8th Birthday Recap

 Dinner of choice: Hot dogs (again), Mac n Cheese from the box (again), corn and peas frozen (again) and fruit salad.  All this kid wants for his birthday dinner each year is prepackaged. I guess I'm thankful they are 'treats', but he doesn't know how lucky he is to have all this homegrown food.

 He didn't want cake, but instead apple-strawberry-rhubarb crisp.  I made an apple and a strawberry rhubarb and told him that he could mix them if he wanted that combo. 

 And the gifts? Farming stuff. Still.

 A few of his favorite people...

 And his new wheelbarrow...which has already gotten quite a workout.
 Here he is with his loot. A happy 8 year old farmer right here.

Fairy Houses 2018

 Here are our annual Fairy houses. They are on display at Strawbery Banke this weekend. Each year the details improve.  I wish I could say the same for my patience...awaiting the day when I don't need to be the one handling the glue gun!  Anyway, there's a Fairy Farm by Adrian and Cozy Fairy house by Audra. 


 Five books for a dollar? Twist my arm.
 Books. Socks. Fido jar. Like new sneakers. $4.00
 Books. Fido jar, Terracotta. $4.50
Books. Game still in plastic. Peter Rabbit theatre. $6.

 Glue pens. Life is good hat. Book. Game. Horse shirt. $5
Bogs, Merrils, Keenes.  All for Anna-Kate to grow into.  $1 a pair.

Catching up on some of my summer deals.  These are from a variety of thrift shops and garage sales. Some of it I put away for Christmas.  Encouragement of the day, don't pay full price.  You can have so many great things for pennies compared to retail.  Never thrifted?  Give it a whirl, you may be surprised at what you find!


We are so thankful for our homeschool co-op!  85 kids this semester, 14 in my Kindergarten class. My fourth year teaching there. I'm teaching Hooray for Habitats, loosely based on Thornton Burgess' animal friends. We all love it.

 Of course Adrian is wearing his new "8 Year Old Farmer" shirt.  Audra had pants all laid out, although she never wears pants, she wanted to be like everyone else.  But, last minute, she went back to a dress, being true to herself. Matching John Deere Backpacks.
 Necessary coffee for mama.
 And Buster Bear starting us off.
 Looking forward to a great semester.


Our sweet friends lit up Audra's world (thank you)! Adrian's jumping in with a weeee bit of dress up too (which rarely happens). I was up until 1am replacing the velcro with a zipper and patching a couple holes so my little pioneer can be styling for her playdate today.  Pantaloons. Petticoat. Dress. Apron. Bonnet. Layers.  And I watch and smile, loving every minute of this stage and the narratives and play that accompany it.

Mama Made

WOW!  We both fit into the bear hug coats! Let's wear them together and be twins! It will be fun, big sister says. Anna-Kate is clearly not into it.
Below is the big two wearing the mama made coats for the first time years ago.  They were definitely into it. I think these coats are probably the most worn mama mades I have ever made. Hopefully Anna-Kate will change her opinion!

A special gift

A blog reader gifted us this little doll cart (thank you!!!). It's gotten quite a bit of use already!  Anna-Kate is a good sport.

County Fair 2018

Another year, another fair. My kids stepping it up each year with their entries (which I didn't take any pics of, oops), their public presentations and their customer service working the food booth.  I couldn't be more proud of my little 4-Hers and all their 4-H friends. And after all that 4-H business, we had a mighty fun time playing at the fair too.


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