New Hats

Our 4-H club made homemade fleece hats.  Here are the ones they made.


Saucing. It's the new thing around here.  Word invented by Adrian.

It all started when I bought these two "Made in USA" saucers on a hot summer's day for a dollar a piece. Figured they would come in handy at some point.  Now, our entire yard is a slippery icy sheet.  I pulled out the saucers to see what they could do.  What a trip!  One push from near the barn, brings them past the swingset, past the raspberries, past our garden, past the blueberries, into the hedge they go.  Again. And again. And again.

"Mama, I think saucing is my favorite thing!"  Indeed, it does look fun!

 The only bad part about saucing is when your 'pusher' gets cold and we have to go in to warm.  Don't worry, little girl. We can plan some more saucing tomorrow.

New Challenge: Bag 1

Here and there I am reading The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo.  I'm not full force doing her method of going through everything at once, but I have gotten rid of a TON of stuff. I do keep thinking of her suggestion about keeping only the things that "spark joy". 

I look at my collection of reusable bags and there's not much joy sparked. Now, I do love the idea behind reusable bags-bringing them to the store to tote purchases home in something non disposable.  However, I have such a miscellaneous medley of bags that do not spark me any joy.  Although functional, they are not bags I'd go out and purchase.  I have no idea where the ones I own came from, but there certainly is a medley.

My goal before the baby is born is to replace as many random reusable bags as possible with some handmade ones. I have quite a few hand embroidered pieces that I thrifted that really ought to make their way into something. Bags may just be it.

The baby is due April 7th. If I'm feeling up to it, I hope to make a bag a week.  Perhaps by the time my little ones is born, I can pass on my random re-usable bags and have quite a collection of handmade re-usable bags.   

Here's bag one...all material thrifted, including the hand embroidered swan.

Woodstove Desserts

Sometimes I stop and think...what will they remember about me as their mama? My constant struggle with keeping up the housework? My frenzied state on my work days as I try to get everything set at home and packed for work while still being on time? How exhausted I have been during pregnancy at bedtime? Those moments when patience wasn't my strongest quality? 

There is no perfect parent.  Those times when I know I could have done better, I am very hard on myself.  

Truth be told, there are many more good moments than there are challenging ones.  I'm hoping my kids are much more likely to remember those times when we made no bakes on the wood stove than those times when I fell short. 

Comforting thoughts to go with comfort food. Warm no bakes topped with ice cream.  The perfect ending to any day.


I haven't been to the thrift store in FOREVER, so it seems. Well, forever for me.   I have been trying to get rid of stuff instead of add more.  But, when I was dropping off a load of donations, I decided just to look around. Glad I did!

Look Alike book, James Herriot book, Book about birds (for my 6 year old bird lover), a set of Woolrich twin flannel sheets (which the flannel Woolrich ones I thrifted last month for our bed are amazing!), two containers of beads, the Robinson Ransbottom pottery I collect.  $5.00. Score!

Ice and Rain

"Serenity is not freedom from the storm, but peace amid the storm."- Unknown


January is the month of cake.  Believe me, I do not complain. Cake is my fave!

First was her half birthday.

Then my birthday.  They were so excited for me to come home and see all the special things they did for me!
 Isn't that a fancy birthday crown?!
 And then my husband's birthday.

Part way through January and we've already had three cakes.  Who has the winter blues? NOT us!

(Even More) of our Winter Rhythm

Wrote about our afternoon rhythm here.
Wrote about our morning rhythm here

And now our evening rhythm.

I'm a firm believer in family meals. In the summer, we eat on the screened porch and end up outside after to enjoy the sunset.  In the pitch black cold Maine winters, outside is not where any of us want to be after dinner!  With new Christmas board and card games, and having that wood cookstove to warm us that we didn't have years past, we've fallen into an after dinner game night routine.  

 While my very favorite part of the day is bedtime book reading, game time is a close 2nd.  Especially on those rare nights when all four of us are home to play.

Another Year....

If you see this guy on Sunday, January 22nd, wish him a Happy Birthday!

I forget how big this woodshed is, given it's been filled to the max with wood for this winter.

Anyway, I do love this old picture and how good he is with babies. He'll get another round to snuggle up soon!

Happy Birthday, Justin!

"One more"

For about 4 years now, I've asked for a 3rd baby. "One more. Pleeeease!"  I honestly thought that ship had sailed...but here I am in the 3rd trimester, feeling that sweet precious baby of mine flop around in there as she always does this time of night.  My kids get to feel her quite a bit during bedtime books, which is just so special.  They both have been collecting a few things for the baby.  Adrian even used some of his Christmas money to buy some special things for her.  They really have enjoyed getting baby supplies down from the attic too. They are getting excited. We all are getting excited. Although April 7th does feel like forever to go, this picture below was July 4th, 2012 and it feels like just yesterday these two first met.  April will be here before we know it!  Today, I'm counting my blessings.  


I am not a shopper, but I was invited to the opening of this store. Of course I attended. 
 Prices were clearly listed. Some great 2/$5 deals even.
The checkout worker is the cutest ever.  The very best part of this shopping experience is I left with more money than I started. And she gave me hand written receipts.  I'll be shopping here again soon! 

Winter in Maine

It's beautiful out there!


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