Thank you.

Thank you for all the kind words and sweet memories about my mom.
We celebrated her memory with chocolate cake, as promised.  Although the littlest doesn't yike any of the dinner options lately, she seems to love chocolate frosting just as much as her late grandmother.


When you don't yike the dinner (the same dinner you yiked yesterday...and every other time we've had it...) Sigh.

 I think she might pull through. I hope the rest of us do...

Birthday Memories

My mom would have been 68 today.

I had her 15 years, 10 of them where healthy ones.

The memories of those years are so abundant and joyous.  Those years with her shaped me to be who I am today. Not a day goes by that I'm not thankful for all I had. 

We plan on celebrating the gift of her life by sharing memories, eating chocolate cake and drinking iced water.

Tis better to have loved and lost, than never to have loved at all. -Tennyson.

I feel so blessed to have been raised by her.


 Awesome reading shirt that Adrian loves dearly (and I want one that fits me!) and a tractor. $5.00.
 Vintage books and two big magnet photo collage mats for the fridge (it has slots for pictures...looks great filled on the fridge). $7.00 
LL bean fleece lined hoodie, two LL Bean Kleen Kanteens, Ants in the Pants, three vintage aprons (for Audra's birthday). $5.50.


No time like the present to sneak away for a little respite with a good book. 
Even better if you sneak away to read to your 'children' (this is Anna-Kate's 'children', so she says).  

Bundle up Mainers!

This is the weirdest May in Maine.  We start our day in layers, fleece, flannel, wool, turtlenecks and a fire.

 And the warmest part of the day we are somehow picking flowers to press...still in our wool, fleece and layers. I've done hardly anything in the garden yet.  I guess this year I may be like my grandfather and do my planting on Memorial Day. These baby chicks may be in our house for much longer than I desire!  I really need to take pics of them, they are growing rapidly.

Mama Made: Dress

 A vintage dress pattern, but it doubles as an apron too!  She's worn it as both.  I love my little old fashioned dress lover much much much much more than I love sewing buttons.

Recap: Anna-Kate's 2nd Birthday

I'm a bit tardy, but so was her arrival!  Here's the recap of her 2nd birthday.  She spent much of the day wearing her party dress, tap shoes and bike helmet.

 Her spread was fried chicken, corn, asparagus and apple juice.
 This girl can eat more asparagus than anyone I know.
 And chocolate. Always chocolate with this one.

I guess I never did get a pic of her presents, but she got babies, dresses, a tea party, goldfish and hershey kisses.  She was mighty happy! She's such a fun 2 year old!

Mother's Day Recap

Mother's Day for me was a different one.  For the first time in my parenthood journey, I wasn't the one up with the kids, not the one to make breakfast and not the one to tend the animals. My kids insisted they serve me and they forced their dad out of bed to help! I started the say being served!

Then the rest of the day was a day of serving.  I teach 1st and 2nd grade at our church.  I had the kids there make "Happy Mother's Day" tags.  Then a generous local connection found out that we were in the habit of delivering flowers over summer to nursing homes and she welcomed us to pick her daffodils.  We took a small amount of what she had and had enough for THREE different nursing homes! Did you know that many nursing homes keep a cabinet of empty flower vases and many love it when folks swing in and fill those vases?  It's so nice to go from an empty dining room to leaving with a fresh bouquet on each table! Nothing beats the smiles from the residents. Such a quick and fun service project! 

 I am not a fan of this pic of myself, but am posting it anyway because the flowers and children both made my mother's day spectacular !

Happy Mother's Day

I remember this moment like it was yesterday. All three of my littles snuggled close to me, together for the very first time ever.  I couldn't take my eyes off of them, my three babies on that hospital bed.  Three little miracles I'm entrusted to raise.  The three who I will forever be their mama.  While they still are almost always *thisclose* to me all.the.time, it certainly doesn't feel as magical day to day as this moment right here. I get wrapped up in my to do list, the mess, the bickering, the excitement.  My goal for Mother's Day is to stop and just look as many times as possible, remind myself how blessed I am and find the magic of motherhood in the 'right now'.


Last month and a half of thrifting, added the towns for kicks.  I don't have one thrift store that I find the deals at, I shop all around.  Go ahead and try it, you may be surprised! 
 Enough yardage of flannel for a couple of matching sets of PJs...sewing print!  A vintage tin. Brand new nature journal. Pampered Chef apple slicer. Thread. $7. Kennebunk, Maine.
Slim book shelf that fits perfectly. $5.00. Biddeford, Maine.

Four pairs of next size up shoes for Audra.  $4.00.  South Berwick, Maine.
Hat, LL Bean fleece, Little Piggy went to the market dress (love it!), smartwool socks, books, Christmas napkins, vintage plates, rainpants. $8.  North Berwick, Maine.


Today's smile is brought to you from a playdate.  Two old souls living their history. I could watch them all day. Lots of handmades they are wearing. I just love this duo.

Another day of rain in Maine....

It's been pretty much raining and cold in Maine...for months.  Not even the chickens want to branch out. But Anna-Kate says she doesn't yike pants.  Whatever. Some battles aren't worth fighting

(Another) Mama Made Jacket

I made this coat for Adrian when he was tiny. (Link here).

Audra never really wore it because it was mostly summer when it fit her.  It fits Anna-Kate.  Only problem is she doesn't yike it.  Sigh.

 At least a walk with daddy helped her forget she was wearing the coat she doesn't yike. Aye aye aye.  Toddler opinions are fierce! At least I got a few pics of her in it!

Mama Made: Jacket

I've been meaning on making him a jacket that fits for some time now. Last two autumns I meant to make one, but canning those tomatoes took all my time. So, I made it a priority to make one this spring that is big enough that it should last a bit.

 The outside is corduroy (that I got for free at a fabric swap!) and it's fully lined with the same camo I used to make his pants last year. 

 That dimple!

 He loves it and has hardly taken it off !

She loves her daddy

 This little one loves her daddy "so much" as she says.  She cries when he leaves and gives him plenty of nuggles when he's around.  She's the baby I begged for and now he can't imagine his life without her.

Pillowcases x 4

I whipped some vintage fabrics into pillowcases.  I made four. They coordinate well with another pair of vintage pillowcases I bought at the thrift store.  Ready for spring (wherever it is). The apple ones are my husband's because he felt like the mushrooms were some sort of illegal drug. (???)  Anyway, I'm happy with my mushroom pillowcases. He's happy with his apple ones.  I'm happy with my nightstand full of books and he's happy with his without books. 


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