More Picnics

Continuing this picnic a week for the months of summer.

Location: Coastal.

Entertainment: A little live music, sand and water.

Meal: Strawberry shortcake. That's a meal, right?

Where will your picnic be this week?  Do plan one!



Published. Twice.

Pretty excited to bring you another round of my 'stuff' published.

Round one: Our local travel guide

And this awesome magazine, "Modern Farmstead".

That's where you'll find the post of the day. It's something new that I wrote just for the magazine.  Here's the screen shots.

And please do read it here! Pages 20-23; 40-41.While you're at it, sign up so you don't miss an issue. Free magazine, can't beat that!

Random smiles

Just a few more random smiles from our trip...

"Mama, we saved a space for you to sleep in between us."



Ahh, weekend.

Why, hello, weekend. May you find yourself enjoying your favorite snack in your special spot this weekend. And if your favorite snack is raw rhubarb and your favorite spot is a black walnut tree...well, you could keep her good company. No judging here!

Field Trips

Types of things we do on vacation other than spend time with our family?  It's agriculture. It's old time fun. It's memories. It's a whole lot of pictures in ones post (I need to catch up!)

1) Ben and Jerry's


2) Dairy Princess Parade, aka "Farming Parade"


3) The Antique Engine Festival

 4) And a quick visit is better than none at the Almanzo Wilder Farm


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