husband. $6.50.


Year after year, Punkinfiddle, our National Estuaries Day celebration, doesn't disappoint.


Our last yard was a 'rake everyday for months and still never keep up with it' sort of yard. This house's yard is a 'hurry up and gather the leaves before the wind blows them away' sort of yard.  HURRY KIDS, gather fall, before it blows away! 

New student

We have new student 'round these parts. She loves to do whatever they are doing.


Last year at Kona Ironman World Championships, there was a horrific accident and my brother nearly died.

He's worked so hard recovering and got a wildcard to go back to Kona this year.  He got SIXTH place in the world. That's right. 6th in the World!

I'm over here grinning ear to ear, feeling mighty proud and thankful for answered prayers.

You are amazing, Matt!

Recap 6th Annual Country Kids Party

Another Country Kids party has come and gone, our 6th annual party (how is that possible?!). I took zero pictures, thankful for Becky who sent me these pics.  As always, it goes so fast and I hardly have a chance to chat with those who come.  We were blessed with 47 people at our party and thankful for the generous chunk of money for the food pantry.  My heart is always full when these fields are full and I will forever remember the kid giggles during the pie eating competition.  Our Country Kids party was later than I intended this year, but we did it and I have a feeling these kids will remember this one for a long time. Thanks for coming, friends.


I rescued homemade pajama pants for Adrian (which these are flannel and his fave), an old fashioned nightgown for Audra (which she wears constantly), a 100% wool hand knitted sweater for Anna-Kate, The Hobbit the Lord of the Rings trilogy, a belt for me and vintage pillowcases.  $5.50
Portable CD player (perfect for audiobooks), Story cubes (awesome game!!), bird fabric, plain white cotton, complete Bead Set playgame, Shirley Temple paperdolls and a Thornton Burgess book (that I already had...oops). $5.25.


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