Winter Gear Swap

 For the next week and a half, we're running a winter gear swap out of our porch. This isn't needs based, it's for everyone. Community helping community. If you're local, you can drop off and/or come take for the next  week or so. 

Popsicle stick frames

 Audra has been making popsicle stick frames to showcase her photography.  Of our animals, of course. She got going the other day and made a dozen. I love when she gets excited about something.  They are mighty lovely too.  


 Long time friends had some treasures to share (thanks Rosemarie and Dave!).  We made this little basket to share and I took no pictures when we were there (oops). 

This was my first non-campus apartment and where I met my husband, as well as many friends we sitll keep in contact with today. 
I loved swimming, kayaking/canoeing, ice skating and cross country skiing on this little river.  I loved having wildlife right outside the window, especially the pair of swans and the beaver. 
It's just as gorgeous as I remember.  Wonderful memories. 

Thanksgiving re-cap

 We made the executive decision to not travel through weather for Thanksgiving and just eat at home.  With the exception of it being too late to thaw a turkey (which we have several in the freezer), everything else I not only had at home, but most everything I grew! I'm pretty proud of the fact I was able to throw a feast together without going to the store. 

My own potatoes and turnup mashed with garlic butter I made.  Homegrown squash with syrup from our Amish friend. Tabouleh with the parsley, green onions, mint and garlic I grew. Cranberries from the Maine cranberries I picked with the kids.  And stovetop stuffing I had on hand and chicken I had marinated and frozen enough when they were on sale a few weeks ago. Then I made apple pie with apples we picked. And we had apple juice I made from said apples too. I had homemade rolls that I made and froze, but forgot to pull.  Plus homemade whipped cream. Not a traditional thanksgiving, but a Thanksgiving to remember.  

He's winking here.

Then we had a wonderful time walking off our feast in our backyard.

And Thanksgiving ended with the BEST grand finale. Audra gave me these lists she wrote on her own.  Best gift ever!  

Thanksgiving 2023

 Thankful for my party of five and how we've all flexed successfully with our last minute change of plans due to New England weather.  Staying home for Thanksgiving instead of getting caught in an ice storm. Gobble gobble, the biggest turkeys in Maine are pictured below. 

Homemaker Love

 Years ago I started an Extension Homemaker group, envisioning that there were more crazy homemaker/homesteaders like me who wanted to be a community.  I'm not going to lie, it was NOT an easy thing to start.  BUT, years and years later, it was 100% worth it!  We have an amazing community of women helping women. We share our seeds, plants and produce. We help one another, we support and encourage one another.  We do monthly classes, teaching each other. We also have work days helping each other. Here's a pic of our stone soup meeting.  Everyone contributed things they grew and we combined it into a soup.  SO GOOD.

 Because I'm the best at helping and the worst at asking for help, I was reminded several times that I needed to schedule a work meeting at my house. Finally did and am thankful for the help I had mulching my ridiculously large for a family of 5 orchard. 

This was my before Thanksgiving garden list. With homemaker help, the only thing left was digging potatoes.

Which we did today.  Now although I hurt my shoulder and can barely move my arm, I am smiling because my before Thanksgiving garden list is DONE.

The Gold at the End of the Rainbow

 My husband ran in hollering for me to "Get out, get out!"  Quickly learned why.  The gold at the end of the rainbow is my beloved farmhouse. I knew it! Look closely and you'll see my other treasures, my crew is posing.

All five of us. 

Wrapping up day

 It's the week of wrapping up! 

Our semester of homeschool co-op wrapped up. 
Adrian had Global Studies, Jr. Police Academy and Maine Studies

Audra had Book Club, Herbal First Aid and Survival Skills

Anna-Kate also had bookclub, gym and Hooray for Habitats. 

I was the lead teacher for Hooray for Habitats with 1st and 2nd and Bookclub with 1st, 2nd, 5th and 6th

I surprised Adrian with a delightful necklace I wore during presentation day.  

He was thrilled, lol. 

We celebrated with a Kittery Trading post visit.

And the big kids wrapped up archery. Phew! What a day.  



4-H Fallfest 2023.  I brought my staple basket of warm applesauce to add to the pizza party. I took hardly any pics, but I coordinated Makers and Builders and button crafts.  Adrian coordinated the games. Audra attended a trapping workshop, did a lot of jewelry making, soap making and I think something else. Anna-Kate made her evergreen centerpiece, made bath bombs and did some painting. I took no pics other than these two of my kids, signs of a great time.

First Snow

 We had our first snow a week ago. I'm a bit behind the times in posting. I just love our home under a blanket of snow.

Adrian spent his morning shoveling, Audra was with the chickens and Anna-Kate running around barefoot in her Pjs and mama made dress. 

Zippy prefers inside, but the dogs love a romp.

I did the regular thing I do when it snows. Make a lot of food. 


 Another round of reenacting for Audra, with me trying to keep AK busy...


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