I arrived at a garage sale when they were shutting down. I went to purchase these things and the woman said "You can just have it."  How about that for a score!
 So four pretty big wooden trays, a vintage light, a glass topper thingy for a lamp that broke and a vintage transferware dinner plate all for free.
A different place, two LARGE wooden cutting boards, one really old, plus this brand new frame.  $10.00 .

I had this picture blown up and I put it in the frame. The cheapest (and best) art is an enlarged picture in a thrifted frame.It makes me happy everytime I look at it.

The Three Little Giraffes...

Vintage baby

Anna-Kate at the Historical Society (I got permission to take her picture here) in the vintage crocheted dress I picked up for her at the thrift shop.  

 And a little printmaking with the big ones.
 We're lucky the historical society in our town loves teaching the littles.  They used stick on foam paper to make designs onto a wooden block. Then we stamped the prints using inkpads to make designs.  A good idea to make some homemade wrapping paper/homemade giftbags.  The kids loved the project!


Maine Nature walks...the very best thing to do when all the tourists are overtaking our beaches. In no time, the beaches will be back to mostly locals. Until then, we have plenty of options finding the quiet respite I prefer to the hustle bustle of vacationers.


Pick. Consume. Preserve.


Pick. Consume. Preserve.  That's pretty much been the story of the days as of late.  So much work, but the taste and satisfaction of providing for my family makes it all worth it in the end.

4 months...

And just like that, the sweetest baby in the world is 4 months. Love this baby girl so much.


 Two basketmaking kits. A terracotta pot and some blue terracotta painted pots. PLUS a BRAND NEW/still in the plastic make your own essential oils kit.  $9.50 total.
Basket for Anna-Kate's toys (she's big enough to play now!), a LL Bean shirt, a brand new pack of pencils, a brand new pack of carstock, toast tongs, tape dispenser and a pack of pens that didn't end up working (can't win them all!) $6.00.

Fair Time!

It's fair time now and all of Adrian's entries are submitted and are now displayed at the fair.  Here's pics of 4 out of the 5 entries he put in. (I didn't take a picture of his 'reusable' entries, but I should when the fair is over). I'm super proud of this kid as well as all of the other 4-Hers in our club.  We truly have the most creative kids and they all hold special places in my heart!  I love how these projects are what Adrian is interested in and excited to learn about and do.  Hands on learning with stuff he loves, doesn't get any better than that.

Entry one: His Birding Projects.  He has his bird poster, his nest collection and his list of things the birds used to make the nests he has.  He's scheduled to do a bird public presentation this weekend.

 His Sewing Projects: Snowman, Doll, Apron
 His Art and Writing Projects: Rainbow Watercolor Painting and his Antique Tractor homemade book
 His Gardening project: His Garden Map and a basket full of produce he planted, grew and harvested.

 And Audra, who desperately wants to enter her projects, but she's still too young. She begged me to take her picture too. Just one more year until she can enter.

Thankful for our awesome club and how we have truly become a 4-H family. I love that 4-H shaped my mom's childhood, my childhood and my children's childhood.  I'm definitely a fan of 4-H and I'd encourage you to look in your area to see how you can volunteer or sign your kids up to participate.  There's a place for everyone in 4-H.

This girl..

I tell you, this 5 year old keeps us in stitches.  Sure, she's the one who knows no fear, is full of energy and adventure (using the top of the swingset above the swings as a balance beam for example) and has caused us all of our gray hairs, but she has the perfect amount of spunk to keep us in stitches.

She's the first out of bed, the first to help with morning chores and she's the one sitting in the window making a sign language "I love you" to me as I drive to work.  When I return from work, she's the one with pigtails, a dirty face, barefoot with a summer dress skipping towards me to get the first hug.  She quips this and quips that and we roar with laughter.

Just this evening, this was our conversation,
Audra: "Mama, if someone came to me and said 'I'll trade you that baby for 9 tomatoes', I'd say 'NO WAY' Does that make you happy that I wouldn't trade Anna-Kate?".
Me: "Yes. I don't want to trade Anna-Kate either".
Audra: "Wanna know why I wouldn't trade her? It's because we already have so many tomatoes, that's why."

I know that someday she plans on living in the city, wearing "up shoes", jewelry and "facepaint" (aka makeup) and I have little doubt she'll be doing that.  She'll be the city girl with ducks in her bathtub. She's that girl with moxie and we love her.

Cheers to you, Audra. May you always be the child who is filthy head to toe, but drinking your water with class. 

Annual Tractor and Engine Show

Traditions, we all have them. Something we anticipate and look forward to year after year. Some folks have their annual family reunion. Some have their annual BBQ.  Some a fishing derby, a camping weekend, a trip to the city, a trip to the country, etc.

We have our annual tractor show. An important holiday not to be missed.

Naturally, we went.

And now we are getting the question-how many more days until the next one?



This is always such a hard time of the year.  I am pulling in garden produce left and right to be put up for winter, many of my little friends at work transition to school, there's planning for home school co-op, there is a lot of organization for 4-H in prep for the fair, there are decisions about fall activities, plus there's a bit of summer left we want to take advantage of.  Today with a fussy baby, I felt like I was spinning my wheels.

In times of chaos, my oldest tends to notice and be proactive about expressing his appreciation.  When I see something like this pictured below, I just stop in my tracks and smile. I love that his daddy and I both got our own bouquets. So we don't have to share, naturally.

Please, let me not be so busy in this season to skip over these little gems that are too special to miss...


Wait until you see what I picked up...
 Alllllll of these office supplies/school supplies, almost all brand new for a whopping total of $6.00.    I love the pic below of my black lab's legs hanging out.  But seriously, this was such a haul!
 It's inspired (and keeps inspiring) my kids to come up with these all new play scenarios.  Latest is 'playing office'. We surely have enough supplies for that!

This girl...

Such a perfect addition to our family. We ALL love her.

(The sweetest crane mobile made by Violet, thank you Violet!)
Body guards.

(Ball made by my cousin, thanks Rebecca!)


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