Hennies! Meet "Harmony" (giveaway too!)

I've been stitching up hennies, as quite a few have been flying the coop as of late.  These tiny little birds will hopefully bring some Christmas cheer to all those who ordered.

There's a new breed clucking around. Harmony.  Just released today. These birds are made with this cheerful and peaceful fabric. You can purchase one as an ornament or with an upcycled nesting box, birth certificate, an egg and wool hay.  Great efforts are made to upcycle, to keep the prices affordable for you. 

As a reader, you can enter the code  HOLIDAYFARMING all through the end of CyberMonday for an extra 20% off. You can find them here: https://www.etsy.com/shop/bornimaginative

If you can, find some sort of small business to support today. Doesn't have to be mine, but support the little guys.

Ready to head from our farm to yours, via first class mail.

Psst.  I'm giving one away to my readers.  You can enter by commenting (on the blog or on facebook) AND by sharing (one entry for commenting, one for sharing). Maybe this sweet girl will become a part of your flock.

Moving on in

We had a cold snap that turned into a warm snap.  This Maine weather confuses me so. I know I'm not alone in that.

Well, I had one too many days that I was unthawing a rabbit water bottle. Not my fave chore.  When that happens more than one day in a row, I know that's the time when Hop moves inside. 

Not sure if he would rather be in the  cold barn (where we let him out and he hops around the bales of hay) or inside (where it's warm, with constant noise and affection and he gets fed no less than 8 times a day).  

He's in the kitchen for now, but we likely will move in his larger cage and place him in the living room soon. 

Even though the weather is ever changing, just having him inside makes it feel like the seasons have indeed changed.

Oh...and Audra's nose? That's ink. She had a little itch on her nose after she thought she'd forgo the stamps and make fingerprints instead.  At the library nevertheless. 

Never a dull minute.

Thanksgiving Thankfulness

My husband worked on Thanksgiving.  Our neighbors invited us over. With all I had to prepare being rolls, we had some nice downtime prior to the meal.  I told them to 'look sharp', which is a fancy way of saying "No barn clothes". They sported sharp and fancy outfits! 

 (This wasn't staged. I told them to get in the car and found them out here.)

 His fave part of the day? Apple desserts.

Her fave was using the phone someone let her borrow. 

Thankful to have friends who take us in on a day my husband was working. It turned out to be a great Thanksgiving.

Milk. Bread. Eggs.

Milk. Bread. Eggs.  On Thanksgiving day, we have all this milk from morning milking, double batch of bread/rolls and 16 eggs. Three reasons why we do not need to go to the store today, milk, bread and eggs.  Thankful for this increasingly more self sufficient lifestyle and the fact that we don't need to go out for anything on Black Friday.

Happy Thanksgiving 2015

So much to be thankful for, particularly this duo.


 Christmas lot for her, thrifted style:  All of these fab new books. Magnetic wedding dolls. New shoes. Charolette's Web movie. Bouncy ball. $10
Christmas shopping for him, thrifted style: All these new books, two magnetic play sets, wooden puzzle, three John Deere trucks, a bag of bouncy balls. $10.


Knee deep in Henny making.  Lots of handmades ready to leave the flock. 9 boxes packed with one or many hennies, 10 more hennies to stitch tomorrow. I just love creating for others.  I'm thinking at some point of offering an upcycled stuffed animal from a fave child outfit or blanket.  I've done it for my kids, thinking of offering to do the same for others. Just figuring out how to go about doing that. Until then, I'll keep up with the hennies.  Do check them out here and get your Christmas shopping started early:


Henny Christmas Ornaments

Oh, those beaches

Those beaches? Well, we're at them again. It's really the perfect time of year to go. Perhaps I'm a broken record, but there's a whole coast of empty beaches. Might as well do one daily, right?! All that beach with my cousin's family and us was what happened when we went.  When else would we get the Maine beaches to ourselves?  You're not sick of coastal love are you?  Good. We're no sick of it either.

Coastal Love

You know, the tourists all flock to our area in the summer time.  "Tourist season". 

During tourist season, you can sunbathe and spend the day at the beach...with a bunch of other people who feel like doing the same thing.

If I were a tourist, I'd much prefer now to come touring. Entire beaches to ourselves for hours at a time, without seeing another single person?  Oh yes, that's bliss.  Sure we have winter coats, mittens and the like. But we can clearly hear the waves crashing and have unobstructed views of the marvelous ocean. 

The tourists can have their season.  I'll just declare this is season to be ours for coastal love.


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