Invite: 4th Annual Country Loving Kids Fun

*Note...last year I had requests to have something set up for folks to donate to the cause online.  Message me if you want to participate. If you're local, please come and bring your friends. If you are not local, supporting us with a good old thumbs up is helpful too!

What? A simple, country kids festival to celebrate the country in our kids. There might be simple games, perhaps a craft, you can pick some wildflowers, take a walk in the field, feed the goats, hold a tiny goat, snuggle a chicken, catch the train going by, help us clear out the secret garden, etc.  Sept. 2nd 4:00-6:30 at our house in Wells, Maine.
Cost? This is our annual party for charity. This year the donations we collect will go towards foster care. My husband and I have been working on becoming foster parents since February. We have not been able to become foster parents because (although functional) our stairway railing in this historic home is not tall enough for us to be approved by the state to be a suitable placement. The change is costly. During this process, we have discovered it is not atypical for a family to be denied because of railing heights or window sizes or other state regulations. Currently there are not funds to help families meet state regulations. If a family, who otherwise is an excellent fit for fostering, cannot front the cost for the changes, they are not able to become foster parents. Funding has been a stumbling block for us given our extra funds are all going towards fixing serious foundation problems with the barn. We cannot afford to do both. Funds collected will go to people like us...people who have the heart to help children in foster care, but cannot until costly changes are made to their home.

What to wear? Overalls, plaid shirts, blue jean dresses, cowboy boots, barn boots, straw hats. Or whatever suits your fancy.

 Food? We'll have lemonade, light snacks, as well as a couple desserts. Bring your own drink and sandwich and plan to have a picnic with us.

Come anytime 4:00 and after (not before please). Stop by for a quick visit or stay for a bit. Come young, come old, and plan to have some fun! It's a family event.

To see some fun from last year and year before, look here:

(If you could let me know you might stop by, that would help us plan. Facebook event linked here.  Thanks! And if you do come, please don't park on the road. In the driveway or drive around back of our house to the field. Let's keep everyone safe!)


Squeeeeee!  Tiny baby goats..all ours!

Meet Serena:

And Sophia

We are all smitten!  My kids have been out there by the hour just snuggling them. (And maybe the adults have been doing the same)

 I keep hearing 'Take my picture!" Gladly.

 (On a sad note, we got these because we no longer have our milk cow. While I loved, loved, loved having a milk cow, it's just not safe for me to keep a fence jumper around my free range kids.  We miss her oodles, but are thankful we have a freezer full of milk and milk products. I have learned SO SO SO much this last year. We will absolutely have another cow again someday.  Right now, I'm taking a break from milking and am thinking about getting back to my original plan of goats milk when these tiny goats are ready..  We actually bought the cow because the female goat we had never no babies and no milk.   I'm thankful for and happy about these two little goats. There's something to be said for having animals the kids can handles by themselves.  )

Back to the goats.  I love them so.


Nature book, bag of ribbon, Duck book, metal scoop (just like my mom used to have in her flour), yard of fabric, brand new animal print stack. $6.00
Plus all of these fab books I'm putting away for gifts. $5.25.

Airport Tour

We went on a really neat trip to tour the local airport recently.  We got to tour the hangers, watch them do some maintenance, sit in a plane, learn all about getting a personal pilot's license and have lunch watching the airplanes take off and land right in front of us. It was really neat.  This particular airport has all the types of gas you'd need for your personal plane, so folks flying places stop and use the facility as a 'rest stop'. Can you imagine planning your rest stops as you fly to wherever you'd like in your personal plane?  Fun to think about.


My little girl has taken a love to needlepoint lately. I keep giving her these felt squares and she just stitches away. She has a whole pile of them now.  I think they'd make a perfect banner, but convincing her an idea that was my idea is a good one isn't an easy feat.  So teenager of her....already.  Maybe she'll come around. If not, we'll just have a basket of beautifully stitched samplers, which is also a beautiful thing.


As of late, especially after our trip to my hometown, I have constant requests to tell about my childhood. "Mama, tell me more!"  Sometimes it's hard to muster up yet another story when they have heard so much.  Just today I was telling them about our summertime day to day tradition. My mom would bring us to swim lessons at the local beach, the moms used to huddle under the small pavilion shelling peas/snapping beans/chatting while simultaneously urging us to plunge into the frigid waters for lessons, followed by an occasional stop at the store for a slush puppy (are all those flavors still around? Watermelon...yum!), home to have a swig from our outside water fountain (at our own was a really neat thing to have at home!) with a daily picnic outside on our red picnic table.  We then would huddle on the couch and my mom would read us afternoon books on the many as we wanted. Then we were outside playing or helping in the garden until my dad came home for evening chores/dinner.

Fond memories of just the special day to day.  We sort of do some of the same summer traditions as my childhood today, only  in what seems to be reverse.  We do not have an outside water fountain, but after telling my kids about that today, I think I have one on my 'want' list.  Regular summer days at home here start with chores, garden work/time for them to play or help, lunch on the screen porch, then as many books as they want on the picnic blanket outside (today I read 20, Twenty!), then either a dip in the kiddie pool or a dip in the ocean (we go, swim and come back all within the hour, how lucky are we!), followed by dinner.  I wonder if these are the types of things they'll tell their children when they hear "Tell me more!"?

There's a little tradition we do here that was not a childhood tradition for me.  An hour before bed, it's no clothes, just underwear time.  Don't worry, just the kids, not me. I'm betting this will be something that they will remember. 

If not, it's mighty cute for me to see their cute little selves running around as free as a bird.

Gardening 2016: Update 5

The other 2016 updates

Garden Update #1

Update 2
Update 3

Update 4

And this pic was from just about a month ago, when I meant to do another garden update:

 And this was August 18th
 Certainly the weeds have one up on me this year. That's what happens with two weeks away. I just give up.  I could talk about the annoying cucumber beetle, squash bugs, potato bugs or the Mexican bean beetle. Truth is, I'm great about planting and growing and have a lot to learn about pest management. 

On the bright side? I timed my pole beans and my sunflowers perfectly, so my pole beans really did climb my sunflowers (I started the sunflowers 5 weeks earlier than the beans). 255 pounds of produce have been brought in. We've had potatoes once and have a ton more to dig. We've had corn once and more are coming. There's some produce in our freezer now.  There's also a whole lot of tomatoes. Yum.

 Each and every meal is almost all garden fresh.  Certainly time intensive, but so good.

 I also planted a lot more flowers than years past. Certainly the perennials are abundant here, but it's been nice having the zinnias, glads, dahlias, buckwheat, cosmos, marigolds and sunflowers add that pop of color to the garden. You bet that I've been bringing in bouquets too.
 I wonder if my kids someday will say, "My mom used to always have flowers on the table." I love bringing that color in.


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