This weekend the girls got into their dress up fun again. They were poor homeless orphans who didn't have much.  I made them a baked potato and they packed that and set out to have their lunch in the cold. 

The good news is they came across good fortune and their whole life changed by the afternoon.  Anna-Kate is wearing the fancy gown the thrift shop set aside just for her.  

I just love when they get into the fun. 

Warm Days

As predicted, it warms up and we go to the beach. A lovely night tonight. 

10 photos of Joy

The 10 photos of joy, 10 days facebook photo challenge, except all 10 in a row.  

I've been the same all my life, but the older I get, the less I try to fit in, the more I just embrace being me and the more I find people who just love me for me. ❤
Thanks to my husband for being my comic relief through all the mess and the beauty.

An Arctic Adventure

Our good friend Carla thought it would be a good idea to research and present some Arctic animals.  I love watching their confidence speaking in front of a crowd.  The girls may even do this for their 4-H presentation. 

At the Rink

 I know I'm a broken record, I say this all the time, but they are SO LUCKY to have free access to this rink.  Afternoon skating it's often just us. We go regularly. Just when I think they are SO SPOILED, the Zamboni comes along and gives them fresh ice.  We are so so so fortunate.

First Aid Fun

 We have worked sooo hard on this unit for our 4H club.  Using club money, we hunted down the supplies and we have had two meetings making the kits and learning about what to do in an emergency.  I remember when I did this when I was a kid, I hope their first aid kits will be as useful as mine was when I was a kid. 

Here's Adrian teaching about the Heimlich maneuver.  


One day at a time

 When there's so much goodness planned that is so close you can almost reach it, and then it just doesn't happen. That was this weekend and is the reality of life with the cards we've been dealt quite often.  And so, we made lemonade out of lemons.  So thankful we live here.


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