Lighthouse Art


I led a five week series entitled Lighthouse Art.  Kids were to pick a lighthouse and learn about it, map it and then choose one of the art techniques to create their own. Watercolor, paper collage, pastels, dots, pen and ink or silhouette were options.  My kids enjoyed it.  Here are our finished projects. 

Stay tuned!  We did a lighthouse crawl and visited all these.  Hopefully tomorrow I'll be able to post what we did. 

Best of 2023

 Growing Lipsky Winter 2023




Onto another year of memories in 2024. Happy New Year! 

Christmas 2023 Recap


Audra made this for Anna-Kate, a joke between them. 

(We gave each other the same gift...unplanned.  Winter headbands.)

"Santa knows what's up. From one big guy to another, DOMINOS!" 
Their Loot (not just from us, from other loved ones too..thank you!)

Adrian's gift to me was a walk just the two of us.
My fireside reading afternoon.

Everyone was quick to sleep after such a lovely day. 


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