Tea with the Queen

Big brother fixed a fancy tea party for the queen.  I let him take his surprise to her in the living room.  She wasn't dressed for the occasion with her gown, but she always has her crown as of late.



I had a chance to go thrifting.  Pictionary, a big pack of art paper, Mr. Potato head magnets, Bannagrams (still with tags!), two vintage puzzles and LL Bean hiking boots. $10 for it all.  

Little mother

 This little one is a mother to many.  She keeps moving her family.  Packs them up and moves them from one 'house' to the next.  Room to room.  She's my mini me in many,many ways, except I'm planning to never, ever, ever move again.  

February Organizing


I just dropped off a whole bunch of stuff at the thrift store, more to go! I'm purging and organizing. I'm especially relieved to have my baking cupboard tidied up (above). I also have purged just about all my plastic storage tubs. Actually I didn't get rid of them entirely, just out of my kitchen.  I put them in the basement to use as freezer containers for garden preserving season. We are a 100% glass storage now for food leftovers and lunch packing, thanks to my collections over the years. Pyrex and canning jars. Still working on my goals a bit at a time.  What are you working on?

Valentine's Day 2021

This little lady knocked it out of the park for Valentine's day.  In typical Audra fashion, the day before she realized a holiday was coming and got busy preparing.  

She stitched a purse for Anna-Kate and even braided the handle. 
Made one for Adrian's trucks.

Plus her dad and I both got fancy sparkly painted plates. I got a miniature hand stitched pin cushion. 

And her dad got a crocheted/appliqued coaster. 
Audra is an amazing gift crafter! So thoughtful! Makes the chocolates and note I gave everyone seem drab in comparison. I'm inspired to get creating for next Valentine's day!  

Homemade Playmat


Adrian has been stitching away. He wanted to make a new playmat for his tractors. This is what he created. He did a nice job finishing the end seams before stitching the roads and such. I did help a bit with the turns with the houses, but other than that, he did almost all this with no to minimal supports. Thrilled with his creativity, his confidence in his sewing skills and the fact he actually stuck through it until completion .

Countryside Mail Delivery

 I made this bag ages ago, so glad it's useful, for the countryside mail stops for nothing.

The Olympics

I spent a good chunk of time building a send off ramp for the kids to have better sledding last storm.  Thing is, my husband thinks I did it for him.  

Anyway, he organized winter olympics.  

We had sledboarding.
Downhill skiing (on cross country skis).
And a cross between luge and bobsled? I'm not sure what this is.

Totally drew a crowd. We had the queen in the audience. 

Nearly a year of being home and getting more creative in ways to entertain ourselves.

Story time

 Sometimes Anna-Kate is Ms. Allison and we all must sit for story time. She reads and shows the pictures and tells us if we need to quiet down and listen. Twist my arm, I will gladly attend storytime with my little children's librarian, anytime! 

Wifey made: Moose shirt

 Someone was feeling a little left out. The kids always get homemade clothes, but he doesn't.  I had one of the kids fetch a plain shirt and this wife made her husband a moose shirt. He loves it.

Mama Made: Pjs

Covid life=Adrian lives in mama made PJs.  This means that he has holes in the knees of many pairs and I keep patching them.  A friend delivered some fabric to me (Thank you, Kim!) and inside there was fabric perfect for a future Game Warden.  Pair that with a mama made applique and I had a very happy boy in new PJs.  

Adrian's "New" room

For quite a long time, I have wanted to give Adrian's room a change.   His room used to be Audra's room before we had Anna-Kate (girls share and went to the bigger room). This room was the only room in the house still with wall paper. (See the room when it was Audra's here. He has been so accommodating, never complaining that he was in a room with flowered wall paper.  The week between New Years and Christmas, I gave this collector of everything painted walls (three walls green, one blue...because I just made use of what we had). He remembers where he got everything and who gave it to him. He also loves handmades and displaying his art work.  I tried to embrace his collections and organize them a bit better than they were. He said he is so happy in this room and it's what he always dreamed of having.  Glad I could make his dreams come true.


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