These two are always, always, always together. 


Salty Air Classrooms


Highlights at/close to home

 We're so fortunate to live where we live.  Recent highlights: 

1) Our regular visits with Nam and Pap. Kids look forward to seeing them. 

2) The milkman.  He doesn't go everywhere, we are thankful to be on his route. He brought us cream to make homemade ice cream as a surprise.  Such a treat to see him.
3) Kids had their first 'job', to take care of the neighbors cows and chickens. They loved that job so much, they wished it was more than just a few days.

We've lived in this neighborhood for 15 years, (7 years at another house 1/2 mile away, 8 years this October on the farm). So blessed to have landed here.

These girls...

 I told them it was time for bed and to go get pajamas and brush teeth. Then I noticed some movement outside.  This is what I found.  Doesn't this paint the perfect picture of what executing bedtime routine is like as the parent?  Equal parts of hollering WHAT ARE YOU DOING?, shaking my head, almost always counting in my own head to remain calm, hollering again WHAT ARE YOU SUPPOSED TO BE DOING?, repeating the steps of bedtime routine that we have done in the same order every night for the last decade plus, shaking my head, while sometimes trying not to laugh, and also praying I make it through another bedtime routine alive. I present to you...well...I just don't know what it is, but I'm pretty sure it's the queen and her servant.  I sort of want a little servant to follow me around and do the things I say too. Really, anyone doing what I say would be golden.    

While I know I shouldn't, I totally took these pictures, after they didn't listen to what I said.

But rest assured, the next step I was back to my script, "IT'S BEDTIME, WHAT ARE YOU SUPPOSED TO BE DOING?"  Parenthood is certainly interesting. 

Nature Discoveries

 Weekends we usually find ourselves somewhere in the great outdoors.  We found a trail in New Hampshire. Highlight was finding a shagbark hickory, which I have not seen before (at least I don't think).  It was thick in these woods, particularly near the wetter parts of the trail. Thankful we all love to explore. 

I have no idea why she needs to be fancy for a hike. I at least insist on sensible shoes, which she groans about everytime.

Shagbark hickory...and thanks to my nature mentor. I'm always bouncing ideas back and forth with him.

And some mushrooms. I really should take some time to photograph all the mushrooms. If you are a New Englander, go exploring. I have never seen mushrooms like this! 

John Deere

 Adrian is a lucky duck and some generous loved ones gave him money for his birthday.  He has been wanting 'his whole life' to go to this particular dealership that is almost an hour away.  He was thrilled we made it happen.

11th Birthday Re-cap


Our birthday boy with the feast he chose, sitting next to two of his favorite people...

Daddy and Pap

Hot dogs, fruit salad, corn on the cob, sour cream and onion chips and cranberry juice was his menu. He wanted to drink out of fancy cups since it was a special occasion. Lol.  See fancy cups below.
Audra made him quite a banner.
Coconut cream cake for dessert

Copper remained hopeful

And presents...

Nam got him quite the gag gift.
We didn't even coordinate, but he got underwear from us, which was also thrilling to unwrap. 

Lots of great things for this vehicle loving, farmer/woodsman artist.


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