Happy Father's Day!

Happy Father's Day to this guy, my husband, daddy to three. This guy is an excellent, excellent dad.  For our kids' whole life, he has stayed home with them when I was working.  He is a calm and even force in our family, even when chaos is going on all around. He has no qualms about bringing the trio places alone-from errands to hiking a mountain (which he did both this week). He is super involved in their lives and would do anything for them.

Case in point.  Justin was just commenting/laughing about living in a house with all these books. 

He said "Twenty years ago, if you would have told me I'd be living in a big farm house without TV, but with piles of books around, I would have laughed aloud." 

Adrian quipped, "Well, you are just a part of a family who loves books, dad. It's just the way it is."

Because he loves them so, the kids talked him into reading a couple of chapters of our new copy of Mrs. Piggle-Wiggle aloud to them.  He is not an independent reader. Definitely does not volunteer to read aloud. Graciously tolerates the racket of audio books in the cars when he'd much prefer music.  But if his kids ask him to read, he'll do it.  (Psst....I think they all enjoyed Mrs. Piggle-Wiggle too.) 

I call him a heluva good dad and we're all thankful for him. Happy Father's Day, Justin!

Last day!

Around these parts, those in our town had their last day of school today.  Since we school year round, there's not really a 'summer break' like in public school.  But, we did have what I think is the last day of sewing until fall today. I was going to continue throughout the summer, but the truth is, coordinating schedules is too challenging.  I have truly loved offering regular sewing lessons for the past five months. I've had some who have come once or twice and some who have been sewing just about weekly.  Each child has gained skills, and that makes my heart happy. I took photos each week of the kiddos with their projects and there's quite the album of accomplishment I will someday print off.  This is the only photo of a project I took without a kid in it!  Her first dress, isn't it lovely?

I plan to continue in the fall. Until then, we shall enjoy our summer Fridays with friends and family. Happy summer, folks! 


So this thrifted post is incredibly special because one of my very special kiddos I used to see at work a while ago surprised me at home with some thrift shopping money for teacher appreciation day! (They know I love to go thrifting!).  It was the sweetest gesture, so generous and what I love most is I got to hug one of my little friends who I haven't seen in a long time. These are my treasures...and when I look at them, I think of a very special family.  Thank you!!!

Home grown!

 Been picking greens daily lately.  Audra is fantastic at picking greens. She always throws in some herbs, green onions or chives and she knows edible weeds, so she throws those in too.

First radishes were yum!
 These were grown by Adrian. But pulled by Anna-Kate. Whoops.
 Salad. It's what's for lunch. And yes, my kids eat all this and ask for more. Even Anna-Kate has discovered she yikes greens! The more colorful for her, the more she yikes it. Hello summer eating!


A vintage Homestead trash can (for Adrian). Five rolls of Laura Ashley wallpaper (for the girls' room someday), four cookie cutters and a 'wedding dress' for Anna-Kate. $8.00

And here's Audra's Wedding dress that she got for a couple of dollars.
 These two were on the way to the royal ball.
And here's a pile of thrifted books. Yes, I needed all these. Absolutely.

Literary eats

When there's a recipe in the back of a book, we obviously need to make it. Love my little book lovers.

Wednesday Water Walks

This week is the very last week of my big kids' Wednesday class in Ogunquit.  Anna-Kate and I have been dropping them off and walking on the marginal way every Wednesday for months.   So glad I finally brought the camera to capture the dates we've had, just the two of us. So thankful that this is where we live.

Stitching, stitching, stitching AND stitching so more...

Within a week and a half, my kids were invited to four birthday parties.  These are kids I know well as I have taught them at homeschool co-op or church. These kids are special to me too! I'd much prefer to stitch some love into a homemade gift for them. So here was my week of homemade stitching gifts.

Audra's stitching

Audra made this cute little dress/shirt for Anna-Kate. All her idea. I just love it.  Anna-Kate even yikes it too! That's a win right there.

Garden 2019: Update 1

Garden 2019: Update 1

These pics are from last week. It's amazing how many changes have happened since last week!
 So, what I've done this year.

-Moved rhubarb from behind the barn and made a hedge
-Planted 3 more apple trees. Mulched the orchard and still in the process of mulching the blueberries. Added some blackberries.
-Started a strawberry raised bed an asparagus bed (which the cats have been tearing apart the asparagus. Sigh).
-Moved A LOT of manure
-Husband helped me screw together a compost in a new location (thank you).
-Cleaned out our onion and chive raised bed...which I never did last year at all.
-Planted a garden full of everything you can imagine and then some.
-Given away A LOT of plants
-And I've been working on taking away and managing this overgrown mess.  Believe me, this is WAY better than it was (but I have hopes of continually improving it.
 On my to do list:
-Mulch, mulch, mulch.  And water.
-I want to get some wheelbarrows full of pine needles to mulch the blueberries again (They love acidic soil).
-The raspberries are a mess.
-Someday I'd like to move my elderberries.
-I have cherry bushes that I'm nursing inside, hoping to get them strong enough to plant outside.
-Weeding. And mulching. And watering.

This year I also worked VERY hard on the house.  I have always tried to keep up with what the previous owners had planted, but truth to be told, I have no idea what their vision was so it just ends up looking a mess.  I gave myself permission to dig up, move, purge and add.  I mulched for the first time here.  It looks much better!

 When we first bought this house, there was a maple tree in the middle of this mess of perennials and weeds.  I said "Someday this will be a fun tree to play under" and I threw a  ton of cow manure around it. Well, it's a perfect shade tree now!  I gave away all the perennials during the perennial swap and mowed the rest. Now there's a play space in the shade.
 I dug up HUGE HUGE HUGE barberry bushes. I loathed those things. Each one took an hour. I have more to go, but not this year.  I plan to put little gardens like this instead of those junky barberry. These are all plants I brought from our old house and now have divided.
 And I actually am coordinated enough that I did annuals this year.  Go me.
Enough chicken waterers for planters now!
That's a wrap for update 1.  Hours of work into one post.  Progress is progress!  How is YOUR gardening going?


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