Mama Made: Child's Brazilian Hammock Chair (DIY instructions)

A Brazilian Hammock Chair just the right size for my little add to our farmer's porch ...that was my goal.  I set out to find a DIY instruction guide somewhere...with no luck. I found some inspiration for what I was looking for in the adult version on pinterest, but not even the adult stuff had DIY instructions.  So...I sighed a big sigh and got designing.  And here's what I came up with...
 And here it is on our porch...

Here's the instructions on how I made it.  Hey, if I did the work to design it, I can at least share what I did so you won't have to go on a while goose chase in order to make your own, huh?!
1) I used 46 inch width fabric (indoor/outdoor fabric).  Cut a 46 inch by 76 inch rectangle. Lay rectangle out the long way, like an business envelope.  Measure and mark 14 inches in on each side on the top.  Draw a diagonal line from the mark on the top onto the bottom corner.  Cut along diagonal line to make a trapezoid.
2) Finish all edges (serger is perfect).
3) Fold and pin every 2ish inches along the diagonal so you have 8 or 10 pleats. 
4) Pin 2 adjacent pleats together. Stitch one inch buttonhole through the two pleats (about an inch from the top of the pleat).  Repeat throughout the rest of the pleats.  You'll have 4-5 buttonholes on each side, for which you'll slit so there's a hole. 
5) Prepare the support bar. Choose a sturdy scrap wood.  This is ash that was 36 inches in width. Drill hole in each side.  Use "S" hook.  Loop "S" hook on one side through the pleats and stick the other side of the "S" hook through the support bar.
6) Attach two "O" hooks on top of the support beam.  Attach an "O" hook on the ceiling beam.  Thread chain and hang.

And then enjoy!  The nice part of it is it's easily removable and washable.  At this point, my 20 month old can either sit or lay in it.  It will last him years, likely.  I can see him curled up in his chair swing reading a chapter book someday.  Here he is trying it out.I'm clearly not talented at taking good pictures of a moving target...especially one who is too busy to pose for his mama.  But anyway, you get the drift.


I guess it's also good for peek-a-boo.
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  2. This is just perfect and ingenious! I would love to have my hubby make a big one for me!

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