Well, the forecast earlier in the week didn't leave me to believe we'd have this beautiful blanket. We're all excited about the snow.  The wind, though, we could do without.  
 Been enjoying bringing in bowls of snow to play with inside. Best way to turn this frown upside down.

Mama Made: Upcycled Nightgown

This nightgown is very special to Audra.  I always tell her that mama made jammies are like sleeping snuggled up with a hug from mama.  This nightgown is from her dad's old shirt, so she says it's like sleeping in a hug from both mom AND dad.

It's funny how these pics don't look that different, but trust me, they are!  I cut off the collar and the area around the shoulders.  I tailored the bottom part to fit Audra at her shoulders.  I cut the cuffs off and made them into the new, rounded collar. I cut and gathered the sleeves to make them puffed at the top and elastic at the bottom. It doesn't look that different, but it truly is! 

Here's the before/after.
I think you can see here more how it's tailored.  She loves it!

This girl...

 This girl is running around, staying dry, in her underoos, so proud of herself!
Someday she is going to love these pics.  Okay, maybe not.  But I sure do!


 Best time of year to go thrifting!  Everyone is cleaning out!  I often stock up for next year's Christmas or the next size up.  Pic above:  Books, a paint your own horse set.  Advent candle with all the candles, wiffle ball, clipboard container, transferware dish, two blank journals. $4.75
Toms, skates, BOGs and two pairs of quality mittens: $6.00


I've had the pleasure of having two afternoons of sewing lessons at my house this month.  My favorite part is already seeing some independence in the kids.  I'd love nothing more than for these kids to become confident in sewing on their own so we will one day have another generation of handcrafters.

Nature Skate

We are so blessed that our dear neighbors (thank you!!!!) allowed us to skate on their property  that abuts a river, which freezes from just beyond their property and upstream. My husband brought our kids on a 'nature skate' as they traveled up the river on skates two days in a row (before the snowstorm hit us). How neat is that?! Anna-Kate tried ice skates for about two seconds flat. Then she decided it was more fun to eat snacks and watch. The big kids, however, would do this daily if weather allowed.


Happy Birthday!

 Happy birthday to my husband, the man who is truly the most hands on dad there is.  These kids are lucky to be raised by such a fun loving man! What can I say?  Although he says 'no more', this man does love babies!

Adrian and his daddy

Audra and her daddy
Anna-Kate and her daddy

Mama Made: New Pajamas

My husband and I loved Anna-Kate's Christmas Jammies so much that I decided to make another pair.  Anna-Kate loves talking about cookies, so here are her cookie jammies! 

 This pic below, wasn't staged. Just our pups and littles doing what they do.

 My two girls, each in their mama mades.


 Best time of year to go thrifting!  Everyone else is getting rid of their junk.  Their trash may be my treasure!  Pic above:  Sneakers for Audra, bin for Adrian's erector set, Miss Rumphius (love that book), Shrinkydinks, Shel Silverstein Light in the Attic, brand new hide a key, English Muffin cookie cutters (I've always used a big bisquit or a hamburger mold, this is great to find!).  Get this. $4.75.
Store up for next Christmas! Two building sets and a loom set.  Brand new.  $6.50.


Goodness.  This photo right here. It has my heart. 

I was cleaning up breakfast and heard the girls chattering away. Just under my nose, Audra managed to not only change her outfit to old fashioned, but also change Anna-Kate out of her pajamas into this.  Playing "old fashioned" followed for some time.

Stay just like this, girls.  Carefree, imaginary, poised and independent. And may the the images of these wonderful times stay in my memories forever.

Kids CAN Grow!

Adrian had a really neat opportunity last summer that I never wrote about.  He took part in a program called "Kids Can Grow".  It's run by our extension office and is designed to encourage and equip kids to garden.  In addition to being paired with a master gardener (Thank you Wendy!) who helped him set up and fill his own raised bed garden, he had six Saturday classes teaching him about gardening. Adrian has been gardening his whole life with me, but has never been as enthusiastic about gardening as now. He is so proud of his raised bed and had so much pride when it was time to eat what he grew.  I'm wondering what he'll be planting this year?  It's his choice, we shall see! 

Cat Carrier

Apparently what Audra REALLY wanted for Christmas was a pet carrier. "You know, mama, the ones that people bring on planes." Only she told us pretty much on Christmas Eve that it was the one thing she really wanted.  It didn't happen.  However, while we were out and about spending her Christmas money, she found one for $5.00!  I was worried that this would be Zippy's worst nightmare, but he doesn't mind being toted around. In fact, sometimes she leaves it open and he crawls in to sleep in it on his own.   Zippy is a really awesome cat. 


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